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Club Penguin Map Updated!

If you try to go to a different location on the map, you’ll notice a big change with it.

Try out the new map when you get a chance. 😉



Happy77’s DJ3K Update

Happy77 uploaded a video of the new DJ3K Recording Update on her |You Tube account! Check it out:

We can’t wait to hear some of the tunes you guys come up with!

In other news… The team released a few more things today:

  • New Martial Artworks catalog for member ninjas
  • New music for your igloo
  • New pictures of Penguins Around The World sent to us by you!

We’ll keep you updated with the new MArtial Artworks catalog soon!

Waddle On!

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Reviewed by You: Memories

Last week Billybob asked us what is our favorite part of the Music Jam party! Zoeyice’s comment has been featured:

Hey Club Penguin! I love the music jam! My favorite part is how there is so many different styles of music. I also love going to penguin’s own music jams at their igloos! Oh, and I love how the Penguin Band floats in this year and their rocking new threads! Oh, and I hope to meet Candance and the Penguin Band. Waddle on!!

So do I! But this isn’t easy meeting all the Penguin Band members and Cadence! But maybe with the Music Jam being extended we might have more time and luck to meet them! 🙂

This week’s question is quite interesting. Billybob wants us to go back and remember the first time we logged in Club Penguin.

What did you like the most? Tell us about your first memory of Club Penguin!

Go comment there and maybe your comment will be features next week! Can’t wait to see what was your first time experience of Club Penguin!

My first time was a few weeks before the Lighthouse Grand Opening. I remember giving a donation of 750 coins on the newspaper for the Lighthouse shirt. We also helped the Lighthouse have a light bulb by throwing a light bulb scavenger hunt! I saw the Penguin Band for the first time the first time I entered the Lighthouse during the Grand Opening! We could see the telescope (which was mysterious until Rockhopper arrived!) and a Coming Soon sign when was later the Jet Pack Adventure has arrived. My first pin was the Pencil pin!

Waddle On!

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Music Jam Extended and Characters appearing!

Music Jam Extended till 5 July!

With the Club Penguin Domain renewal issue, some players didn’t access Club Penguin for quite some hours. But the good news is that it seems like Club Penguin is extending the Music Jam to June 5th!

This extension seemed to be a rumor at first but many have sent emails to Club Penguin Support and it’s practically confirmed! Check out the newspaper tomorrow for more info! This is an advantage because there will be more time to find the characters which are …

Penguin Band and Cadence at the Music Jam!

Penguin Band are mostly appearing individually and at Backstage (or Dock) and you get to have their new free background! Cadence is appearing in many different rooms mostly Casa Fiesta and Night Club Rooftop. If you need help finding them I suggest following lost of people on Twitter for news and log in many Xat Club Penguin chats. 🙂 Enjoy the Music Jam!

For those who Club Penguin STILL isn’t up for them… How to access Club Penguin again

You know 2 days ago Disney Club Penguin forgot to renew their domain right? LOL, what an epic fail! 😆 Yet for some who saw Club Penguin down (which I didn’t) seem to still have look like this:

Probably what happened is that they visited many of Club Penguin’s domains like play and blog and then their cache wouldn’t update when Club Penguin was back on.

The funny thing is… everyone is blaming Club Penguin to fix this!! 😆

Why is that funny? Because Club Penguin team did their job, and renewed it (though it woudl have been MUCH less trouble to renew it earlier). The problem is out of their hands and the problem is pretty much YOUR CACHE or your ISP.


Ok I still can’t log in Club Penguin, what should I do?

First try clearing your cache by clicking here. If you still see the clown, then it might be your ISP, which you can call their Customer Service and fix it there OR if you wouldn’t like to call them you can use a DNS server.

What’s this DNS server?

This DNS server replaces your ISP’s DNS server so that you access the Internet like from another place and ISP virtually.

How do I use a DNS server?

FIRST PLEASE NOTE to SAVE OR PRINT THIS PAGE on your computer in case you try following it and couldn’t connect to the internet.


The best way is using Google Public DNS by following the popular Club Penguin blogger Saraapril by clicking here . As you can see the instructions as only available to Windows OS’s.


You can also use a proxy server though is FULL of advertisements and aren’t safe enough. Only use them if Google Public DNS doesn’t work.

What about my membership?

Though no items or memberships has been lost I understand that you demand free days of membership because you paid for the time Club Penguin was down.

You should contact Club Penguin Membership/Billing email support here and ask them to offer you free days of membership IF you were a member AND mention because of the time Club Penguin was down you couldn’t play.

MANY penguins including Jmann tried this and Club Penguin is offering ONE FREE WEEK OF MEMBERSHIP to those members during Club Penguin’s down time.



Please let em know if it worked for you or it didn’t or any questions … don’t hesitate to comment below! Hope I helped!

Waddle On!

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New Club Penguin You Decide Post!

Billybob added a new post onto the “What’s New” page. Here’s what he said:

“Hello Penguins!

While the Music Jam party continues on the island, we thought it was time for something a little different here on the blog.

We wanted to show you a few costume ideas the team’s been working on. We want YOU to decide which items we should make for an event in September!

Vote for your favorite… The team will work on the two items that get the most votes.


Let us know about which item you’d like to see in the comments!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team”

I think the Chicken and the Pig look the coolest. What about you?

Waddle on!


Club Penguin domain back up again

This seems funny and embarrassing, but it looks like Club Penguin forgot to pay for its own domain!! Wow first all those bugs then this! :O


Happy77 updated the blog about this:

Hello Penguins!

UPDATE: Club Penguin is available for most players again. But we have heard that some of you can’t see it yet. Thanks for letting us know. The team is still working on fixing any issues with the site. Thanks for your continued patience with this.

As some of you heard, Club Penguin’s domain name ( had a technical glitch this weekend. The technical glitch has been fixed, but it will take some time for the site to appear as it should around the world.

Remember — when in doubt, talk to a parent or guardian if something looks suspicious to you.

-Club Penguin Team

Wow Club Penguin has been down for over 8 hours! But now it’s back up for everyone. The issue has been reported in MANY news websites because an online popular money-making kids website simply forgets to pay for its domain.


Anyways, I’m glad Club Penguin DIDN’T shut down as many though so. I’m sure the Club Penguin team will be apologizing soon and everything will be back to normal. And now get back to enjoying and jamming at the Music Jam! Whoo!

Waddle On!

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Club Penguin Domain EXPIRED!

If you have tried to go to today, then your in for some bad news. If you go to now, it shows a site with a clown and a bunch of links.

Look at the text to the right:

It appears that Club Penguin forgot to pay their domain bill. The worst part is it says in small text “….it may take up to 48 hours to be reactivated.” 😦

We’ll keep you updated with full-coverage until they get the site up.


Club Penguin 2011 Music Jam Full Guide!

Musicj Jam is back and is better than ever for yet another year!

Free Items:

Waddle on over to the Cove for a free Music Jam Cap.

Put only the cap on and dance. Your penguin will move back and forth.

Merch. Stand:

There are 3 different stands. One at the Snowfort, Ski Village, and Iceberg.

The most important item in the stands is the All-Access pass.


Once you get your All-Access Pass, you can head backstage. The backstage area is at the Dock.

There’s a free green t-shirt at the bottom right corner of the room.

There is one cheat in the catalog. Click on the word music for the Blue Snare Drum or the Drum Sticks.

Stereo Pin:

There’s a Stereo Pin in the Book Room.

New Stereo Pin!

Club Penguin has a new hidden pin every 2 weeks. The new pin is the Stereo pin and is at the Book Room (Coffee Shop upstairs).

Stereo pin, this also fits the Music Jam theme doesn’t it?

Waddle On!

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