Permanent Free Items in Club Penguin

Red Baseball Cap and Background

These are received when you join Club Penguin as from August 2011 but also older penguins get the free items. In other words, everyone in Club Penguin has these items and has been automatically added to your player card.

Friendship Braclet

The first permanent free item is the Friendship Braclet. Simply go to the Book Room (go to the Town on map, go to the Coffee Shop and climb up the stairs).

Now click on the book item at the bottom right of the screen.

Click on the Rockhopper and The Stowaway blue book.

If you’d like read the story and at the very last page of the book you’ll see the bracelet. Click on it and choose Yes.

Rockhopper’s Quarters Key

Also at the Book Room Library, pick up the book Journal of Captain Rockhopper

At the last page of the journal, you’ll find these keys to the Captain Quarters!

Now you can keep the key as a pin AND now whenever Rockhopper is on Club Penguin you can go to the Migrator, go down to tthe Ship Hold and enter the Captain Quarters to play Treasure Hunt!

The Captain Quarters - Whenever Rockhopper arrived in Club Penguin, go to the Beach then Migrator and Ship Hold and go through the door to get to thsi room and play Treasure Hunt with friends! There's also a Noticeboard where Rockhopper puts on Photos from his latest adventures together with a To Do List. If you're lucky enough you might also meet Captain Rockhopper and his re dpuffle Yarr there!

Mining Helmet

Go to the Mine and go through this gate to another cave.

You’re at the Cave Mine simply walk near the Mining Helmets and when it asks you to pick it up choose Yes.

Now while we’re at it try this: wear the Mining Helmet ONLY and press D on your keyboard to make your penguin dance. YOur penguin is now drilling! Try this with many other items, including free party items and Penguins at Work section on the Clothing Catalog, and you can unlock other special dances!

While you’re drilling at the Mine Cave you’ll also earn coins whenever this shows up.

Ninja Belts

By playing Card Jitsu at the Dojo you can earn Ninja Belts. Everytime you play Card Jitsu by talking to Sensei and choose Earn Your Belts. TO check your progress to your next belt, click on the Cards icon at the bottom right of your screen when you’re at the Dojo. Once you earn the black belt try challenging the Sensei when you talk to him and after some times you should win against him and earn the Ninja Mask. Check out our Ninja Training Guide and see how you can earn all  the belts, become a ninja and unlock a Secret Ninja Hideout room where you can buy from the Martial Arts catalog!

Tour Guide Hat

The Tour Guide Hat is for tour guides only of course. So if you want to become a Tour Guide, click here to read our easy guide how to become a Tour Guide and earn the Hat.

Once you have the hat you can use the Give Tour feature. Do this by clicking on the Speed Chat and click Give Tour at the Activities section. You’ll be giving a tour of what’s around you in that room.

Moss Key Pin (Members Only)

Members can get the Moss Key to unlock the big gate at the Hidden Lake. By unlocking the gate you can get to the Underwater room (seen at the end of the video). Why is it members only? Because you get the key you need to play a level at Puffle Rescue and the level is currently for members only.

Earpeice  + Spy Goggles

The Earpiece is bought for 1 Career Medal at the Elite Gear.  Medal points are earned when you complete Field Ops. What are Field Ops? That’s classified for EPF Agents only. If you want to become an agent and earn the Earpiece and Spy Goggles though read our guide of how to become an EPF agent.

The Earpiece is found at the Elite Gear section when you click on your Spy Phone. Buy it when you complete your first Field Op (hint: we also offer Field Op guides when a new Field Op is out!). Members can buy more Elite Gear when you complete more Field Ops.

Spy Goggles can be earned when completing Mission Veggie Villain. To play Mission Veggie Villian go to the EPF Command Room, go through the tube and at the VR Room click on the Mission icon at the bottom right and choose Veggie Villain then click Start Mission.

You get to earn the item once you complete the mission. Spy Goggles is the only wearable item you can earn by completing PSA Missions.



    P.S.I LOVE YOU!!!


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