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Pufflescape Trailer

Pufflescape is Club Penguin’s latest new game at the Pet Shop and Happy77 uploaded a trailer of the cool new puffle game on Club Penguin’s You Tube channel.

So if you haven’t played it yet, go check it out now!!

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Pufflescape Sneak Peek!

Pufflescape is the upcoming game on the works of construction at the Pet Shop coming on November 5. Yet Club Penguin Help tutorials already released a Pufflescape tutorial days before it is released. Few things about the game is given away though.

It looks like it is basically the same game we tested on the Beta Team with new stuff added, plus you can choose which puffle you’d liek to play with just like in Puffle Launch! 😀

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Club Penguin Card Jitsu Snow coming in November? Card Jitsu Phone app!

Topps already leaked Club Penguin’s Card Jitsu Snow coming November 2011! Here’s the Collecter’s Tin of Card Jitsu Snow coming soon:

The watermark says ‘concept’ so it might not be official and might change. Check out the poster of Card Jitsu Snow:

I’d like to highlight this from the poster. Take a look again:

Look out for more exciting Club Penguin news in the months ahead including:

  • New Card-Jitsu mobile phone app
  • Animated shorts on the Disney Channel and much, much more!

Card Jitsu is coming to MOBILE PHONE APP! That means iPhone/iPod Touch for sure but I’m hoping it will come to Android and less likely Ovi Store for Nokia phones! Imagine yourself playing Card Jitsu on your school bus, or maybe waiting in a queue! Awesome right?

I’m also looking forward to the Disney Channel animated shorts!! As soon as they appear on TV and You Tube we’ll let you know! 😉

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Join the Club Penguin Beta Team to play Rollerscape!

Rememebr when Happy77 posted a video of the Beta Team testing a Rollerscape? Well now you too can join the Beta Team!

Here’s how:

Go to the latest Reviewed By You post on the What’s New blog, and click on the word Team.

or simply click here to go to

Log on to register to the Beta Team:

When you log on you see this:

Now type in ‘ls’ to see the list of things you can test.

For now only Rollerscape 1.0 works, you can play the first 6 levels:

I must say I like this game, and it clearly looks like it’s going to be the new game at the Dance Lounge! 😀

Also did you notice Puffle Hat ideas on the list? But when you click on it nothing comes up! 😐 You think Club Penguin still has to finish up things to the Beta Team and announce it to the public? You think they will add more stuff to the Beta team soon? Only time will tell!

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New Game Stamps!

With the games’ screen changes came 2 new pages of new stamps!

The new stamps are of Ice Fishing…

and of Pizzatron 3000!

Also don’t forget that last Friday came new stamps of the Treasure Hunt multiplayer game! Be sure to get them all because they’re easy, fun and for limited time until Rockhopper departs!

What’s you favorite stamp of them all?

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3 New Game Screens!

Club Penguin clearly now is changing some old games here and there because today there are 3 new game screen changes! Check them out!

Ice Fishing:

Cart Surfing:

Pizzatron 3000:

No worries! You can still click on the lever to play Dessert mode of the Pizzatron 3000 cheat.

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