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New Play at the Stage: A Humbug Holiday!

Since last October, Club Penguin has been having new playsn at the Stage from every party with a catalog and script of the current play and 4 others. I like the new system, but better than having same old plays every month. Though not much effort has been out into them (or so that’s what some say) there has been new costumes and a nice short script and this one is n exception. A Humbug Holiday play is the last play of 2011 and is now at the Stage.

Check out the set, and don’t forget to try the Switchbox 3000!

And the Costume Trunk has some good new costumes and ones which are hidden!

Click on the circle on the left window for the Balcony Background which if 60 coins.

And for the full costume of Humbug, click on the floor tile.

How are you liking the new play? I think it’s nice and short though it has NOTHING to do with the Christmas Carol. By the way you can read Christmas Carol at the Book Room though. Back on topic, as I said I like the new plays lately which makes me wonder what play will be playing at the Stage next month.

Waddle On!

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Unlock Items Online gets some GREAT updates!

Unlock Items Online has a new experience, and is better than before!

You can already tell from the new logo:

Try to click on the logo before you log in to a server to see what’s new…

It seems like a treasure chest! I wonder that it is like to unlock an item! :mrgreen: Maybe the items pop out of the chest?

Update: I unlocked a book and here is how it looks!

You say, is that it? Actually I like best about the updates that there is a new catalog at the Gifts Shop! Treasure Book Series 14 can be read from the Gift Shop!

Behold … the Treasure Book!

Check out all the exclusive items inside!

The treasure chest can be found at the shop too!

What do you think of the Treasure Book being moved to the Gift Shop?

Waddle On!

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Non-Members don’t miss out: how to get to the Great Puffle Circus

The Fair is almost over now, and I hope you did check out all the cool stuff like all the decorations and prizes before it is over! But non-members have been missing out the Great Puffle Circus and so here’s something to ‘sneak in’ to the circus! πŸ˜‰

  1. Go to
  2. Log in
  3. That’s it! Once you log in your first room you get in is the Great Puffle Circus!

No, sorry, you can’t get outside the Circus to collect member prizes and you’ll need the Map or Spy Phone to teleport else you’re stuck in there! πŸ™‚ But hey I’m a non-member and found this cool before the Fair ends I got to see the new Brown Puffle act! πŸ˜†

Tell me if it works out for you or not in the comments!

Waddle On!

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Happy77’s Featured Igloos August 23

Once again Happy77 visited some penguins’ igloos to see who’s going to be featured! And here are the featured igloos!

Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here. Just wanted to share some of the fabulous igloos we’ve spotted around the last few weeks.

Since we released the new furniture catalog, we’ve seen a lot of half-pipes and ramps around. Some of you even transformed your igloos into giant snow parks!

Here’s one from Phillip96061:


And another from C O L A. I love the candy igloo!

C O L A.jpg

Finally, here’s 402mj‘s sporty igloo:


We’d love to hear about all the extreme igloos you’ve seen online, so let us know their penguin names in the comments! πŸ™‚

– Club Penguin Team

Wow nice igloos, it looks clear that Happy77 was looking for those igloos updated with the latest catalog with snow sports furniture! That’s nice of Happy77 πŸ™‚ Especially when it has been a while since last igloo contest.

Waddle On!

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Lighthouse Beacon Updated?

It is only updated for a very slight design changes, see if you can spot the difference yourself:



Here’s a hint: notice the snow (now with the ‘dripplings’ gone), the light bulb, the telescope,Β the left cloud, and the Jet Pack lift off. You can hardly notice the difference but it’s there so you don’t need to ‘hate’ the change as it is too much like the previous one. But I wonder why is Club Penguin updating some rooms?

Waddle On!

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