Club Penguin Game Day!

For the first time ever play Club Penguin on the game console platform Nintendo Wii and see Club Penguin in 3D! The game takes advantage of the Wii Remote’s motion gaming and you can play a number of mini-games to conquer parts of Club Penguin and getting your team Red, Blue, Green or Yellow to win all of Club Penguin areas! Challenge other teams and your friends or family can join you by playing multiplayer up to 4 players! Also, you get to upload free items and coins from your Wii to your penguin account online.


Wi-fi connection and stamps!



Game Day section from the Stampbook

Game Day stamps under Video Games section can be only unlocked from your Wii game via Wi-fi connection

from visit for more photos

In the game’s case you also get a code to unlock free items!

Note: Do not try to enter the code in the photo, it’s already used. Codes are unique and used only once, sorry you’d have to buy the game to earn the items.

Picture from

You get 5 free backgrounds and 2500 coins if you enter your code!

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