New Club Penguin Game Day Stamps!

Happy77 told us a few weeks ago that by playing Club Penguin’s upcoming new Wii console game; Game Day you will be able to earn Stamps for completing challenges! There was also the category Video Games leaked a few weeks ago.

Even though the game isn’t out in stores yet, the Stamps of Game Day are now on the Stampbook! Club Penguin released a new category Video Games.

Here are the Stamps you will be soon able to earn while playing on your Wii!

There aren’t many stamps but the challenges in the game look awesome! I wonder the EPF Nintendo DS games will soon make it to the Stampbook!

Club Penguin Game Day will be out in 21 September so be sure to buy it if you want to collect these stamps!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown


About Yellow Crown

Hi, I'm Yellow Crown and I'm a Club Penguin fan. I've been playing Club Penguin since August 2006 and I even have a Club Penguin blog with Fosters1537 on . I accept any friend request, add me on Club Penguin: Yellow Crown.

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  1. Any idea why the Stamps arent appearing once they are won from Game Day Wii game???

    • You need to connect to the internet. First you need a WiFi, that is a wireless internet where your Wii is. Here’s how:
      Click on Options at the start Menu, and then Nintendo WiFi connection, select the penguin you’d like to connect with and your Wii should connect with the internet.
      You can transfer stamps, items and coins to your penguin!

    • You have to update your penguin for that.

  2. it wont let me upload stamps or items! it will only let me upload coins. please tell me how to upload stamps to club penguin .com

    • I think you need to download your penguin. Do this by clicking on NEW on the players’ list (right after you press Play Now). Then choose ‘Download’. Be sure that you have internet WiFi connection in your household.
      Now that you have downloaded your penguin on your Wii remote you can take it to a friend’s house and play with your penguin on their Wii PLUS you get a stamp for doign that!!

  3. But my house use comcast how do you get WiFi and how much does it cost? I need to know cause I have Game Day and I want to upload my penguin.

    • WiFi is a wireless internet connection.
      If Comcast is good enough you should contact them and ask them how to switch to WiFi connection OR you can buy a Wireless/WiFi Router (maybe from Amazon). It is easy to install but ask for help if anything goes wrong. šŸ˜‰

  4. how do you get the stamp to upload to the wii remote

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