Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission Guides

Please Note: This guide is for the DS game.

Here, I have most of the guides. I unfortunately don’t have mission2 and 13. guides! I’ll have them soon within August!

Mission 1 – The Mystery Unfolds:

Video by us, Penguin Ville, can be used without credit as the video credits itself.
  1. Talk to Aunt Arctic at the Town
  2. Go to the Coffee Shop
  3. Pick up and read the newspaper
  4. Tap on the newspaper and tap again on the blue puffle. You’ll get a piece of paper
  5. Talk to the penguin at the Coffee Shop counter
  6. Go to the Snow Forts
  7. Tap on the snowman
  8. Talk to the blue penguin at the Snow Forts
  9. Tap and hold on the blue puffle and let go on the Clock Tower target.
  10. The blue puffle throws a snowball at the target and the blue penguin thanks you
  11. Pick up the hat and give it back to the blue penguin
  12. The blue penguin thanks you again by giving you a Thank You card and Disguise Glasses
  13. Go to the Plaza now and tap on the Mailbox
  14. Another piece of paper! Now go to the Dock
  15. Tap on the pile of tubes near to the boat at the Dock
  16. Go to the Beach, and then to the Lighthouse
  17. At the Lighthouse, tap on the Cream Soda barrel
  18. Talk to Dot and learn about the EPF
  19. Accept and join in the Elite Penguin Force! Congratulations! You’re an EPF Agent now! You win!

Mission 2 – A Wrench in the Works

Video by us, Penguin Ville, can be used without credit as the video credits itself.

Mission 3 – Rookie on the Rocks:

Video by us, Penguin Ville, can be used without credit as the video credits itself.

Step 1: Talk to Dot. She will be dressed up as a snowman.

Step 2: Go to the mountain top and talk to the penguin about the green penguin.

Step 3: Then, go to sports shop and talk to the Orange penguin.

Step 4: Go to the Ski Lodge. There will be a red penguin. Talk to him. He’ll say he forgot his soup at the Pizza Parlor. Go to the Pizza Parlor and go look around the tables. Find the soup and put it in your inventory.

Step 5: Go to the Ski Lodge and give the soup to the red penguin. He’ll give you a welcome card.

Step 6: He’ll give you his pro board. Go to the mountain. Put on the red snowboard. Then, talk to the blue penguin. Challenge him in a snow boarding game, then win and get the trophy.

Step 7: Go down to the Ski Lodge. Once there, give trophy to Red Penguin. He’ll give you a thank you card and his pro board! (SWEET! 🙂 )

Step 8: Go back up to the mountain and go down the test hill. Play and then win.

Step 9: Once down, decode the message. It’ll say: “Help I’m stuck down here!”

Step 10: Then, follow the path. Once you run into the camp out, use the blue puffle to put out the fire using one of his snowballs.

Step 11: Go past the cave and in the middle of the river, is the Green Rookie wearing a red hat. Talk to him. Then call G using your spy phone. He’ll send over some agent’s. Then, you’ll be back in the EPF room.

Step 12: You’ll get your medals and you’ll get some cool black glasse’s as a promotion from the “Director”.

Step 13: You win mission 3! 😀

Mission 4 – Looking for Clues:

Video by us, Penguin Ville, can be used without credit as the video credits itself.

Step 1: Talk to the Director. Collect G’s personal files so you can show it to the agents to track down G.

Step 2: Talk to D(Dot) by dragging G’s personal saved files and putting it on D. Then, go over to Jet Pack Dude and show him G’s personal saved files. Talk to him about the files.

Step 3: Then, go to Sports Shop. Drag G’s files over to the Orange penguin sitting at the counter reading a magazine. He’ll give you G’s old spare glasses! 😀 🙂

Step 4: Put G’s glasses on. (You’ll find them in your inventory!) After putting them on, go over to the Eye Scan-tron 3000 and click your stylus pen on it. Then, it’ll say “Scanning” and it will let you in! 🙂

Step 5: Grab the duster under the table and clock. Then, drag the duster into your blue spy device.

Step 6: Go to the mountain. Use the duster to clear the snow near the Test Run hill. Then, get the key under the snow, and go to the Sports Shop. Talk to Dot inside the Sports Shop.

Step 7: You Win!

Mission 5 – All’s Weld that Ends Weld:

Step 1: You’ll be in the Dojo room. Talk to the Pink puffle training penguin.

Step 2: Go to the town and talk to Aunt Artic. She’ll give you a postcard!

Step 3: Go into the puffle store and talk to the penguin. Then, go into the coffee shop.

Step 4: Use the duster to clean up the coffee beans spilled. He’ll give you a pen.

Step 5: Then, go back and talk to the pink penguin. Go to the Snow Forts and have the 2 penguins sign by dragging the postcard with your DS stylus on the penguins.

Step 6: Then, go to the Town and have Aunt Artic sign. Then go into the coffee shop and have the main worker sign. Then, go to the Dojo training room with the pink penguin and give the postcard to the black puffle.

Step 7: Then, wield the key and go to the Sports Shop and unlock the door. Grab the mining map on the couch. Then, decode the message on the floor next to the counter. Then, grab the notepad on the table. You’ll find it! Just look around!

Step 8: Leave G’s room!

Step 9: You Win!

Mission 6 – Do it yourself Carting:

Step 1: Go up to top of the mine. Talk to the mine worker and go into the door on the side.

Step 2: Get the wheels  (You’ll find them) They’ll be two small ones and one bigger one that will be attached to a rope.

Step 3:  Leave the room. Once outside near the Mine, put your stylus pen on the water holder and it will pour out.

Step 4: Attach all the wheels in your inventory and use the Black puffle to wield and tighten the wheels.

Step 5: Then, go to the inside of the mine and put the mine cart you made on tracks and play Cart Surfer.

Step 6: After, look for tipped over cart. G’s in it. Get the rope and put it on the cart. Have the red Puffle knock over the big bolder on the right corner of the screen near the edge of the cliff.

Step 7:  The rock was covering a helium hole! Inflate the yellow balloons you found on the ground through throughout the mining area. Inflate them one by one and put them on the cart G is stranded in 1 by 1!

Step 8: Talk to G. Then, snap flashlight machine under mine cart onto your blue spy gadget. Go through the dark tunnel and use the stylus pen to help see better by dragging it in a clockwise direction.

Step 9: Talk to G, once out of the darkness, and use the red puffle to destroy the wood blocking the cave exit.

Step 10: You’ll see a shadow!  Then you’ll leave. Talk to D and the Director for a moment.

Mission 7 – Double Trouble:

Step 1: You’ll be in the dojo room. Talk to the pink penguin. Grab the bamboo stick in the right corner of the screen and pop the bubble.

Step 2: Talk to the pink penguin, then go to the ice rink. Challenge the ice hockey guy by chucking snowballs into the ice hockey goal with the blue puffle.

Step 3: Then, answer your phone. You’ll be warped back into the training room. Learn all about the pink puffle and train with it.

Step 4: Go to the stage and lasso the drill moving around rapidly fast on the stage set with the pink puffle. Then, get your thank you card and talk to the Director.  Ask for a costume and choose one.

Step 5: Go into the Night Club and challenge the “ugly” penguin with the Afro to a dance off. Play the dance game and finish up.

Step 6: Go to the Boiler Room and talk to the DJ. Go over to the door and use purple Puffle to lift the green file cabinets up with one of his bubbles. Grab the oil cup and go into the mine.

Step 7: You’ll run into Dot. Go back to the EPF room. You win!

Mission 8 – Flying High Pitched:

Step 1: Talk to Jet pack dude. Play Jet Pack Adventure. Then, once on the top of the mountain, train with the 2 puffles.

Step 2: Take the test in the Dojo Training room. Use purple Puffle to lift the weight.

Step 3: Use the yellow Puffle to shatter the glass.

Step 4: The red Puffle to open the box.

Step 5: The pink Puffle to lasso the toy in the box.

Step 6: Finally, use the blue Puffle to cool down the chest.

Step 7: Grab the key from the lassoed up jack in the box toy and open the chest up.  A note on a balloon will go up in the air. Use the green puffle to cut the string on the balloon and read the note.

Step 8: You Win!

Mission 9 – Super Secret Gadgets:

Step 1: Talk to G, then go meet him in his room. Talk to him.

Step 2: Go to the coffee shop. Talk to the worker and take coco machine.

Step 3: Go into the Gadget room and show the coco machine to G. Adjust the parts.

Step 4: Play Snow Blur. Go into the tunnel. Grab oilier and lift the rock with the purple Puffle. Use the red Puffle to blast open the cave door.

Step 5: Once outside of the cave, play Snow Blur again.

Step 6: Talk to the mine worker and use the duster to clear the snow. Call G. Then, go to the gadget room. Talk to G.

Step 7: You Win!

Mission 10:

Step 1: Talk to G.

Step 2: Go to the Plaza and help Rookie using the black Puffle. Then find the blue map on the Plaza ground and click your stylus on it and connect the dots with the stylus.

Step 3: Go to the Ice Fishing room. Talk to Jet Pack dude. Play Ice Fishing and at the end when you see a treasure chest coming at the end of the game, put a squid on your hook and then put your line over the treasure chest. You have to have a squid on it to get the treasure chest!

Step 4: Connect the dots on the treasure chest and go to the Night Club. Talk to Dot and connect the dots on the map she found.

Step 5: Call G. Meet him in the Gadget room. Talk to him and show him all 3 maps by using the stylus pen to drag them onto him.

Step 6: You Win!

Mission 11:

Step 1: Talk to Dot. Use the red Puffle to destroy the boxes covering the Gift Shop door.

Step 2: Go inside and find the robot. Use the blue Puffle to chuck snowballs at the robot’s head.

Step 3: Then follow it inside G’s room and to the roof. Use the blue Puffle to chuck more snowballs at the robot’s head.

Step 4: Use the black Puffle to wield its leg.

Step 5: Then, he’ll get disabled and you’ll want to go into the robots system’s and solve the three mazes.

Step 6: Use the purple Puffle to put the robot in a bubble and take him to G.

Step 7: You Win!

Mission 12:

Step 1: Talk to Dot on the mountain top.

Step 2: Go over to the robot and use the red Puffle to knock him over the test hill.

Step 3: Go down the test hill. He’ll have a snowboard too! Use the pink Puffle to lasso the robot up!

Step 4: Once down the mountain, solve the 3 puzzles in the robots disable system using the robot machine in your spy gadget.

Step 5: The other and last robot will come down and take him. Then, Jet Pack Dude will come.

Step 6: Talk to him. Go to the pile of junk in the very right of the screen and click on it with your stylus pen and a gallon of red jet pack fuel will pop up and be stored in your inventory.

Step 7: Put it in the jet pack and chase after the robot by playing  Jet Pack Adventure.

Step 8: Once on top of the mountain, put the disabled robot in a bubble, but the last robot will protect him.

Step 9. Use the green puffle to rip the string holding the balloon attached to the coffee bag. It will knock the robot down.

Step 10: Use robot device in the spy gadget to solve the 3 mazes to disable the last robot.

Step 11: Put the robot’s in bubbles.

Step 12: You Win!

Misson 13:

I’m so sorry! This guide is not available. Please Youtube it or Google it because we are unable to provide a guide for this one. Thank you and sorry about that. Mission’s 1-12 guides are available to look at on this blog.

Did you know –

Try this out. Turn your DS on and change the date. Change it to either Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or a holiday you can think of and then….go onto your EPF game and click on missions. Then, look around club penguin. It’ll be decorated as that holiday!

I accept all questions if you are stuck in the game!


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  2. YOU CAN REPLAY THEM sry for caps all um do is go to that box under case files in command room and select a mission

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  7. i know mission one and 13 and you can replay the missions if you go into the director room and click on case files next to the door

  8. i know how to beat big boss robot.

    go inside gift shop go to office up the stairs and on the roof and use mechano-duster on robot nose.
    and go downstairs and talk 2 Dot she says go to dock and use blast to hit boss in to water after that keep using puffle powers. Hope this helps. 🙂

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  10. ive done all the mishions

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