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Club Penguin Halloween Stamps!

For this year’s Halloween Party 2011, Club Penguin has a new stamp: Trick or Treat stamp! It’s easy! Simply visit at least 10 igloos of the new Trick or Treat igloo (the new igloo of a street with 3 igloos).


Tip: Try to log in popular servers (with 4 or 5 bars) there you will be more likely to see open igloos on map.

Also, only a few have noticed the once-members-only Halloween stamp released last year’s Halloween Party now seems to be also for non-members! I earned this stamp by wearing pirates items from Rockhopper and the Ghost Sheet! Try it out yourself and try different clothings and tell us what you wore to earn the stamp at the comments below!

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New stamp: Noble Knight!

Check out your stampbook! Under Events > Party there is an all new stamp just for the Medieval Party!

Noble Knight

Wear a knight costume at the Medieval party

All you have to do is wear nothing but the knight suit, helmet and shoes or shield. You can buy the knight’s costume at the Gift Shop or earn the free items from the 3 quests at the Underground Pool!

Sweet yet easy stamp eh! 🙂

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New Game Stamps!

With the games’ screen changes came 2 new pages of new stamps!

The new stamps are of Ice Fishing…

and of Pizzatron 3000!

Also don’t forget that last Friday came new stamps of the Treasure Hunt multiplayer game! Be sure to get them all because they’re easy, fun and for limited time until Rockhopper departs!

What’s you favorite stamp of them all?

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