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Coins For Change 2011 Video!

As the last day of the Holiday Party and Coins For Change, Coins For Change successfully reached its goal by filling the Lighthouse with more coins than last year! Check out the celebration at the Beacon.

Yesterday our friend Happy77 uploaded a video about a playground in Haiti that Club Penguin founded. You can notice the wall of the school’s playground with drawings of penguins inspired by Art For Haiti Project from Club Penguin fans from last year if you remember!

That’s nice of Disney Club Penguin! Remember results of Coins For Change 2011 of how Club Penguin team will split its 2$ Million donation to 3 causes depending on the coins on January 5!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown


Coins For Change 2011 Goal Reached!

Though I don’t know for sure what goal of coins it was I think as Club Penguin team reported, if the amount of coins donated this year will exceed last year’s amount of coin the team will donate double the usual 1$ million! And it seems it was between 25th December (Christmas Day!) and 26th December that the goal was reached.

Check out the Lighthouse FILLED with coins now!

And the Beacon is filled too, and his year there are even more coins with a nice fireworks display as a celebration.

This year’s goal celebration was sure bigger than last year! I guess the biggest celebration is when the money is donated and we see the little change we did to the world by simply taking part of a charity program by one of the best kids virtual world on the web. 🙂

Waddle On and a Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

from Penguinville; me, Yellow Crown and Fosters1537.

Holiday Party 2011 Cheats and Walkthrough!

All the excitement, spoilers, sneak peeks, and whatnot the Holiday Party 2011 is now in Club Penguin with some cool new cheats and surprises! Let’s check it out !

First off, is there a box of free item? No. But there is a huge calendar at the Forest with DAILY NEW FREE ITEM!

Read more for even more free items!

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New Club Penguin Reindeer Pin!

It’s been 2 weeks since last pin, so it’s time for a new pin. The new pin is the Wooden Reindeer and is at the Pizza Parlor located at the Plaza.

It’s a nice additional pin to the Holiday party and also a good reminder of the Wooden Reindeer furniture at the new Furniture Catalog!

Waddle On!

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Log In Screens Update!

The Holiday Party is finally here and it brought in some cool new updates. Even before you log in, you might see some changes on the past screen log-ins…

The Holiday Party log-in also has a slight update with a minor animation of penguins opening the gift on top!

Also did you notice the HUGE Coins For Change advertisement at the homepage too?

You think those are great updates, wait to see what’s IN-GAME updates!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

RECREIO Online reaveals Holiday Party 2011 Spoilers!

The Holiday Party 2011 is comign up December 15, and more and more spoilers are coming in, first full pictures of the decorated rooms and new items, then the CFC Cap picture was found and also a picture of the decorated Beach during Coins For Change! This time though there are no pictures but some good information for a Club Penguin fan. Recreio Online, a Brazilian magazine for kids, has an inside scoop of what’s to come in the upcoming party…

club-penguin-natalThe penguins will get in the mood of expectation and excitement!

His penguin is ready for Christmas? Well, brace yourself: from the 14th of this month, starts on Club Penguin Christmas party! And RECREATION discovered what news they come around.The climate of year-end runs until December 28. Check it out:

Christmas Party

Of course it could not miss the snow, heavy snow, iceberg in Club Penguin!

The scenario of the game will undergo a complete transformation during the party: the sky will darken earlier, Santa’s sleigh will appear from time to time among the clouds, and as expected snow will fall on top of the mountains. It seems to advertise soap powder, but is not: it will get even whiter!

Superlegais two characters are on the island during the festival: Captain Rockhopper and Aunt Artic.

Calendar in the Forest

From 14 to December 25, there will be a calendar to help you wait for the big Christmas Day! The lights will turn on the calendar as the days pass. It’s countdown to the arrival of the good old iceberg!

Present every day

Your penguin will win this one per day. Just click on doors to receive a pin, a background, an item to your head … Stay tuned: the last day, your penguin will win an item to the body.

New room!

Where are the panettone? Bakery, of course! During the Christmas party, a bakery will start work on the island.

Here, subscribers will attend a special activity to climb platforms and connect the machines to make bread. By connecting them, targets will appear.

After hitting the target, the equipment will start working and make cookies. Yum!

Sleigh Room

The room of Santa Claus will have three different prizes, ranging from clothing to ornaments.

Your penguin will have to complete the Sled Challenge three times to win all three awards.

Wow that’s a lot of new items and decoration spoilers!! Also don’t forget Coin For Change isn’t mentioned here, so there is MORE fun then listed here!

Here is a list of what is new this Holiday Party than previous years:

  • Gift Calendar at the Forest with a new gift everyday for everyone from December 17 to 25. On Christmas Day, the free item will be a body item! And it is a “countdown to the arrival of the good old iceberg!” What could that mean?
  • A Bakery at the Forest (possibly members only room) where penguins can get their Cookie Apron and more cookies and other holiday treats!
  • Sky will be darker and have an aurora in the sky like all previous parties but this year there will also be a scenario of Santa’s sleigh passing through the clouds in the sky!
  • It will snow heavily from the mountains. I predict it will be a whiter Christmas in Club Penguin than ever which might also be a sign for Card Jitsu Snow coming soon, possibly January 2012!
  • The Sleigh game will now have 3 awards instead of one (or two), one per game won and the awards are clothing items and ornaments.
  • Lastly, Rockhopper will be in the island during the party like many years earlier BUT this year Aunt Arctic will also be in Club Penguin for the party too!
I’m mostly excited for the new decorations all over the island and see what it is like to snow heavily on such an-already-snowy-island suh as Club Penguin! You think the snow will stay on the island to prepare ourselves to Card Jitsu Snow this 2012? Either way it has been a terrific year for the game, and it seems to be ending with a blast of the best party of 2011 and a good teaser of Card Jitsu SNow for the new year…
Waddle On!
Yellow Crown

Coins For Change Video and Exlcusive Sneak Peek!

Yup more Coins For Change 2011 teasers! First Happy77 uploaded a new video to Club Penguin’s You Tube channel about this year’s CFC.

With this description we might already know about Coins For Change!

ttp:// Over the last five years, Club Penguin players have changed the world! Over $4.5 million has gone to 26 charities! Here is how they’ve made a difference…

* Building Safe Places: Schools, shelters & playgrounds in 15 countries.
* Protecting the Earth: Endangered animals and natural habitats protected in 20 countries.
* Providing Medical Help: Clean water and medical treatments for over 150,000 children.

This year for Coins for Change, we’re challenging penguins to do even more. If they can fill the Lighthouse with coins, we will DOUBLE this year’s donation… To $2 million!

For more information on Coins for Change, check out the Global Citizenship section of our website:

Also, now onto the exclusive Coins For Change 2011 sneak peek…

The image is of the Beach and what it would look like during the Holiday Party and the huge pot is for donations of Coins For Change 2011! Note that Pinkyunicorn still isn’t an EPF Agents and still has the old PSA Spy Phone! 😆 So many Coins For Change and Christmas teasers now! WHen will December 17 be here already?! 😀

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Rockhopper is closer!

Coins For Change AND Holiday Party will be here December 15, and Rockhopper is an important part of Coins For Change so it is no wonder why Rockhopper’s ship Migrator seems so close to dock to the island next Wednesday!

Of course the Migrator is nicely decorated for Christmas! So get ready this Wednesday to climb abroad the ship for the free item, play some Treasure Hunt, meet Rockhopper, check out the new decorations and donate for Coins For Change of course!! What do you think Rockhopper brought this time? Could it be the CFC Cap we exclusively found earlier?

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Holiday Party 2011 Construction !

If you check out the Town and the Beach you’ll notice more construction going on in the island for both Holiday Party 2011 and Coins For Change!

Also, at the Beach you might want to click on the box with a note to read Rockhopper’s note on this year’s Coins For Change!

If you haven;t noticed, the pipes a the Beach are for Coins For Change and used to transfer coins to the Lighthouse… let’s blow that place with coins to make it another successful fund-raise! Only 2 construction rooms but I bet the party is going to be BIG.

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Holiday Party Construcution also on Club Penguin Homepage!

The Holiday Party construction is not only being done on the game but also on the homepage ! There has been some quite a number of changes on the hompage, there are new penguins with winter clothes, jack hammering penguin, Coins For Change logo on the top right, Klutzy the Crab at the right and Aunt Arctic more at the front (hinting the rumor of Aunt Arctic that might be visiting for the Holiday Party!).

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

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