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3 new FREE Club Penguin unlockable codes!

There are 3 new Club Penguin codes spreading like wildfire on Club Penguin blogs though no ones knows where did theycome from. According to Saraapril who contacted Sara of the Club penguin Support the codes are a welcome to all German players as a celebration of the new Deutsch language servers BUT it is welcome for EVERYONE to use them so here are the codes! 2 are codes for coins and the other one is a body item code.

Enter these codes:


for 500 coins!


for an exclusive Red Rocker T-Shirt!


for 2500 coins!

Well that’s generous of Club Penguin! We’ve never had a reusable code for everyone with THAT amount of money! 2500 and 500, that’s 3000 plus the 2 other 500 coins codes! 😀 Don’t know how to unlock, click here to read our guide!

Tell me if it worked for you, if you like it and what did you buy with these 3000 free coins in the comments below!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown


Another Free Purple Crosshatch Hoodie Coin Code!

A new hoodie code has been leaked in the internet, go to Unlock Items Online and type in code:


You’ll get this cool sweet purple hoodie! If you’re a non-member you’re oing to LOVE this as not only it is exclusive but unlike the green crosschecked this one isn’t even in the Treasure Book! It’s exclusive to only those who use this code!


Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Club Penguin Hoodie Coin Code for everyone!

We gave you free 1000 coins, and another 1500 coins with a book item now here is a code for all penguins (even non-members)! The code was given during the D23 Expo 2011. Go on the Unlock Items Online when logging in Club Penguin (click here to see how) and

Enter code


Congratulations !

You’ve got the exclusive Green Hoodie from Series 7 Treasure Book!

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