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Where are the Card Jitsu mats in our igloos?

This week’s updates were nice, new pin, new Christmas clothing catalog, Pay Day, a new Field Op… but what happened to the Martial Art catalog update which should have included Card Jitsu mats in our igloo? Neither Billybob or Happy77 mentioned on the blog what has happened to it! Perhaps they’d hate to announce the Card Jitsu mats idea is scrapped?

So as a cool Club Penguin blogger caring for his readers (ok enough bluffing already!) I felt I should email to the Club Penguin Support team about this small issue. Here’s what I wrote:

I’ll let you know when I get a reply and post it back here, k? So keep on checking back to fidn otu what happened! What? I was looking forward to those mats! 🙂

Waddle On!

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Soon In September: Club Penguin Fair 2011 in Updated Membership page!

The membership page with What’s New has been updated, but there isn’t really anything new of what’s coming this month 😛 BUT there is news about next month!

  • Get wicked sports clothing items from the Penguin Style catalog.
  • Turn your igloo into an extreme park
  • Agents – Pick up Elite Gear and prepare for a critical operation
  • And coming in September: The Great Puffle Circus returns with The Fair!

Yet again another Fair and another Puffle Circus but hey this year is the Brown Puffle’s first Fair so there must be a new performance at the circus. Also, do you remember when Billybob asked us to decide about an animal costume?

Billybob announces the results: You chose the Cow and the Chicken costumes! The team’s excited to get to work on these! Plus because so many of you liked the Horse costume, they’re planning to work on that one later. Thanks to everyone who voted!

So the team will work on the horse ‘later’ … hmm.. do you think the Farm animals will be at The Fair? And maybe perhaps another ‘Farm party’ in September? Maybe there WILL be new stuff coming in September afterall!

Waddle On!

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Canuck Place Hospice Tour 2011 Video!

A few weeks ago we told you about Club Penguin not only donating for causes but also made a Club Penguin Headquarters tour for children with life-threatening illness from Canuck Place Hospice for an awesome experience and fun! 🙂

Club Penguin team made a video of this day, watch it.

See the other videos from new websites about this event. I think THESE are the real type of causes of helping other more than just donating money! Cute eh? 🙂 This makes me more want me to work there…

Waddle On!

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Club Penguin Operation: Black Out!

At Club Penguin’s Behind the Scenes You Tube video, pause when the writer fades out and you’ll catch a glimpse of this screen from the Club Penguin HQ…

Looks familiar? Perhaps form the Club Penguin Year 2011 Planning leak in August instead of June…?

It’s not a surprise it’s been delayed as also the Adventure party has held in July instead of June and the Music Jam in June instead of July. So Operation Black out IS an EPF Mission and IS coming to Club Penguin and will be 2 weeks long?

Also in a February Field Op Herbert did hint to attack the Lighthouse.

Also it seems this wierd and old looking crab and Protobot will be surfacing Club Penguin this month in EPF!

What do you think? Are you excited for all this EPF stuff coming up this month?

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Behind the Scenes 2011 At Club Penguin

Not only Happy77 became a You Tube partner, but also Club Penguin has its own You Tube channel too named Clubpenguin.

And by popular demand Club Penguin finally releases a video behind the scenes at Club Penguin HQ in Kelowna, BC, Canada Watch the video and you’re also in for some cool EPF effects, secrets and meet the Club Penguin staff from different roles!

What do you think? I’m satisfied as I’ve been sending quite some e-mails to Club Penguin to show us something behind the scenes. Also did you notice the title of the video; Club Penguin Official: Behind the Scenes 2011. 2011 eh? You think there will be Behind the Scenes videos annually? Let’s all hope and tell Club Penguin staff not to let this video be the last behind the scenes video! 😉

Waddle On!

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