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New Chat System in Club Penguin Test Server on Beta Team

Exciting news for those penguins at Beta Team! Club Penguin team just added 2 new tests and one of them are quite a few test servers! Here’s a post form Billybob.

Hello Penguins!

In our developer’s update last week, we mentioned that there would be some new stuff launching on Beta Team. We also said there’d be something a little different to test… We need your help to test out a brand new improvement to the chat system!

We’ve heard that some of you find it hard to chat with friends because of the filters. You asked if we could make it easier to chat with your buddies online.

You asked… and we listened! We’ve made some big improvements for you:

•     Now you’ll see suggested words above the chat bar as you write sentences!
•     You can click the words that appear, and the system will automatically complete the word for you. Now you’ll be able to chat way quicker than before!
•     Tons more phrases than Ultimate Safe Chat… Over 300,000 phrases!

We want your help to test the chat system improvement before we release it on Club Penguin. Let us know what bugs or issues you find by submitting a comment in Beta Team. Remember that it’s a test site, so things may not work the same way that you’re used to (i.e. games, items, newspaper)

You can test the new chat system on Beta Team starting today! Can’t wait to hear what you think.

Until then… Waddle On and Happy Testing!

-Club Penguin Team

There hasn’t been a test server for Club Penguin community since CPIP (CLub Penguin Improvement Project) in 2008. This one doesn’t have a big testing to do. It’s got a new improved chat system. With new SpeedChats and  suggesting words you type! It’s pretty cool both for slow typers and fast ones and


How to get to Club Penguin test servers?

Simply log in to the Beta Team at and type ‘ls’ and press Enter. Click on Test Server.

Log in to Club Penguin as usual! Here are some new Speed Chats…

And most important the Type Chat system with suggested words…

Good for slow typers and even fast typers and if you don’t know what to type it suggests you what to type! 😆 It’s a good feature as it is based on what all penguins mostly say in that part of phrase – in other words like Google suggestions.

So would you pass this new chat system feature to the Club Penguin game?

Note: The test servers are mostly empty, there are no newspaper, games, catalogs and parties. As it is of course only to test chat.

Waddle On!
Yellow Crown


Puffle Pop at Club Penguin Beta Team

Apart from the test servers to test the new chat system feature, there’s also a new game to test at Club Penguin beta team: Puffle Pop! It’s basically your classic game of throwing balls to balls with same colors to pop them and if you clear them all you win. The difference is: it’s with Puffles!

When you start you get to choose from 3, Tutorial, Story and Survival. Unfortunately all 3 are the same for now as they are only tests but if the testing goes well and the game is approved to appear in Club Penguin I’m sure there will be Tutorial, Story and Survival modes.

What do you think of it? Even though I played lots of games like this I still thsi this kind of game. I wonder what Story mode would/will be like eh?

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Happy77 now a You Tube partner + Beta Team new games review!

Beta Team Update

Hello Penguins!

Remember when we mentioned Beta Team a few posts ago? We’ve added some new prototypes to the site for you game testers!

If you haven’t come across the Beta testing site yet, click here… Here are some things to remember while testing:

  • The only way to log onto Beta Team is by finding a hidden link on the blog…
  • Only a certain number of penguins can test at the same time
  • There’s a 10 minute timer on the site at the moment, so you may get disconnected while playing some of the rough prototypes
  • There will be bugs, because it’s a test site!

Thanks for testing… Let us know which Beta Team game has been your favorite, and what you’d like to see more of in the comments below.

Until next time…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Club Penguin Beta Team updates!

A lot of things has been added (or fixed) in the Beta Team list! When you log in, and  type ‘ls’ now you can see there are new stuff to test!

The Puffle Hat ideas (now is working!), Rollerscape History, Skyscraper and Places for New Map.

Puffle Hat ideas has an animation of what’s coming soon to puffles: hats! And there are LOTS of them. See by yourself:

Rollserscape History:


“Every Club Penguin project goes through different development phases. Here’s a history of what Rollerscape looked like during each phase.”

What’s interesting is the Design picture. First there is a puffle at the VR room and on the 2nd picture we see a puffle at a ice cave play at the Stage. The first concept of Rollerscape was to take your puffle to travel through all Club Penguin rooms. That would have been awesome and I think Rollerscape will be updated to travel through all Club Penguin!

That’s why, I think, it’s called Rollercape: Ice Caves and not just Rollerscape! What do you think about my theory?


Here’s an idea Screenhog had a while back, but we dodn’t develop any further. What do you think? Do you enjoy it? Should we keep developing it?

It looks pretty much like Tetris but with ‘+10’ boxes and bomb boxes. I’m not sure if I like this much. But it seems to be another arcade game isn’t it? And it still needs a lot of design to be in the game.

Places for New Map

“We’re working on concepts for a new map for Club Penguin! Here are two icons to symbolize “places” on the new map. Which one do you like better and why?”

I really don’t understand this one. They’re making a map of squared icons to represent places only? I prefer the current one on that. Icon 1 looks like the Lighthouse and icon 2 looks like it represents the Ski Hill (though not much clear). I would more go for a 3D map as a new map don’t you think? 😀

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Extra Rollerscape Levels!

Check out the Beta team page, log in and type in ‘s’ to play the new extra levels!

What do you think of the new extra levels? You think they should put them in the game? I think it should be, thought the levels may be kinda hard they’re fun! 😀

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

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