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Gary’s EPF Messages 19th August!

Sorry guys I didn’t tell you about yesterday’s EPF message but here they are!

It’s official! Operation Hibernation will go as planned and Toughest Mountain is already cool enough to put Herbert to sleep! Check out Happy77’s sneak peek video of what we might see next Friday as for EPF Agents and Great Snow Race!

Waddle On!

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Gary send EPF Message!

Rookie send a Message because EPf hadn’t had anything for the past month! WHen he asked what’s going on, Gary replies with this message…

Wow, that’s quite informative G! :mrgreen: But do you think he is hiding something. His look on the newspaper DOES look he has something going on…

I guess we’ll know at the Great Snow Race!

Waddle On!

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Club Penguin’s August 2011 party is…

Great Snow Race party coming August 25! It looks like Gary threw the party but his reason seems suspicious. He looks nervous in the photo and look those footprints leading to a crab! Could it be Klutzy? Whatever it is, go to the Gift Shop and buy your snow gear because the party (which sadly looks to be a small one at the skihill) will be here August 25 BUT it looks like there’s something for EPF Agents. Which explains why Gary is nervous and needs help…

Waddle On!

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Field Op #33 Full Guide!

Step 1) Open up Spy Phone and report to HQ.

Step 2) Read G’s orders.

Step 3) Go to the Box Dimension…

Rememebr to go through this Box at the Beach to get there!

and go to this point:

Step 4) Your Spy Phone should be ringing. Answer it, and solve the puzzle.

Step 5) Recieve your medal and here’s a message from Herbert!

Come back next week for another new guide! :)

Waddle On!

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Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Field Op #10 Full Guide!

Field Op #10 is now out! Let’s get started!

First, go to your Spy Phone to get the EPF HQ.

Now read what Gary has to say.

Go to the Coffee Shop and go to the steamer. Penguins will be crowded around it so you will know where to go.

Once your spy phone turns green, click it open and read the instructions.

This mission has been used several times before. 😦

You have to use a microchip to charge the 4 silver charging stations. Every time you charge a silver charging station, go back to the charger that charges the microchip.

These are what the silver charging stations look like.

Avoid the red shocking things. They lower your microchip batterie.

After that, you earn a medal.

Keep visiting for all your Club Penguin needs! 😀


Club Penguin Field Op #7 Walkthrough!

Hey guys! It’s time for another Club Penguin Field Op! First report to the EPF room and read what Gary has to say.

Go to the Beacon at the top of the Lighthouse. Walk over to the side of the giant bulb. You’ll know which side because penguins will be all over it.

Once you walk over to it, your spy phone will turn green and ring as you all know.

Read the instructions. Sadly, this Field Op has been used 3 times before already.

Get the microchip into the 4 charge stations. Every time you charge a silver station, go back to the microchips charging station so you have full battery.

(My mouse got in the way!)

Look out for the red things as well. They will shock your microchip and you will lose battery on it. Not good!

After you charge all four, you’ll earn another medal. Yippie!

Waddle on and keep visiting!


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