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DIrector Hidden Message in Newspaper and Herbert cam!

Operation: Hibernation has been of a success! The newspaper article announced Club Penguin is safe once again! Also if you click on ‘Operation: Hibernation’ …

… here’s Director’s Hidden message!

Right you are Director, if you go to the EPF Command Room and click on the Herbert thumbnail you can see and monitor Herbert and EPF security sensors.

I’m afraid that Klutzy is on the loose though. I’m almost sure that the ‘on’ might go to ‘off’ once Klutzy and his friends release him. Sorry, I had to say it. =/

But for now let’s celebrate by joining in the fairly Fair fun!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown


Chill and Fun at Herbert’s Lair

Now that you have completed Operation: Hibernation it’s good to have some fun on Club Penguin sometimes. Especially when you’re chillin with your friends! Here’s what I did.

Try this, throw a snowball at Herbert! Try this before you put up Mini-AC 3000 and he stops snoring, mutters and go on snoring again.

Let’s take a look around what Herbert has in his lair. Hey look remember this Drill machine which caused an Earthquake in PSA Mission 4?

Hey check out Herbert’s camera screens of rooms all over Club Penguin! Nice multi-screen PC he’s got there.

Or maybe water a cactus, no wait cactus don’t really need water! Ah nevermind.

Hey let’s imitate Herbert! Go at the back of Herbert and say stuff that Herbert might look like he is saying … or muttering in the middle of his sleep.

Or maybe he’s dreaming about pizzas.

Enough plays. Let’s -try to- wake up Herbert from his long sleep!

Drilling won’t work… maybe make some noise? Whistle? Bell? Famous fart sound (press ET)












Well, it seems like it’s all for nothing. But we did have fun eh? xD Now let’s do something useful: help other EPF agents, maybe new ones, to complete Operation: Hibernation.

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Club Penguin Field Op 48 and Operation Hibernation

EPF Agents though we haven’t had a Field Op for a while, thsi one is important and followed by an important operation.

Your Spy Phone should be ringing, answer your call, and click on Go There!

Report to the Field Ops screen at the right.

Accept Field-Op and go to the Toughest Mountain (entrance from Ski Village) where the Great Snow Race is going on. Pass through the Icicles Cave and Base Camp and you’re at the middle of the mountain. Instead of going to the top, hey there’s an EPF Only sign! Go over there!

Now walk over near the antenna and your Spy Phone should be ringing. Click on it.

And click Engage then play the puzzle!

Once you’ve finished you earn a Medal and get this message from Gary.

Remember by completing Field Ops, you get medals that you can redeem for Elite Gears! And maybe earn some stamps too! Also if you completed all the previous field ops this should be your 50th Field Op and earn this stamp! Sweet!

Congratulations. But that is only the first part, the Field-Op is done and now to Operation Hibernation.

Lets’s start by taking that free item EPF Agents only!

Cool! Infrared Tracking Helmet! And it’s also for non-members so they can join the operation too! Now walk down and follow the polar bear paw prints.

You’ve got a message from Gary!

Remember to wear your new Infrared Tracking Helmet or you won’t see the lasers coming and get caught! Try to pass though all lasers slowly one by one or you’ll get caught. Then climb down the ladder.

Climb down the ladder and you see another Laser Room! There are more tricky! Try to pass them and get to the Expedition Key.

Now t

And you’ve found… another laser maze. But this is the last one yet hardest and try to get to the sealed door slowly. Once you get through you’ll get another message from Gary but you’ll hear lots of noises because the security system went off!

Throw snowballs at the 3 fuses and security system will turn off.

Gary send in another message.

Here are the parts of Mini-AC 3000.

Click on them and put them in order to be put like this.

Well Done! You’ve captured Herbert! You earned a Mini-AC 3000 pin.

And one last message form Gary with some good news.

Herbert is now in deep hibernation with that Mini-AC 3000 for up to 10 months! We have enough time to see what we can do with him.

Click on Done but oh no! Klutsy woke up, went through Mini-AC 3000 and escaped! What do you think will happen next?

But anyway let’s celebrate that we completed the operation and have some fun at Herbert’s Lair ! :mrgreen: And joke around like…

Hahah! 😆 Congratulations EPF Agent, we’ll let you know what happens next and what you can do at Hebert’s Lair too!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

More Director EPF Messages!

Operation Hibernation is an unknown number of hours away, here’s Director’s last information of a couple of days ago about Operation Hibernation coming August 25:

Again the information isn’t new but it looks like Club Penguin team doesn’t want anyone to miss the chance to participate in Operation Hibernation (altough unfortunatley I do have my doubts if non-members can help out). It looks like that’s all as of EPF messages for some time. Check back as much as possible because once Great Snow Race together with Operation Hibernation

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

EPF Messages 22nd August

Yesterday agents received 2 messages from the Director with good information about Operation Hibernation.

That’s pretty much the explanation we already knew. 🙂 But I think thsi is good info for the new agents helping out for Operation Hibernation.

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Gary’s EPF Messages 19th August!

Sorry guys I didn’t tell you about yesterday’s EPF message but here they are!

It’s official! Operation Hibernation will go as planned and Toughest Mountain is already cool enough to put Herbert to sleep! Check out Happy77’s sneak peek video of what we might see next Friday as for EPF Agents and Great Snow Race!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

New Track Herbert System Defender level and Operation Hibernation

It’s been quite a while since last System Defender level, but here is the last new one but it requires a lot of work and patience. The last level is the Herbert Tracking level and the hardest so good luck! Go to the EPF Comm and go to SYstem Defender and play!

Once you complete it – I did it after 5 times but you get 2 medals for your EPF gear!

Also a stamp of  Track Herbert.

Important quotes:

Agents, get ready for Operation Hibernation! Start by working on the AC3000 at the Ski Village because  at the Great Snow Race we’re on for Herbert!

Update: I must correct myself, this level is NOT the last System Defender level. And it is proved here.

Waddle on!

Yellow Crown

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