Club Penguin Tips

Change the Coffee Shops Letters Inside:

Go to the Coffee Shop. Click on the “Coffee and Croissant’s” sign. It will change.

1,000 Coins On Jet Pack Adventure:

To do this just simply complete the 5 levels in Jet Pack Adventure without touching a single coin. Well … no it’s not THAT simple. You also have to empty your fuel at the end of every level so be aware and Good Luck! But hey if you succeed you get a stamp! ๐Ÿ™‚

Desert Pizza on Pizzatron 3000!-

Click on the small Red lever before clicking play. This lever is located at the bottom of the pizza maker when you first open this game up. Do not click play though because this cheat will not work.

Astro Barrel High Levels –

To do this, play Astro Barrel, then before clicking start, click 1, 2, or 3 on your keyboard for level ten, twenty, or thirty.

Astro Barrel Secret Levels

To do this go play Astro Barrel, wait for thirty to forty seconds then a blue ship will appear. Shoot it!


Catch the Mullet on Ice Fishing:

When you start seeing shadows across the water, grab a regular yellow fish and hold it. Once the big fish appears, lower the fish toward it. You’ll catch it and get a coin bonus!

Puffle with no Name:

Go to the puffle store. Buy a puffle and stop at the name part. Put a few spaces in on the name part. Walla! Puffle with no name!

Look in the binoculars at the Cove:

Wait 10 seconds, and a boat with a penguin on a tube will go by. Keep watching for a while longer, and fish will jump out of the water. Keep an eye out for grey clouds … especially in October!


Coin emote: Press E and then M; Star Smiley: Press E and then N; Igloo emote: Press E and then I; Music note emote (also makes a farting noise): Press E and then T; Pizza emote: Press E and then Z. There are other emotes you can display by using this method that are already on your toolbar (Heart, Skull symbol, flowers, cloverโ€ฆ) that you can find yourself by just testing it out. And if these arenโ€™t working for you, try moving to a different spot on the screen.

Catchn’ Waves … with your red puffle!:

If you have a red Puffle, take it with you to the Cove, and play Catching Waves. Sweet! The Puffle is surfing with you!

Secret Hidden Lake:

Go to the forest and move your mouse over the large bolder. The bolder will roll away revealing a secret cave.

Throw A TON of Snowballs in seconds:

Click the letter “t” on your keyboard and the snowball aimer will come up. Keep rapidly tapping T and clicking on your mouse. But note other penguins cannot see you rapidly chucking snowballs.

How to Talk Quickly:

Click the letter “J” on your keyboard, and you will start talking fast. Your basically just telling a bunch of jokes in rapid form. Have fun!

Buy Game Upgrades!

You can buy game upgrades in Ice Fishing, Hydro Hopper, Catchn’ Waves, DJ3K and Sled Racing. In the same room of these games you’ll see a Note icon at the bottom right of the screen. Click on it and buy any game upgrade you want! These upgrades can help you either speed up, catch more fish, earn more coins or maybe just for fun!

Collect Jellybeans at Bean Counter!

Go to the Coffee Shop and walk over the Java bags to play Bean Counter.

Instead of playing the normal game (don’t click Play) , click on the Java bag:

And the jellybeans will fall out … click on them too!

Now choose the level you’d like!

And you’ll be collecting jellybeans for MORE coins to earn than collecting the normal javabags!

Keep on the lookout for Rockhopper!

If you can’t wait for Rockhopper to arrive on Club Penguin maybe because you want to meet him, or would like to play Treasure Hunt on his ship again or perhaps want to buy some items he brought … Rockhopper visits Club Penguin about every 3 or 4 months and you can know when he’s visiting very soon by going to the Lighthouse’s Beacon and click on the Telescope!

When the telescope view looks like this it means Rockhopper isn’t likely to be here for a while BUT be sure to checkout the newspaper for news about Rockhopper’s next visit!

  1. Chaseutley21 here saying in catchin waves rapidly press D while staying ahead of the wave to get 1500 coins or something near that

  2. your welcome to take any cheats from my site

  3. Thanks

  4. dont worry about it my site uhh nvm ppl might go crazy if I said it

  5. your cheats is awsome i edited my sister igloo lol

  6. lol if shes evil then its triple lol

  7. couold you put me on your blogrole
    ihave loads o knoxs korners
    Editors comment:First add me to your blogroll.Leave another comment when you have added me.

  8. Wow! cool! could I maybe copy some? you can copy mine!
    Editors comment:Sure thing! Go ahead! ๐Ÿ˜€ please leave a link with my cheats thought.

    Go to ski mountain.
    While walking to bunnyhill click open your map
    Wait for someone to play
    And your map still there press town or anywhere
    Then press w while walking to the edge.

  10. oki have a cheat

    1. make sure you are chucked with clothes (shirt shoes neck face hat and hands) your player card
    3.keep your player card open and take off all your clothes
    4.with your player card still open put on the tour guide hat
    5.with your player card still open wave

  11. U forgot something,
    6P.s Poeple cant see that when you do that they can see that u are wearing a tour guide suit i saw that from my brother ๐Ÿ˜€ Underpants LOL

  12. cheat cheat cheat!!!Look down:
    1.Go to
    2.If u in town then just stay there or go anywhere
    3.Go down untill you see the zoom it will be 100% there
    4.Click then go to Custom type down this number 9999
    5.Go to the side where its empty and grey
    6.Click on the grey spot its very big
    7.Click till the top
    8.I Dunno if you lend on top of the gift shop or watever
    9.Have fun wait i forgot
    10.U cant come down untill u go to another place on the map
    ๐Ÿ˜‰ PPl cant see u

  13. U Got it?i have another(Really its not a cheat)Somehting like it

    1.Go to any website
    2.Press this thing Prnt Scrn
    3.Wait untill your arrow(from the mouse)is flashing like blinking
    4.Quickly press paint
    5.Go to edit and press “Paste”
    6.Then your pic comes up
    7.Either u edit it,or do anything you want to it!!!
    I Normally use these two websites &

    Yours sincerly,

  14. Nice site! I don’t have any cheats.
    Fosters1537:Thanks!Also you can copy the cheats as long as you leave a link with my name.

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  17. I have a cheat for the PizzaTron 3000 it’s a Desert Pizza mode…yummy candy pizza….First go to the Pizza Parlor go to the Main Menu of the PizzaTron 3000 look near the right corner of the screen till you see a switch with a red ball tip then click on it and hit Play and you will be making Desert Pizzas! Enjoy! Or Bonjour! lol
    Fosters1537: Thanks so much for the cheats. Unfortanetley, I already have it. Check out my other cheats also in case you skipped some and check back cause at least 3 new cheats arrive every week! Thanks for commenting though!

  18. there are some book cheats youve missed out

  19. thanks for putting my website on yours

  20. cool but why dont u do the less well dugh cheats or something we can use not a bracilt u know like money!!!

  21. whats the black and blue jacket code cause I love that jacket and all my friends have it but me soooo plzzzzz tell me

  22. Are you going to add the codes for The Inventor’s Apprentice and the Secret Agent Handbook?

  23. hey pplz

  24. hey people

  25. Thanks for the comments!!! I Finnaly got the book, and the reward!!!

  26. I have the D.S. game so i any help talk to me on youtube

  27. i got a cheat-ish thing log on to cp and go to the aqua thingy and do the grand pearl over and over the grand pear is 300 coins so by the 4th time u will have 1thosand something coins so ingoy .p.s sorry for bad english.

  28. I have a cheat!!! Ok, 1. Make your penguin sit (In any position) 2. Hold on S while sitting 3. Move your mouse around in circles around your penguin 4. Your penguin will be spinning around in circles!

  29. Dear Foster1537,
    Can I Copy One Of Your Pictures Thaen You Can Copy Mine ๐Ÿ˜‰ If You Don’t Know My Site It Is


  30. Oh I Missplelled Then Sorry (SORRY)

  31. Cheat:Please Make New Cheats There Is Another One For Bean Counters ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  32. Its too bad that imma bit l8 bout the bean countr tip! Lol, at least i no bout it now.
    ty Fosters1537! keep up the gd work:)

  33. Sorry l mean your welcome.

  34. even though l told fosters about it ill make it your credit even though l have a cheat site

  35. Even though l told fosters about it ill make it your credit even though l have a cheat site.

  36. i went to the telescope and i saw the ship

  37. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme.
    Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do
    it for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. thanks a lot

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