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New EPF Log-In Screen!

Before you log on to Club Penguin you might see this nice animation…

It looks like the Club Penguin team wants all new penguins to become EPF Agents so they won’t miss out all the new EPF stuff coming up! The picture is quite epic I must say, it looks like a movie poster! 😆 Also did you notice Protobot and the mysterious old crab at Hebert’s side? Lots of EPF advertisements, Club Penguin, but please we would like the wait and excitement worth it! 😉

Waddle On!

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Herbert and gary sends EPF Message!

Attention all EPF Agents!

Herbert seems to be hating the robot’s plan of attacking the Earth Day party! And looks like he’s on our side thsi time:

Herbert warns us to keep an eye on the trees. And Gary does too think Herbert is supporting us for now…

Waddle On!

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Earth Day Party 2011 in Club Penguin!

Earth Day party is here!

The Free Item is at the Plaza:

There’s also a nice stand at the Plaza to learn about endangered animals:

Member go to the Dock for the African Painted Dog costume!

And to the Snow Fort for the Snow Leopard costume!

Do you liek the Earth Day party? I like the idea but I think there are too few decorated rooms! 😐 CLub Penguin must be plannign something big for next month then I guess.

Waddle On!

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Happy77 hints about a new Club Penguin video…

You all know that Happy77 has a You Tube channel where last time she uploaded some cool Club Penguin videos before they showed up on the What’s New blog and on TV Channels.

On her latest video of Coins For Change 2010, she posted a comment about a new video the Club Penguin team is working on…

An Earth Day video? Nice! Remember Earth Day party will be here on April 21st so the video will be here quite soon! yayz! 😀

Waddle On!

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Club Penguin April 2011 Parent’s Newsletter

The Club Penguin teams has once again sent an email to the Parent’s email adress. Check this month’s about Earth Day and an interestign sneak peek of what’s coming in May!

I LOVE the animal drawings … do you think they’re costume concepts? :O I have so! 😀 I also like the idea of CLub Penguin donating $100,00 to protect the world’s endangered animals. 🙂

But I’m quite more interested of the sneak peek of what’s coming in May! Agents will soon be having ‘suspicious activity’ at the EPF and will be ‘face-to-face’ with Herbert and defeat him with snowballs! 😆

That’s rad! I think that’s as good as the PSA missions, who knows! Don’t forget that Protobot also is planning to show up with Herbert, Klutsy and his ‘crab gang’ this Earth Day party too.

Waddle On!

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Club Penguin Parent Update April 2011 AND Earth Day Party Sneak Peek!

The Club Penguin Team has sent an email to every penguin’s parent email. It has information about Puffle caring and education and somethign very interesting…

The Sneak Peek section mentions Earth Day on Club Penguin!

You think Club Penguin will hold an Earth Day party? And the costume the penguin si wearing is intersting .. you think that’s a Lion costume? And why are there sand at the Dock? 😆

I think I’m going to like this party 🙂 I wonder what costumes and free items there will be for the party. It looks like this party will be held in middle of April and ofcourse during the Earth Day. 🙂


So do you like this idea of having an Earth Day Party? Or would you prefer the St Patrick’s Day Party to have been held?

Waddle On!

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