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Holiday Party 2011 Construction !

If you check out the Town and the Beach you’ll notice more construction going on in the island for both Holiday Party 2011 and Coins For Change!

Also, at the Beach you might want to click on the box with a note to read Rockhopper’s note on this year’s Coins For Change!

If you haven;t noticed, the pipes a the Beach are for Coins For Change and used to transfer coins to the Lighthouse… let’s blow that place with coins to make it another successful fund-raise! Only 2 construction rooms but I bet the party is going to be BIG.

Waddle On!

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EXCLUSIVE! Coins For Change Free Item SPOILER and Parents page Update

As I was exploring the newly fully updated Parents page of (as you can see below it is more HTML and has some cool slides making it more like the update made for Toys page in October 2011) I happened to found a page with information regarding Coins For Change 2011 with a bit surprise of what might be the new free item coming December 15…

SPOILER ALERT! If you love surprises and hate spoiling the fun of it do not continue reading, but if you’re eager to see the upcoming free item click Continue Reading…

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New Video: What Happens When You Mix Coffee and Card-Jitsu?

Happy77 has uploaded yet another You Tube video, this one is quite short and random. Seems like the team was excited to see Water Ninjas and Fire Ninjas EVERYWHERE in Club Penguin even in perhaps not much suitable places, like the Coffee Shop! So the team made this funny short when Card Jitsu mixes with Coffee…

Haha not a perfect mix, eh? šŸ˜†

Waddle On!

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Card Jitsu Party 2011!

Sorry, I’m late. I’m VERY late – 3 days late actually – but I guess I didn’t want to miss out one BIG news that the first ninja-themed party has hit Club Penguin now until December 5! Check out all the amazing re-decor of all the decorated rooms!

November 24 is an important date in Club Penguin, it’s the Anniversary of Card Jitsu launch back in 2008 and also launching date of Card Jitsu Fire in 2009 and Card Jitsu Water in 2010. In 2011, Billybob said the Club Penguin team couldn’t make it to finished up Card Jitsu Snow to November 24 and it still need some finishing touches. So instead they planned something bigger: Card Jitsu Party!

Read more for more news and cheats…

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Club Penguin updates You Tube for Card Jitsu Party with Sneak Peek!

As you might have know, šŸ˜† Card Jitsu Party would be here in less than 24 hours! Club Penguin team is getting penguins ready by updating its You Tube channel with a Card Jitsu theme…

Also Happy77, uploaded an advertisement of Card Jitsu Party sneak peek which has been on Disney Channel for a while but on You TubeĀ  you can watch it anytime and in HD! šŸ˜‰ Check it out below!

This is what I guess is what the CLub Penguin homepage will be like during the ninja-tastic party!

Wow that’s EPIC! I guess we’ll see the rest of the party tomorrow! Non-members, practice your Card Jitsu skills because this is your limited chance to play Card Jitsu Fire and Water! If you’re confused dont forget to check out our guides about Card Jitsu Original, Card Jitsu Fire and Card Jitsu Water!

Waddle On… ninjas!

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November 2011 Parent Update.. iwht a tiny leak!

Penguins, check your emails! Club Penguin teams sent yet another month’s Parent Update email with some old news but a new leak..


  • Card Jitsu Party coming in November 24, the island will be transformed into a huge dojo with new places to play Card Jitsu. Also if Fire and Water ninjas unite they may control the weather. I guess this means if you wear an element suit and dance then doing a special dance with other penguins you might create a Fire Storm or Rainfall there and than! Sweet!
  • Club Penguin now also in German, the game’s fifth translated language.
  • Pufflescape now available at the Pet Shop which might also help your child test some physics!

Hah! If only Physics was that cool and easy with Pufflescape! šŸ™‚ Anyway, I think the new stuff here is the ‘BIG surprise’ Billybob mentioned to those who earned their Fire and Water suits that when more than about 5 penguins unite by doing a special dance using the suit you might be able to control the weather with a rainfall or a fire storm … all starting November 24!

Waddle On!

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Card Jitsu Party Construction!

Card Jitsu Party is now only a week away, and ninjas and construction workers are working hard together to put up the decorations in time.

Check out the construction at the Town…

At the Plaza…

And at the Stadium!

You can join in the construction and earn a stamp too! Simply wear the Jack Hammer hat ONLY (which you can get at the Mine Cave for free) and dance by pressing D on your keyboard! Once you’ll be drilling at the room with construction equipment, you’ll earn the Construction stamp!

Waddle On!

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