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Rockhopper’s Quest is here!

Arr Rockhopper mateys! Head over to the Beach at the Migrator ship to set sail for the vikings at Shipwreck Island!

More soon…

Rockhopper’s coming!

If you look through the Telescope at the Beacon you can see Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator, is quite close!

Wow that was fast! Rockhopper will be here next Thursday for the Rockhopper’s Quest party at February 24! Great!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Club Penguin Island Adventure Party Scavenger Hunt and New Pin!

There is a lot of new stuff today in Club Penguin. First off, get your new pin at the Pizza Parlor. It is a light bulb. Oh goodie!

Now for the paper boat scavenger hunt!

The first paper boat is located in the forest.

The second one is located at the beach.

The third one is located at the Snow Forts.

The forth one is at the hidden lake.

The fifth one is at the plaza.

The sixth one is located at town.

The seventh one is at Iceberg.

The last one is at Ski Village.

After that, solve the map.

Collect your background prize!

Make sure to visit Rockhopper and explore the Island!


Club Penguin Secret HQ Cheats!

There is no more a Secret HQ

For those who bought EPF Nintendo DS game earlier than May 2010, had the chance to acess EPF Command Room. Now, PSA has fell and EPF rised for EVERYONE in Club Penguin. If you want to see how to become an EPF agent, click here.

Become an EPF Agent

to access to NEW Club Penguin Secret HQ!

AND start playing the new Field Ops, System Defender game, Missions and unlock special Medal Gear clothing!


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