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Rockhopper’s Quest 2012 Guide!

The Migrator’s been here for a week and the upgrade construction has finished and the ship is ready to get off shore! Are you ready to join Rockhopper’s Crew to travel to 3 different islands?

Head over to the Beach by clicking ‘Join the Crew!’ on the signs spread all over the island at the Town, Snow Forts and Plaza!

The Migrator is docked here at the Beach. Here you can also play Treasure Hunt temporarily placed here as the Captain Quarters room is closed for now.

Before you climb off the ship, be sure you picked the free Crew Cap item!

Once you climb abroad, Rockhopper welcomed you abroad with a dialogue.

    Avast me hearty! Welcome aboard the Migrator! Ye now can be a member of me crew! I be expecting ye to pull yer weight!

We be sailin’ for a dangerous place – Shipwreck Island.    Help me build a beacon there to keep sailors safe.

First we need supplies. Let’s get to work!    Raise the anchor and chart a course for Black Island Trading Post!

You’re now on the Migrator and once the anchors are off the ship starts sailing. You can now earn the Out at Sea stamp too.

Remember to hit the targets with snowballs to boost the ship and avoid icebergs with the big jackhammers at the front!

Eventually you’ll arrive to  Swashbuckler Trading Post. Climb off board and Rockhopper has more to say to you…

Yarr-harr-harr! We’ve docked at Swashbuckler Trading Post.

This be the place for beacon (picure of rope) buildin’ supplies.

We need plenty of building materials for the structuer of the beacon.

I hear there also be rare and interesting items for sale.

Look lively crew! We won’t be stayin’ long.

Get back before we cast off – or we might leave ye beind! Yarr har! Just kiddin’

If you’re a member you can buy pirate outfit from the catalog at the shop or click on the icon.

Here’s the catalog:

Don’t forget to pick up cargo above the Fish Dogs stand.. and you can wear an apron only and dance to earn the Snack Shack stamps!

Once you’ve picked up cargo and bought suits, climb aboard the Migrator again to set sail for Dinosaur Island!

Once you arrive, Rockhopper has more to say to you…

YARR! Welcome to Dinosaur Island, crew! This be the best place to find glowing gems.

One of those would be PERFECT for a beacon. Find a gem (picture of gem) and bring it back.

Keep yer eyes open for any landlubber lizards lookin’ for trouble!

Though, if ye have the coins to spare, ye might find one to trade with…

If any of those dinosaurs wants to help out, bring ‘em along!

I could always use some prehistoric pirates in me crew.

You can walk to the shop or click on the icon for another catalog…

And don’t forget of course to get the Diamond in the cage. Don’t worry, its door opens and closed automatically without any harm 😛

And once you pick it up you get this note.

Climb aboard the Migrator for the last tip to Shipwreck Island.

As you climb down the ship Rockhopper has last things to say:

YAR-HAR! We made it! Crew, drop anchor and prepare to go ashore!

This be the place we’re look’ for Shipwreck Island!

Here be your orders – the supplies are unloaded, so let’s get building that beacon.

Once ye’ve done that, make sure it’s shining bright, and yer done!

I’ve never docked on this island before. I wonder if there be any secrets hidden here…

Once the beacon be built (pic of completed beacon) take a look around for treasure.

Now click on the un-built beacon at the top right, and after 5 clicks the beacon is done!

And you earn the Shipwreck Beacon pin!

Members can get into the Hall of the Viking Lords. There you can find 2 free items: the Viking Lord Armor and the Viking Lord Helmet.

Rockhopper’s Quest is here!

Arr Rockhopper mateys! Head over to the Beach at the Migrator ship to set sail for the vikings at Shipwreck Island!

More soon…

Another update for Club Penguin Membership Page What’s New for February 2012

As usual, every month Club Penguin updates its membership page with points to show what’s new for members this month.

Find out what in for members in February 2012:

Members, set sail with Captain Rockhopper, and explore more!

  • Brave the seas in exclusive pirate costumes
  • Earn the rare Explorer stamp for your Stamp Book
  • Explore the mysterious Hall of the Viking Lords
  • Uncover ancient Viking Armor

This is the second update for February 2012, seems like the Fashion Show isn’t the only party but also Rockhopper’s Quest is coming up next this very month!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Rockhopper’s coming!

If you look through the Telescope at the Beacon you can see Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator, is quite close!

Wow that was fast! Rockhopper will be here next Thursday for the Rockhopper’s Quest party at February 24! Great!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Club Penguin Membership Page What’s New for February 2012

As usual, every month Club Penguin updates its membership page with points to show what’s new for members this month.

Find out what in for members in February 2012:

Members, get your looks ready for the first ever Fashion Show … and more!

  • Be a superstar! Dress in the latest looks and own the runway.
  • Express your creativity with your unique style!
  • Coming soon: Pirates needed to explore uncharted seas.

These all point to the Fashion Show coming up at the Gift Shop from February 2 to 14. I’m not much excited for the event because it seems like a minor party for me as I think it will only decorate the Gifts Shop and have a new Penguin Style catalog. BUT it may drastically change the Gifts Shop permanently perhaps like the Pet Shop and Dance Lounge last year. Let’s see what’s in for superstar divas and the good-looking at the launch of the Fashion Show 2012 tomorrow! 😉

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Underwater Expedition Construction!

Underwater Expedition 2012 will be here January 26, and penguins on the island are getting ready by putting on some weight at the Beach so the island is tilted! Check out the Beach right now.

On January 26 we’ll find out for the first time how the Beach looks like when it’s sunk! 🙂

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown


Another Underwater Expedition 2012 Advertisment

Yet another Underwater Expedition sneak peek and advertisement is uploaded on Club Penguin’s You Tube channel.

Waddle On!
Yellow Crown


Underwater Expedition updates in homepage and screen log-in

Underwater Expedition is a week away, and Club Penguin has already pulled up an update of the Underwater Party on the homepage.

It’s nice but there is something a bit strange. Why is Rookie so concerned about and why aren’t the penguins smiling much? Does it have to do with the crabs and EPF during the Underwater Expedition?

Also Club Penguin updated the Underwater Expedition to advertise membership as some parts of the party will require it.

So it IS confirmed there will be a maze under the island, and will be members only. I wonder what is so special at the end of the maze that Club Penguin is hiding…

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown


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