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Pufflescape Sneak Peek!

Pufflescape is the upcoming game on the works of construction at the Pet Shop coming on November 5. Yet Club Penguin Help tutorials already released a Pufflescape tutorial days before it is released. Few things about the game is given away though.

It looks like it is basically the same game we tested on the Beta Team with new stuff added, plus you can choose which puffle you’d liek to play with just like in Puffle Launch! 😀

Waddle On!

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Exclusive! “Jump to” feature coming soon at new Friends system?

In this new video Happy77 shows off the new chat system and Friends (formley named Buddies). The video though has something new not jet released…

We know Friends are marked with a green circle but it seems like soon we’ll be able not only to find where the others are but also TELEPORT to them by jumping into a dimension box and pop up next to them! Even when they’re on different servers!

This reminds me of  another Disney virtual world, Toontown feature ‘Go to’ where you jump in a hole and pop up next to your friend! Great! I wonder how soon will this be released?

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Pufflescape Concstruction at Pet Shop!

Pufflescape, formly knows as Rollerscape on Beta Team testing, will finally be soon on Club Penguin! The new game will be at the Pet Shop on November 3.

It looks like a portal to the underground is being built and then puffles will be able to roll along the underground and adventure there!

Penguins bring your jackhammer and help out at the construction at the Pet Shop and puffles, get ready to ‘roll’ on November 3! Can’t wait! I hope this new game will have new stamps too!

Waddle On!

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Cool Serving Trick at Dance Lounge!

Check this out: wear only an apron which serves food, and dance. You do a special dance by serving either ice cream, pizza, cake, coffee or anything depending on your apron color.

Now if you do this near a table at the Dance Lounge, the food will be served at that table you’re serving to.

The food comes out of the tube, and after some time it gets eaten until it’s finished up!

We’ve seen this firs time at the Puffle Party at the Dance Lounge before it was redecorated though at the Puffle Party it looked like a bar/restaurant! I think this idea is great I hope it stays even after the Halloween Party and perhaps be introduced to the Pizza Parlor too!

Waddle On!

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What’s New November 2011 Membership Update!

  • Enter the mysterious Ninja Headquarters. Earn your reward.
  • Discover the ancient dragon at the Stage.
  • Uncover your inner sushi master with this month’s Penguins at Work.
  • Coming in December: Coins For Change donation stations for your igloo!

Looks like it will be likely to be a Card Jitsu Party, with a ninja clothing catalog this November. But no mention of Card Jitsu Snow yet? At leats it seems there WILL be another new play at the Stage (finally news plays!) Coins For CHange will return this Christmas too.

What do you think? What are you looking forward for most?

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‘Monster Muzak’ in DJ3K!

Loving the Halloween music? Club Penguin just released a new disk ‘Monster Muzak’ to buy and mix at the Night Club.

‘Monster Muzak’ is for members only and costs 75 coins. After purchasing it you can mix the new track on DJ3k!

Waddle On!

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New Chat and Friends System!

BIG updates to Club Penguin have arrived which are the new chat system and Friend system! The chat system has been tested by the Beta Team on test servers and is now finally on the official game!

The new chat system has cool filtered and safe suggestive words to type, though there aren’t a lot of suggestive words I think it work brilliantly:

The Friend system is GREAT, much better than before with avatar with backgrounds preview of the buddies unlike the previous one with names only. Also you get to tag Best Friends to top them at your list. And best of all you get UNLIMITED friends on your list and you can search to ANY penguin. Yes, now penguins can search and add you even when you are offline than accept their request once you are online. This works great to add famous penguin bloggers but you can’t add characters though … it says you CAN add them only if you meet them! I wonder how it’s like to add a Club Penguin character and make it better to track them by finding them.

{Pictures later since the Friend system seems to be down with loads of bugs to be fixed}

Here’s what Billybob said:

Hello Penguins!

Hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the Anniversary Party! Make sure you check out the new Yearbook over in the Book Room.

Last month I posted a video blog where I mentioned that we’re working on a brand new Friends experience. I also mentioned the new Chat system that some of you helped test on Beta Team.

Guess what? We’re getting ready to launch them both very soon! These are two of the biggest system improvements we’ve ever made, so we’re incredibly excited to share them with you. Here’s a sneak peek of the new Friends icon in the toolbar:

blog_111025.jpgWhile I can’t say too much just yet, I will say this… the new Friends and Chat will make it way easier for you to connect with your friends on Club Penguin. We’ll have more info soon, so stay tuned!

Until then… Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

Also Billybob made a video blog uploaded to Club Penguin’s You Tube channel to announce and discuss better the 2 new systems.

I think this is great improvement to Club Penguin! I love the search and send request feature in the new Friends system. It make Club Penguin more than a virtual world but now it’s like a kids social network too! Forget about Facebook and Twitter, kids! 🙂

No wonder Billybob said the best 3 months of Club Penguin history is coming! The thing is: October was filled with great surprises and updates and it is only in one month, image what the next 2 months has in store for us!!  Only time will tell.

Waddle On!

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Field Op #52 Full Guide!

Step 1) Open up your Spy Phone and report to the HQ.

Step 2) Walk over to the Field Ops screen and read G’s orders.

Step 3) Go to the Night Club. And go exactly to this spot:

Step 4) Your Spy Phone should be ringing and blinking green. Answer it, click ENGAGE and…

Solve the puzzle!

Step 5) Claim your medal and receive message from Jet Pack Guy!

Remember by completing Field Ops, you get medals that you can redeem for Elite Gears! And maybe earn some stamps too!

Waddle On!

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Carves Puffle Pumpkin Lantern for Halloween VIdeo in CLub Penguin UK You Tube

It seems Club Penguin has a UK You Tube channel

But there aren’t much new videos except for a cool Puffle Pumpkin Carving Video using a Fun Activity on! Check it out:


QVC Papercraft Studio guest presenter and craft blogger Kirsty Wiseman carves a special Club Penguin Puffle Pumpkin Lantern for Halloween

Visit the official Club Penguin site
Download your own Puffle lantern template from here:

All you need is a big Pumpkin, the spooky Puffle template, a pumpkin carving tool (TIP: you can pick a carving kit up at your local supermarket) a washable felt marker and some sticky tape. Then all you have to do is watch the video to see how you create your very own Puffle Pumpkin Lantern in time for Halloween!

Cool! Ar eyou going to try that out?

Waddle On!

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Club Penguin 6th Anniversary Party!

Wow, time flies even in this snowy island! Club Penguin is 6 already! The 6th Anniversary party is here now at the Coffee Shop! Go quickly to get your exclusive free 6th Anniversary Party Hat as it is for ONE day only!

Did you know this year’s Anniversary Party is special because for the first time an Anniversary Party is held DURING the Halloween Party? It’s official then: it’s the spookiest Anniversary Party! Check out the Coffee Shop at the inside!

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