Club Penguin Game Stamps!

Pretty much no other blog offers you actual GUIDES to stamps! But we do! Read below for Astro Barrier, Aqua Grabber, and many other game guides.

Aqua Grabber:

Aqua Puffle:

Buy a Pink Puffle, take it for a walk, and go play Aqua Grabber. Once you start a game, your puffle will be next to you and you will earn the stamp.

Soda Success:

Complete the Soda Seas level. Read the guide below to beat it.

Step 1: Start the Soda Sea’s level.

Step 2: Grab the 5 barrels of soda.

Step 3: Now go down the narrow tunnel at the bottom of the ocean.

Step 4: Once down, make your way to the right. Look out for the blowfish.

Step 5: Keep going right until the walls comes to a end. Move your Aqua Grabber down until you see a purple crystal. Pick it up with your claw and take it back up to the net. Be careful!

After you beat Soda Sea’s, you will win the stamp.

Clam Success:

Beat the first Clam Waters level to earn this stamp. Follow the step by step instructions below to beat this stamp.

Step 1: Go to the main treasure Clam Waters level.

Step 2: When you start, move your ship to the very bottom of the ocean floor until you see a thin, narrow tunnel going straight down.

Step 3: Go down it. Once done, go to the right, collect the gray rock at the ocean floor by using your claw.

Step 4: Drop the rock on the giant blue clam’s mouth while it’s sleeping.

Step 5: Then grab the pearl with the claw, and carefully go back up the narrow tunnel.

Step 6: Keep going up to the surface of the ocean and drop the pearl in the netting when you get to the top!

After you beat Clam Waters, you’ll earn the stamp.

Soda Master:

To do to this one, simply beat Soda Sea’s without losing a life. Refer to the guide above for more information on how to beat the Soda Sea’s level.

After you beat Soda Sea’s without dieing, you’ll win the stamp!

Clam Master:

Beat Clam Waters without losing a life. This stamp is similar to Soda Master.

After beating Clam Water’s without losing a life, you will claim your stamp.

Catch Fluffy:

This one requires to catch the yellow fish. To do this, follow the step by step instructions below.

Step 1: Do the Soda Sea’s level.

Step 2: Put the first 4 barrels of soda in the net.

Step 3: Now go to the left side of the ocean and go into the area with the yellow reefs. SLAM your Aqua Grabber into the rock at the top of the small breathing hole. A worm will fall out.

Step 4: Grab the worm/bait and find the fish. Use the bait to hook the yellow fish and bring him up to the net.

After you follow these steps, you will be awarded the stamp.

Clam Compress:

This one requires you to beat the Air Compressed mode of Clam Waters. Read the guide above on how to beat Clam Waters.

What is Compressed Air mode?

Compressed Air mode is when you do a regular level with your aqua grabber going way faster than it normally goes. Also, if you bump into a single wall, your whole ship will be destroyed.

After you beat Clam Waters Compressed Air mode, claim your stamp!

Mullet Capture

Step 1: Do the Soda Seas level. Get the first 4 barrels of soda.

Step 2: Now go to the area on the left with the small breathing area at the top. Smack into the top left corner of the top wall to make a worm come out.

Step 3: Once you have the worm, find the yellow fish and use the worm as bait.

Step 4: Once you have the yellow fish, go to the bottom right corner area and go through the yellow moss. Now go up and you’ll see the Mullet. Get close enough to it so it can snag the bait.

Step 5: Bring the mullet up to the net. BE CAREFUL! The red fish will pull back and try to slam you into a wall. Be cautious and be slow. If you hit a wall, he will escape, and you will have to restart the whole level.

Once you get the Mullet into the netting, claim your stamp!

Crabs Treasure:

Step 1: Do the Soda Seas level. Collect the first 3 barrels of cream soda. Now go into the bottom right corner of the soda and go up the tunnel. There will be a Mullet there.

Step 2: When the Mullet swims right, get your Aqua Grabber underneath or above the Mullet. You want to get past the jagged rock on the top wall to get past the Mullet.

Step 3: Once your past the Mullet, go down the long, narrow, thin path to the bottom. There will be a large stash of gold.

Step 4: Quick! Get down as close as you can to the gold, and hit the space bar fast so you can to get all the gold. The crab will come, and take a chunk of gold most likely. So go after it and grab it out of his claws. If the crab takes one piece of gold, the stamp can’t be earned.

Thin Ice:

Catching Waves:

Jet pack Adventure:

Ace Pilot:

Beat the whole game without touching a coin. This one is one of the hardest stamps. One of the hardest parts is at level 4 when you start out. There are coins blocking the whole way and you can’t fly under them at the beginning.  Well when you start the level, fly your penguin up against the top of the wall and float down slowly. Then, when you are near the bottom, fly below the coins. You will lose fuel, but there is a can just up ahead.

For more information and if you are stuck on a certain part, watch this video below. If your stuck on a certain part, watch this guy to see how he does it so you can try out the technique. This video was not made by me, it was made by SeaGreenCp. Look his name up on Youtube and subscribe to him!

1-up Captain:

Wanna get all the 1-ups in the game? Then read the instructions below.

Level 1:

There are no 1-ups in the first level.

Level 2:

When you take off from the launch pad, fly low to the ground until you pass the Gift Shop. Now fly up and up and up. Don’t stop til you hit the top of the sky and can’t go further. Now keep going right at the top of the sky and you’ll encounter the 1-up after flying right for a couple seconds.

Level 3:

After launching off, fly low to the ground. You’ll pass a fish that jumps out of the water. Once you get to a area with a whale shooting up water with a boye near bye and a can of fuel up above, grab the fuel can and fly right up as high as the sky goes.

Once you reach the limit of the sky, keep flying right up as far as you can until you encounter a windmill with a 1-up in the middle of it. Now grab it and be quick! Your fuel will be running out quick!

Level 4:

This one comes in at the very end of the level. When you see the launch pad, go down the ditch on the left side of the launch pad. At the bottom there is a fuel can, some coins, and the 1-UP.

Level 5:

In almost the entire level, you are flying down. Once you get to a area in the level with a yellow caution sign, go up the tunnel on the right of the caution sign.

Once up the tunnel, there will be a fuel can. Just up above in a small left corner, is the final 1-up! Grab it!

You’ll get the stamp after you get the 4 1-ups! Be sure to carefully read the guide we made and if you are still having trouble, please comment below. We will add a video tutorial soon.

1-up Leader:

For this one, simply get two 1-ups in Jet-pack Adventure. Read the guide above this one to find out where the 1-ups are.

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