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Exclusive: Unlock Double Treasure Book Items at Target!

Message from Billybob:


As you may have heard, we just released a new Treasure Book, full of brand new exclusive items! I picked out some new sunglasses and a new diving suit for the upcoming Underwater Expedition…

In other news… I’m excited to let you know about an exclusive offer at Target stores in the US. From January 7-February 12, you can unlock DOUBLE the number of items online with a plush toy purchase!!
Here’s how: With your parent’s permission, purchase a plush penguin or puffle toy from a Target store location in the United States. For a limited time, the code you enter online will give you double the items to unlock from the Treasure Book!
Here are the toys to look for at US Target locations:
  • Penguin Plush – Series 14 & 15
  • Puffle Plush – Series 10 & 11
What’s your favorite Club Penguin plush toy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
Until then… Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



Liam on New Puffle Hair Items, Unlocking Items and Puffle Launch apps!!

Yet another video blog, though it has been some time since the last one. Anyway, Liam is back to talk about new stuff: the rumored uncheckable Puffle Hats will be here soon and a good news that Puffle Launch will ‘launch off’ new bonus levels plus a FREE LITE version! Sa-weet!

What are you looking forward most? I’m excited to update my Puffle Launch app on my Android phone to check out the new bonus levels!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Pufflescape Trailer

Pufflescape is Club Penguin’s latest new game at the Pet Shop and Happy77 uploaded a trailer of the cool new puffle game on Club Penguin’s You Tube channel.

So if you haven’t played it yet, go check it out now!!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Reviewed by You: Happy Halloween!

Last week Billybob asked us for some Halloween Puffle Hats ideas, and Happy77 is here to share the creepiest 4 of them! And the cool thing is: designers at the staff also drew the ideas!

On the English blog, Aguon1 had this idea:

My idea would be: a spider puffle hat. It would be brown and it would have the legs and the head on it. It would have the eyes on it the would be big and gloomy. It should also have a buggy mouth on it and have black stripes on the legs.


In French, Gopinoo had this clever idea:

For me, the spookiest puffle hat ever would be a hat in the shape of a jellyfish but with snakes instead of tentacles. Waddle on!


In Portuguese, Elvis524 left a suggestion that I thought was quite fabulous:

I guess the best Halloween hat would be something like a mountain with trees and the Living Sled on top!


In Spanish, Layla6765 made this amazingly creative suggestion:

The most terrifying puffle hat would be weird but creepy. It would be a mixture of a witch hat and a zombie hat with a unicorn or Pegasus horn to make it silly. The result would be a witch hat with gears and scars and a horn on the top. It would be funny to add stars to the horn.


Sweet! I wonder where did they get all those crazy spooky ideas! Congrats guys! I hope these will be hats on the puffles soon!

Pufflescape Concstruction at Pet Shop!

Pufflescape, formly knows as Rollerscape on Beta Team testing, will finally be soon on Club Penguin! The new game will be at the Pet Shop on November 3.

It looks like a portal to the underground is being built and then puffles will be able to roll along the underground and adventure there!

Penguins bring your jackhammer and help out at the construction at the Pet Shop and puffles, get ready to ‘roll’ on November 3! Can’t wait! I hope this new game will have new stamps too!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Reviewed By You: Puffle Hats!

Hello Penguins!

In our last Reviewed by You post, we asked you for your best Puffle Launch tips and tricks. We asked a game designer to pick his favorite trick from the comments. Here are a couple different tips you suggested:
Shadow1o12 said: 
My advice would be if you see the cannon pointing up and nothing is there go up it. I did it once. I got lots of coins doing that and thats my advice for you. Isn’t it awesome! So i do it all the time now. Waddle over to the pet shop and do it. Waddle on CP.
Chihang321 said:
Remember, During a boss level, you usually have to defeat a flying machine. Instead of hitting it from the bottom or the sides, you hit it from the top so gravity pulls your puffle down and allows you to do two or even three or even four hits in a row! 
Thanks for sharing all the great Puffle Launch tricks!
For this Reviewed by You, we want to celebrate Halloween and Puffle Hats… We want you to describe the freakiest, strangest, zaniest Halloween-themed puffle hat you could possibly imagine!

blog_111014.jpgDescribe your creation in a comment below. Then next week, we’ll randomly pick one of your inventions and a Club Penguin artist will draw it here on the blog!

Try to keep your comment as short as possible (50-75 words is best.) Can’t wait to read all your comments!

Until then… Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

Aunt Arctic visiting in 6th Anniversary Party and Puffle Catalog from igloo in Club Penguin Time #311 reveals

With all the early updates even the new newspaper came early instead of coming on Friday! It has some cool news:

All the buzz going on in Club Penguin is mostly about the Puffle Hats! PH the Puffle Handler says that the hats should match the puffle’s personality, that is, the black puffle won’t like the princess hat for example! 😆 The new puffles hats are now at the Puffle Catalog at the Pet Shop so be sure not to miss them out!

The new Penguin Style catalog at the Gift Shop featured a Halloween catalog edition which includes the all-new Ghoul Detector. Club Penguin Times has reported that many monsters has been seen around the island since the catalog came out! Who needs Ghosts Busters when you’ve got the Ghoul Detector suit? Go buy it at the Gift Shop because I’ve got a feeling the ghost catchers will have some work to do (and I heard their own HQ at the Cove) during the Halloween Party!

This week’s Ask Aunt Arctic are interesting! Aunt Arctic reveals she’ll be visiting the Club Penguin 6th Anniversary Party on October 24! Many times the party is held at the Coffee Shop, yet to get her stamp is still not so easy because remember that the anniversary party will be for 1 day only and will have a special party hat!

Also Aunt Arctic reveals that as from October 13 you’ll be able to buy puffle food from your igloo instead of going to the Pet Shop! This will work because you’ll be able to access to the Puffle Catalog at your igloo to buy toys, furniture and more form there! Would this update come with the promised returned Puffle stats and notifications?

And lastly here are the upcoming events:

What are you looking for most? I’m mostly keen for more updates on puffles! 😀

That’s not all of the newspaper! Simply click on the news icon to read the newspaper for more news, jokes, riddles and secrets!

Happy77 uploads Nyan Puffle Part 2!

We all remember Nyan Puffle, our favourite parody of the Nyan Cat? Today Happy77 uploaded a sequel of the Nyan Puffle on Club Penguin’s You Tube channel to advertise the new puffle hats.

The video is of the Nyan Puffle clueless and discovering the Frankenstein puffle hat!

The orange puffle looks SOO cute when it wear the hat! :mrgreen:

AT the end of the video, Happy77 asks to vote for the next Puffle Hat video…

… by thumbs up the comments to vote!

It seems the White Puffle wearing headphones is winning big time, I guess the next video we’ll see is of the White Puffle! I really like the idea of making Puffle Hat videos and returning the Nyan Puffle! What do you think?

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Penguins a little bigger in igloos?

Yep, it looks like it, and it is NOT a bug! When you go to your igloo or someone else’s igloo the penguins will now look bigger than when waddling around the island!

But it seems Club Penguin has updated the size because of the puffles. Instead of making puffles smaller, bigger penguins was the better idea. I agree in the past puffles’ size in igloos were like almost half the size of a penguin! Now that’s just weird! :mrgreen:

I guess the update was made now because with the new Puffle Hats, penguins need more space by making them bigger. It will take a while to get used to but we all will get used to it in no time, no? What do you think? 😉

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Non-Members don’t miss out: how to get to the Great Puffle Circus

The Fair is almost over now, and I hope you did check out all the cool stuff like all the decorations and prizes before it is over! But non-members have been missing out the Great Puffle Circus and so here’s something to ‘sneak in’ to the circus! 😉

  1. Go to
  2. Log in
  3. That’s it! Once you log in your first room you get in is the Great Puffle Circus!

No, sorry, you can’t get outside the Circus to collect member prizes and you’ll need the Map or Spy Phone to teleport else you’re stuck in there! 🙂 But hey I’m a non-member and found this cool before the Fair ends I got to see the new Brown Puffle act! 😆

Tell me if it works out for you or not in the comments!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

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