First Rockhopper’s First Visit

After Lighthouse’s opening penguins at the Beacon saw a mysterious pirate ship at the distance through the Telescope. Days after the Migrator ship arrived in Club Penguin and penguins could meet a new Club Penguin character Rockhopper for the first time. Back then the Migrator only had 1 room the Pirate Ship deck. In his post Billybob hinted that the Club Penguin team had plans for the Migrator such as new rooms and games. This happened when a new room opened in April 2007 , the Ship Hold on which the pirate catalog is moved to. In April 2008 after the Migrator was rebuilt after it had sank by hitting an Iceberg, Rockhopper opened the Ship Quarters and the Ship Top and the Treasure Hunt game was launched.

Free Items:

  • Pirate’s Eyepatch

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