How to become a Fire Ninja

The Card Jitsu Fire Journey

Now that you are a ninja, it is time to take your Card Jitsu skills to a new level: Card Jitsu Fire. You must have an amulet to begin your ninja journeys and once you complete a journey (at this case Card Jitsu Fire) you’ll earn a gem for your Amulet. There are no belts in this game but you’ll need to earn all 4 items of Card Jitsu Fire. Once you get the Fiery Helmet you must face the Sensei to complete your journey and earn a gem to your Amulet.

Start your journey

First off you must:

  • be a member
  • be a ninja
  • have the Amulet

Where can I find the Amulet … and get to the Fire Dojo?

It is important to have an Amulet to start playing Card Jitsu Fire. Actually you must have it, that’s why this game is members only.

You can find the Amulet at the Martial Art catalog, which is at the Ninja Hide out.

On one of the pages you’ll find this page:

The Amulet costs only 200 coins. And once you have it click on the Fire sign on the left of the stairs…

and a secret Fire door comes out. Walk into it…

.. and you are now at the Volcano, also known as the Fire Dojo!

Get your Fire Booster pack

Now that you have the Amulet you need to have the Fire Booster pack to start playing Card Jitsu Fire. The Fire Booster deck is a set of extra cards you only get before starting the Card Jitsu Fire journey.

To get this Fire Booster deck, mouse-over, and click on the Card Jitsu Fire stand and the Sensei appears. Do this every time you want to talk to him.

He will explain Card Jitsu Fire and give you the Fire Booster deck. Now you have more cards and ready to battle!

Earning the Fire Ninja items

You will need the following items to become a full Fire Ninja. You will do this, by training.

You can find this sign on your left at the Fire Dojo

You earn them in bottom-to-top order.

Did you know?

You can play with your buddy’s? Just walk over to an empty blue Fire Jitsu mat to face your friend. You can play 2 players to 4 players at the same time.

But hey wait! If you want to become a Fire Ninja you should talk to the Sensei and click on Earn Your Fire Suit to play Car d Jitsu Fire … to earn the suit quicker!

The game

Step 1: When you start off, your cards will located on the left hand side. Your cards are all randomly simulated, and you do not get to choose which 5 you will put in your deck.

Step 2: Click on the stones in the center of the lava. The stones will point at certain blocks. The two on the right and left middle sides are the best. You can choose any 3 of the elements you want.

Step 3: Once the stones are turned, it will land on an ice, water, or fire stone. Or a “Any Element” stone like I said earlier.  You will then choose your enemy from the selected stones you are given.

Step 4: The duel with your enemy will be getting a higher element number. So if it is a water duel, you will try to get a higher number than your enemy.

EXAMPLE: Draw a 10 and your partner draws a 7, then you win.

Step 5: If it is a tie, then nothing happens, and the next person roles the tiles.

Step 6: Repeat the duel’s until all players but one reach 0 points.

When you are getting your fire ninja status, you will reach it by percentage. Each time you win, it will give you a good amount of percentage. If you come in second or third, then it is not as much, but decent.

Come in 4th, you get NOTHING. So try your hardest so you avoid that awful 4th place trophy.

After you get all your clothes items, face the Sensi. He will beat you a good solid number of times. Eventually on your 5th to 7th turn, you will win. You will then get an Amulet.

Keep track of your journey progress!

Click on the Cards icon at the bottom right of the screen to see how far/close you are to earn the next Fire Suit item and to becoming a Fire Ninja!

Complete the journey and Beat the Sensei

Keep in mind that it is impossible to beat Sensei without earning all the Fire Suit. You must have the Fiery Helmet to win against the Sensei and earn the Fire gem.

You can find this sign on your right of the Fire Dojo

Once you get the Fiery Helmet go on to the Sensei and click on Challenge Sensei. This is a normal Card Jitsu Fire game, just more difficult.

But note, you must challenge Sensei 3 to 5 times to beat the Sensei. Try our Card Jitsu Fire tips to trick him!

Once you beat him you get the Fire gem for your Amulet!

Congratulations you are now

A Fire Ninja!

Just to make it official you can wear all the Fire Suit now and

… check out your new snazzy Fire gem on your Amulet!


  • There will be soon the Ice and Water journeys too!
  • For more cards you can buy Card Jitsu Fire decks from stores all over the world … or just online!


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