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Reviewed by You: Happy Halloween!

Last week Billybob asked us for some Halloween Puffle Hats ideas, and Happy77 is here to share the creepiest 4 of them! And the cool thing is: designers at the staff also drew the ideas!

On the English blog, Aguon1 had this idea:

My idea would be: a spider puffle hat. It would be brown and it would have the legs and the head on it. It would have the eyes on it the would be big and gloomy. It should also have a buggy mouth on it and have black stripes on the legs.


In French, Gopinoo had this clever idea:

For me, the spookiest puffle hat ever would be a hat in the shape of a jellyfish but with snakes instead of tentacles. Waddle on!


In Portuguese, Elvis524 left a suggestion that I thought was quite fabulous:

I guess the best Halloween hat would be something like a mountain with trees and the Living Sled on top!


In Spanish, Layla6765 made this amazingly creative suggestion:

The most terrifying puffle hat would be weird but creepy. It would be a mixture of a witch hat and a zombie hat with a unicorn or Pegasus horn to make it silly. The result would be a witch hat with gears and scars and a horn on the top. It would be funny to add stars to the horn.


Sweet! I wonder where did they get all those crazy spooky ideas! Congrats guys! I hope these will be hats on the puffles soon!


Cool Serving Trick at Dance Lounge!

Check this out: wear only an apron which serves food, and dance. You do a special dance by serving either ice cream, pizza, cake, coffee or anything depending on your apron color.

Now if you do this near a table at the Dance Lounge, the food will be served at that table you’re serving to.

The food comes out of the tube, and after some time it gets eaten until it’s finished up!

We’ve seen this firs time at the Puffle Party at the Dance Lounge before it was redecorated though at the Puffle Party it looked like a bar/restaurant! I think this idea is great I hope it stays even after the Halloween Party and perhaps be introduced to the Pizza Parlor too!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Club Penguin 6th Anniversary Party!

Wow, time flies even in this snowy island! Club Penguin is 6 already! The 6th Anniversary party is here now at the Coffee Shop! Go quickly to get your exclusive free 6th Anniversary Party Hat as it is for ONE day only!

Did you know this year’s Anniversary Party is special because for the first time an Anniversary Party is held DURING the Halloween Party? It’s official then: it’s the spookiest Anniversary Party! Check out the Coffee Shop at the inside!

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New Club Penguin 6th Anniversary Log in Screen!

The 6th Anniversary party is here now at the Coffee Shop! Go quickly to get your exclusive free 6th Anniversary Party Hat as it is for ONE day only!! Club Penguin also put up a Log In screen to let everyone know about it!

Nice Aunt Arctic seems to be visiting the party too!
Waddle On!

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Halloween Party: Don’t Miss List!

Happy77 has made a post at Club Penguin What’s New blog! She wants to make sure we don’t miss anything, not even a stamp, from this year’s creepiest Halloween Party ever ! Here’s her Don’t Miss List!

Halloween Stamps: These ones only be available at the Halloween Party, so see if you can collect them all before they’re gone! Here’s the stamps you can get, and how to earn them:

  • Trick or Treat – See 10 trick or treat igloos at the party
  • Music Maestro – Solve a musical puzzle at the party
  • Explorer – Visit all the decorated party rooms
  • Scavenger Hunt – Solve a scavenger hunt
  • Monster Mash – Wear a monster costume at the party
  • Happy Room – Make 10 penguins smile in a party room
  • Path Finder – Complete a maze at a party
  • Gary – Be in the same room as Gary

She also points out the Igloo Decorating Contest, the Haunted House and Night of the Living Sled play!

Igloo Contest: You can send in your spooky Halloween igloos until October 25. Click on the “Submit” button in your igloo once you’ve finished decorating your igloo. The judges have already found some amazing igloos out there! Make sure you don’t change your igloo design until the winners have been announced. Check out this awesome igloo from Yann51300:Yann51300.JPG

Haunted Mansion: All penguins can visit the Haunted Mansion at the party! The ghost costume is available inside the Haunted Mansion, so don’t forget to pick that up.


Night of the Living Sled Live: Make sure you check out the newest play at the Stage, where you can find a few extra Halloween costumes, like the new Sled costume!

Happy77 upload Night Of The Living Sled DVD Menu HD on You Tube!

The Club Penguin popular Halloween Party film series, Night of the Living Sled, is now on You Tube! Happy77 uploaded a DVD Menu of the 3 movies from the series plus never-seen before special features like the new Video Blog, Bloopers and Storyboards for an unreleased Night of the Living Sled 4. Check it out below:

Be sure you have the Annotations feature on, and don’t miss the Special Features of the silly Bloopers and storyboard of Night of the Living Sled 4!

Check out this week’s Club Penguin video blog with twin brothers Chris and Gord who make part of the Club Penguin staff as hosts! The video blog is all about this year’s Halloween Party and what’s not to miss out including Night of the Living Sled!

After seeing the story board of part 4, I wonder if there ever will be a part of of Night of the Living Sled on Club Penguin? Maye next year’s Halloween Party?

Waddle on!

Yellow Crown

New Play at the Club Penguin Stage: Night of the Living Sled: Live!

The most popular film series in Club Penguin is undoubtley the Night of The Living Sled, a long tradition since the Halloween Party 2007. Also Club Penguin hasn’t had a new play since May 2010! That’s more than a year! Yet finally Club Penguin team has put some effort to make a cool new play at the Stage instead of returning old ones. Here’s what Night Of the Living Sled: Live stage looks like!

It looks like a film set to me ready for some light, camera and action! Though I’m missing the Switchbox 3000 on this one. Could have Club Penguin team forgot the popular switchbox?

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Club Penguin Halloween Stamps!

For this year’s Halloween Party 2011, Club Penguin has a new stamp: Trick or Treat stamp! It’s easy! Simply visit at least 10 igloos of the new Trick or Treat igloo (the new igloo of a street with 3 igloos).


Tip: Try to log in popular servers (with 4 or 5 bars) there you will be more likely to see open igloos on map.

Also, only a few have noticed the once-members-only Halloween stamp released last year’s Halloween Party now seems to be also for non-members! I earned this stamp by wearing pirates items from Rockhopper and the Ghost Sheet! Try it out yourself and try different clothings and tell us what you wore to earn the stamp at the comments below!

Waddle On!
Yellow Crown

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 Full Guide!

The Halloween party kicked off yesterday and we’ve got you covered with a full guide!

Free Items:

To get the first one, get into the Haunted House. If you don’t know where it is then read the guide below.

Step 1) Go to the Forrest. Waddle down the path that has a sign that says “Haunted House”.

Step 2) Now walk into the Haunted House.

Once your in the Haunted House, waddle up to the top to get the ghost costume.

ALL penguins can go in the Monster Lab 3000 now as well. To get to it, go outsideĀ  the Haunted House and go right.

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