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New Better Igloos Furniture Catalog November / December 2011 Cheats

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Card Jitsu Party will be in Club Penguin and it is the first island-wide party in 2011 and the first time a party is named for a game! So the most you would expect form this month’s catalog is a lot of Asian themed furniture to make your perfect Dojo to practice Card Jitsu!

Here are this month’s catalog hidden items:

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How are you liking the cool new ninja furniture? Let us knwo what you think in the comments!

Waddle On!

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New Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades Sneak Peek!

Coming with the updates tomorrow, the new Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades will be holding a lot of Card Jitsu Party related furniture items! Happy77 suggested checking out the new Pufflescape game and earn lots of coins from it because tomorrow we’l be spending many of the coins for the new awesome Dojo furniture!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

Happy77 asked us to guess what furniture are those, and I guess there’s a Bamboo Stick and a Dojo Gate both very related to the Card Jitsu Party. Check back tomorrow for cool new furniture cheats and get ready to build your own Dojo igloo!

Waddle On!

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Club Penguin Furniture Catalog October – November 2011 Cheats

This is a reblog of Club Penguin Memories. Please visit Club Penguin Memories for support. I haven’t post the cheats myself because I’m quite busy right now so it is better to copy and give credit from a great Club Penguin cheats website. Yellow Crown


Club Penguin has released their tenth furniture catalog of 2011, for the month of October. Here is what’s new, as well as the cheats on the hidden furniture items.

These are the new cheats:

Click the red lollipop towards the left of the Trick-or-Treats for the Terrifying Tissue Ghost, which costs 150 coins.

Click the 230 under the Swamp Slime for the Control Terminal, which costs 800 coins.

Click the word “bats” for the Iron Chandelier, which costs 600 coins.

Click the mouth of the Wall Ghost for the Plasma Ball, which costs 550 coins.

Click the handle of the Wall Pumpkin for the Cauldron, which costs 630 coins.

Click the word “spooky” for the Laboratory Desk, which costs 700 coins.

Click the mouth of The Laughing Lantern for the Perched Puffle Statue, which costs 275 coins.

Click the eyes of The Glowing Grin, for the Candelabra, which costs 650 coins.

Click the third section of the Stone Wall for the Crystal Ball, which costs 350 coins.

Click the top of the Antique Clock for the Torn Carpet, which costs 100 coins.

Click the first pumpkin in the Jack-O-Lights for the Tombstone, which costs 300 coins.

Click the right window of the Haunted Mansion Cut-Out for the Pile o’ Goo, which costs 50 coins.

Click the door of the Haunted Mansion Cut-Out for the Spider Web, which costs 75 coins.

These are the old cheats:

Click the Food Stand for the Stainless Steel Stove, which costs 700 coins.

Click the inside of the Feed Fluffy Trashcan for the Comfy Crab, which costs 275 coins.

Click the hole on the Captain Cut-Out for the Feeding Bucket, which costs 60 coins.

Click the first star on the Water Trough for the Plush Grey Chair, which costs 560 coins.

Click the plant on the Boss Desk for the Computer Desk, which costs 900 coins.

Click the third locker for the Classroom Chair, which costs 150 coins.

Click the 75 under the Box Ramp for the S-Curve Ramp, which costs 230 coins.

Click the word “half” in half pipe for the C-Curve ramp, which costs 200 coins.

Click the orange knob on the Slushy Maker for the HD TV, which costs 1,000 coins.

Click the blue knobs on the Slushy Maker for the Freewheelin’ Foam Pit, which costs 800 coins.

Click the 3 on the Winners Podium for the Sloped Wall, which costs 120 coins.

Click the tall trophy on the right of the first shelf for the Snow Wall, which costs 150 coins.

Click the top center of the Snow Fortress Wall for the Icicles, for 150 coins.

Click the skis on the left for the Vert Ramp, which costs 350 coins.

Click the tree trunk for the Snappy Shark, which costs 250 coins.

Click the center of the Green Plastic Chair for the Green Bench, which costs 500 coins.

Happy77 on New Furniture Catalog AND PUFFLE HATS!

Happy77’s post about the furniture catalog an an igloo she liked is here BUT… she also mentions that puffle hats are coming NEXT MONTH and we already knew about them in one of Happy77’s Disney Channel videos! 😉

Hello again, Penguins!
As we mentioned in our last post, the new furniture catalog is here! Go to your igloo to check it out, and let us know what you think of the new items.
We love checking out everyone’s decorated igloos, especially after we release new furniture items. Have you seen an igloo that you think we should feature on the blog? Let us know their penguin name in the comments! Tell us what you like about ther igloo, too.
Happy77 grabbed a screenshot of Smiley9725‘s igloo for me. Check it out:
In other news… The team is working hard to make Puffles able to wear hats! We’ll have more news on that next month. Stay tuned to the blog for more info!
Until then… Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team
Can’t wait to see puffles wearing hats eh? 😀
Waddle On!
Yellow Crown

Igloo Furniture Sneak Peek!

Billybob posted this sneak peek of the furniture catalog coming early tomorrow (Friday) in PST. Though usually updates are launched late Thursday. Check out what we’ll be seeing tomorrow:

Looks quite useful to prepare for the Great Snow Race party and showing off your snowboard skills! Fosters1537 will let you know when the catalog arrives with all its hidden items!

Waddle On!

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New Better Igloos Furniture Catalog February-March Cheats!

With all the Puffle buzz going on in Club Penguin, the new Furniture Catalog has got new Puffle Posters! 😀

Check out the cool new Puffle posters you can buy for80 coins!



If you liked the old Puffle posters click on the letters of ‘Pictures’:

Click on:

  • P for the Red Puffle poster
  • I for the Blue Puffle poster
  • C for the Black Puffle poster
  • T for the Purple Puffle poster
  • U Pink Puffle poster
  • R for theWhite Puffle poster
  • E for the yellwo Puffle poster
  • S for the Green Puffle poster

Now for the other cheats:

Step 1: Click on the Coins For Change logo of the Donation Station for the Holiday Lights.

Step 2: On the Star of the Holiday Tree for the Holiday Bells

Step 3: Next click on the Lamp of the Candy Cane for the Leaning Tree

Step 4: And now on the Firelog for the Icicle Lights

Step 5: Click on the word Scarf to buy the Fireplace

Step 6: The last Holiday item is the Lamp Post. Click on the bird on the Snowman to buy it!

Step 7: Click on the top of the Chandelier for the Knight Ice sculptor

Step 8: Next click on the Grandfather clock for the Mirror

Step 9: Click the bottom square part of the Perched Puffle Statue for the HD TV.

Step 10: Click the pearls on the Crystal Ball for the Pipe Organ.

Step 11: Click on the “o” on the word Jack-O-Lantern for the Cauldron.

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

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