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Exclusive! “Jump to” feature coming soon at new Friends system?

In this new video Happy77 shows off the new chat system and Friends (formley named Buddies). The video though has something new not jet released…

We know Friends are marked with a green circle but it seems like soon we’ll be able not only to find where the others are but also TELEPORT to them by jumping into a dimension box and pop up next to them! Even when they’re on different servers!

This reminds me of  another Disney virtual world, Toontown feature ‘Go to’ where you jump in a hole and pop up next to your friend! Great! I wonder how soon will this be released?

Waddle On!

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Reviewed By You: Top Elite Agents

Hello Penguins!
It’s been a little while since our last Reviewed by You! Last time, we asked you what was your favourite part of the Island Adventure Party. Suite106 had this to say:
My Favorite Part of the party is the ship battle! You have the pirates with complicated cannons to load and the penguin navy with easy to load cannons. I actually like to be the pirates because I have an actual pirate costume and I like more of a chalenge. I Also Like the different bases in the cove and the beach and the things people say make it better. Rock on CP!
Thanks for all the great reviews, everyone!
For this Reviewed by You, we’d like to hear from members of a top secret organization…
*** Warning! The following information is for EPF agents only.***

As some of you may already know, there’s a new level of System Defender launching very soon. So this week, we want to talk about what a great job you do to keep the island safe. Agents: tell us about an agent that’s gone over and beyond the call of duty for the EPF!
Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!). We’ll pick one comment to feature in next week’s Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we’ll add 10,000 coins to the top elite agent you nominated. Don’t forget to tell us their penguin name so we can add the coins!
Until then… Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

Island Adventure Party 2011 is here!

Arr me hearties! It’s time for the Island Adventure Party and we have your all access pass to everything.

Rockhopper Items:

If you go to Rockhopper’s ship which is docked at the Beach, there is a catalog full of items including a free bandana. 😀

If you go to the Hidden Lake, you can buy a blue crab  costume for 50 coins.

Missing Cream Soda!

How can a pirate celebrate a party without cream soda?! Rockhopper had cream soda in Migrator but they’ve disappeared! There are poster all over Club Penguin, on Rockhopper’s notice board and on the newspaper! You can help!

Click on one of the posters and click Go There! or just go to the Pizza Parlor.

There you’ll see this paper right next to the door:

Click on it and it reads:

The chefs are asking you to go to the Migrator (the ship docked at the Beach)

Now go downstairs and you’ll see another note, click on it and you get an Eyepatch pin…

and the note reads…

Go to the Iceberg (click on map and click on the iceberg at the top right) there you’ll notice a shadow of a giant squid…

… feed it by throwing snowballs which turn to fish (throw snowball by pressing T or click on snowball button). The giant squid leaves and leaves a Telescope pin!

Click on it and you recieve a Telecope pin…

and yet another note…

Click on the map and head off to the Dock. A square falls on the small ship! Rejoin the pieces in the correct order and places.

To that it finishes like this:

A feather and a note fall off, click on them and you get the feather pin.

Now you have a Feather pin!

The note says…

Now where on earth can we find these birds? The birds are at the Tree  Forts, which you get there by going up on a tree ladder at the Forest.

Once you get there, there is a simple memory game. The birds chant and each drum represent a group of birds. Click on the drums in the correct order the groups of birds sing…

and a key pops up there! Go near it and click on it.

You get another pin (wow lots of pins today!)

and the last note which tell you to go dig at the Cove.

Go to the map and to the Cove…

Now wear a Mine hat and ONLY the mine hat no other items.If you don’t have a mine hat you can walk over to the driller and hat to pick up a free one.  And dance (by pressing D) and you’ll be drilling.

Drill EXACTLY the spot X and after some time..

Hey! There they are!! Oh and look a free item The Continental hat!

Plus a note from Rockhopper himself!

No problem Rockhopper! Hey check it out, though Club Penguin has been making too many hats as free items but this one seems cool like it’s members only! Now I’m not only a pirate but also a pirate caption! Yarr harr! :mrgreen:

Crab Quest:

Fosters, I have to leave this for you as this is member’s only and as you know I’m not a member. Thanks! 🙂 Also if you want you can add stuff you want me to do to the to-do list above I might remove the post on top and make the list as widget though.

New Adventure Party 2011 Postcards!

What’s a better way to enjoy this party by sending your buddies postcards? 😀

Waddle on!



Happy77’s Island Adventure Party 2011 Sneak Peek video

Like when Happy77 made a Music Jam sneak peek, Happy77 now made a sneak peek to the Adventure Party 2011 coming this Thursday!


Nice sneak peek right? I wonder what the crab is doing … my guess is that we’d need to follow the crab from room to room to lead us to an awesome item OR special party room.

Here’s some other interesting and new stuff! The posters at the Town are to the Battle room from last year party BUT look at this Barrels poster.

Also here’s a sneak peek of what the Pizza Parlor would look like.

It seems nice that there will be new decorations coming up this party. What are you looking forward to most?

Waddle On!

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Island Adventure party!

Aye mateys, he Island Adventure party be only a week far! Penguins are getting ready by setting up decorations for the party. Check out the construction…

The Flare Finger is to invite Rockhopper over to the party! I wonder what free item would he have this time? :mrgreen:

Waddle On!

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