About Unlocking Items Online in Club Penguin (How to unlock Items Online Codes)

About Unlocking Items in Club Penguin

Ok, there are two types of unlocking items in Club Penguin:

  1. Having a coin code with random numbers on that you will unlock ANY 2 items from the Treasure book. Like this one:
  2. A ‘test’ to check if you really have a Club Penguin book and you earn a book and 500 free coins.

If you have a Club Penguin toy, game, plushie or book click on the icon either on clubpenguin.com …

… or play.clubpenguin.com

You can also click on it before logging on a server! Now choose which penguin you’d like to unlock items for and sign in normally.

Now choose if you either have your toy code (on the back of the coin) Unlock Items button, or your book Unlock Items button with you.

If you have a book, find the code word by following the directions given in the question. Be sure to enter the word exactly as it appears in the book. If you selected a toy, enter your toy code and click next. Be sure to enter the code exactly as it appears.


If you have a book, you should have a Book and 1500 coins unlocked and if you have a coin code you should now be at the Treasure Book.

Treasure Book Series 11

Choose by clicking 2 different items to unlock and when finished click ‘Done’.

Here are some of the items you cna unlock!

Hey, even if you don’t have a coin code you can still have a peek on what you can unlock from the Treasure Book!

For more easier-to-understand official help information visit the Club Penguin Unlock Tutorial. You can even shop for toys, books, plushies and more on clubpenguin.com!

NOTE: This blog, and neither other website offers coin codes (the codes that you can unlock 2 items from the Treasure Book) available to everyone unless it’s a competition.

This is because coin codes are only usable ONE TIME. So we cannot offer coin codes to everyone because they cost money. IF you want a coin code … please buy a Club Penguin product.

  1. i need this codes urgently

  2. plz give me a coin code im desperate for one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz reply,try to find me on club penguin or email me my email acount is


  3. if you use a book once to unlock an item can you use the same book again to unlock more items

  4. Here’s a code you could use on Club Penguin (enter exactly how it looks)pumkin1 for a nifty pumpkin head

  5. decnlr10 and junnlr11 gives coins

  6. These are all the codes I know p.s. I own a website



    EPFAGENT Head Visor (EPF)
    UFOMASKE Alien Mask
    UFOANZUG Alien Costume
    HPHONES1 Puffle Headphones
    D23EXP11 Purple Hoodie
    FREEHOOD Hoodie
    DECNLR10 500 coins
    PUMPKIN1 Pumpkin Hat
    MMCODE12 Guitar T-Shirt
    JazzJake 500 coins
    MMCODE11 500 coins
    LOVESNOW 500 coins
    MMCODE13 2500 coins
    3CARAMEL 500 coins
    EPFRULES 500 coins
    REDBEARS 500 coins
    TOGETHER 500 coins
    BIGWHITE 500 coins
    SHRIMP64 500 coins
    J6YELLOW 500 coins
    HADDOCK7 500 coins
    ARCTIC20 500 coins
    DRILLOFF 500 coins
    JAPANTEA 500 coins
    DARKSTAR 500 coins
    DJUBILEE Kings Crown
    DRUMROLL 1,000 coins
    KEYBOARD 1,000 coins
    PINKDOJO 1,000 coins
    DSKYRIDE Blue Jacket
    EQUIPE10 500 coins
    COFFEE12 500 coins
    THEWALLS 500 coins
    TOMATO22 500 coins
    KLUTZY15 500 coins
    SILVER14 500 coins
    CANDYKAI 500 coins
    REDPLAZA 500 coins
    MASQUE01 SuperHero Mask & 500 coins
    34GUITAR 500 coins
    PURPLE16 500 coins
    NUESTROS 500 coins
    GAMBAS 500 coins
    GRANAZUL 500 coins
    CHILLING Ghost Costume
    PRESENTE Balloons Item
    FRIGHTEN 500 coins
    11SPIDER 500 coins
    REDBOOK3 500 coins
    ARTILLO 500 coins
    GARYIGLU 500 coins
    ELTOMATE 500 coins
    ELPIRATA Pirate Eye Patch
    15KLUTZY 500 coins
    SURPRISE Tree Topper Hat
    KINDNESS 500 coins
    GOLDSTAR 500 coins
    24PRUNES 500 coins
    STAYSAFE Silver Laptop
    DOLPHIN2 500 coins
    PLANET21 500 coins
    J2CARROT 500 coins
    VINNIE24 500 coins
    CUPCAKES 500 coins
    CARAMELO 500 coins
    BLUEBOOT 500 coins
    ICEBERGS 500 coins
    PEZGLOBO 500 coins
    DULCEDUL 500 coins
    17PUFFLE 500 coins
    SUSHICHA 500 coins
    PINTE400 500 coins
    OCULOS12 500 coins
    LESNIEVE 500 coins
    9JETPACK 500 coins
    HEARTIES 500 coins
    HAPPYCNY Purple Dragon Costume
    MAGICAS9 500 coins
    EPFTOTAL 500 coins
    PERFORAR 500 coins
    COOKIE90 500 coins
    DIAMOND9 500 coins
    12CANNON 500 coins
    MEISTERN 500 coins
    SCHUSS21 500 coins
    TEABLACK 500 coins
    VOLCANO2 500 coins
    COMBATIR 500 coins
    ACADEMIA 500 coins
    POLICIAS 500 coins
    ORANGE20 500 coins
    SILVER21 500 coins
    SKIMEDAL 500 coins
    CAMERA90 500 coins
    DOUTORH6 500 coins
    DISNEYMU Jox Jacket
    BARONFEL Star Wars Tie-Pilot Costume
    ESQUIORO 500 coins
    BRONCE21 500 coins
    NARANJA8 500 coins
    MEDALHA5 500 coins
    VERDE201 500 coins
    COBRAS08 500 coins
    REINDEER 500 coins
    BETAHAT5 500 coins
    PLUMPKIN 500 coins
    REDHYPER 500 coins
    MONSTER3 500 coins
    SCIENCE8 500 coins
    ORGULHO5 Brazilian Party Hat
    CALCETIN 500 coins
    CUEVALEI 500 coins
    EINSTEIN 500 coins
    BANDAGE4 500 coins
    8CAPTURE 500 coins
    WESCREEM 500 coins
    MONSTRUO 500 coins
    ROJOGARY 500 coins
    CIENCIA8 500 coins
    DESIERTA 500 coins
    42CUATRO 500 coins
    BLANCO53 500 coins
    BOBILLY 500 coins
    74NVERDE 500 coins
    2110ROJO 500 coins
    AGENTETE 500 coins
    SEGUNDOS 500 coins
    DRILLERS 500 coins
    CHIMNEY8 500 coins
    FUNSANTA 500 coins
    BAFTATHX 500 coins
    POPCORN7 500 coins
    TANKBLUE 500 coins
    CANDYPOP 500 coins
    HOLIDAY1 Ornament Hat
    XMASPRES 500 coins
    TANKAZUL 500 coins
    GOLOSINA 500 coins
    TRINEOS6 500 coins
    REGALOS8 500 coins
    MONTANA7 500 coins
    PAPANOEL 500 coins
    R3YES014 Present Igloo Item
    PURPLE10 500 coins
    FIREDOWN 500 coins
    TWOCLAWS 500 coins
    BEARS418 10 Koi Ponds & 10 Mossy Logs
    MYTICKET 500 coins
    BENNYBOB 500 coins
    INTERNET 500 coins
    CADEAUCP French Party Hat
    DISN2014 Yellow & Blue Hoodie
    RACEFLAG Race Flag
    BEARCUBS Bear Costume
    10VULCAO 500 coins
    INGRESSO 500 coins
    LARANJAB 500 coins
    COINPACK 1,000 coins
    PUFFLES1 Blue Dog Puffle Hat
    NATLPARK Green Park Ranger Hat
    BEFROZEN Snowflake Costume
    CAPTURED 500 coins
    POPCORN9 500 coins
    KLUTZYP6 500 coins
    PURPLE27 500 coins
    CHAMPION 500 coins
    REDFINAL 500 coins
    HQCP2014 500 coins

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