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New Play at the Stage: A Humbug Holiday!

Since last October, Club Penguin has been having new playsn at the Stage from every party with a catalog and script of the current play and 4 others. I like the new system, but better than having same old plays every month. Though not much effort has been out into them (or so that’s what some say) there has been new costumes and a nice short script and this one is n exception. A Humbug Holiday play is the last play of 2011 and is now at the Stage.

Check out the set, and don’t forget to try the Switchbox 3000!

And the Costume Trunk has some good new costumes and ones which are hidden!

Click on the circle on the left window for the Balcony Background which if 60 coins.

And for the full costume of Humbug, click on the floor tile.

How are you liking the new play? I think it’s nice and short though it has NOTHING to do with the Christmas Carol. By the way you can read Christmas Carol at the Book Room though. Back on topic, as I said I like the new plays lately which makes me wonder what play will be playing at the Stage next month.

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown


Fairy Fables back on Stage!

The Penguin Play Award winning play for costumes, Fairy Fables is now back on Stage!

Check out the set!

Also don’t forget to buy the costumes! These award-winning costumes are not to miss out!

And there’s a hidden item in it! Simply click on the radio speakers for the Magic Wand!

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