Holiday Party 2011 Cheats and Walkthrough!

All the excitement, spoilers, sneak peeks, and whatnot the Holiday Party 2011 is now in Club Penguin with some cool new cheats and surprises! Let’s check it out !

First off, is there a box of free item? No. But there is a huge calendar at the Forest with DAILY NEW FREE ITEM!

Read more for even more free items!

Here’s a list of the daily free items:

  • 14 Dec: The Jingle Bell
  • 15 Dec: Holiday Tree Background
  • 16 Dec: Candy Cane Duo Pin
  • 17 Dec: CFC Cap
  • 18 Dec: North Pole Background
  • 19 Dec: Holiday Stocking Pin
  • 20 Dec: The Tree Topper
  • 21 Dec: Sweet Treat Background
  • 22 Dec: The Hornament Hat
  • 23 Dec: Milk and Cookies Pin
  • 24 Dec: Holiday Magic Background
  • 25 Dec: Gingerbread Costume

Also, check out the Migrator docked at the Beach.

And Rockhopper’s Pirate Catalog has some Free Item too! The Globe Hat. Also has A Coins For Change cause TShirts for 100 coins each, CFC Beanbag Chair for 200 coins and Coins For Change Background for 60 coins (non-members can buy this).

Also, check out the hidden item, click on ‘Rare’ for the CFC Paper Chain of

Also get your free background at the Book Room upstairs the Coffee Shop. Simply click on the camera to get a photo of you on the Santa Chair as a background!

Now onto the members’ free items. Both non-members and members can get to the Bakery but only members can get to the kitchen part of the Bakery. Seems fair, at least not all of the room is members only like Santa’s Sleigh.

There are also 3 prizes at the Santa’s Sleigh for members if you deliver all the presents for 3 times.

Also a Springy Santa Hat as a Gift postcard.

At the kitchen side of the Bakery you can get your Cookie Apron.

And members can also get the Deluxe Gingerbread House from the oven at the right! ๐Ÿ˜€

The Deluxe Gingerbread House looks like this!

Now for Coins For Change. Like every year penguins in Club Penguin donate coins as like a ‘voting system’ where the 2$ Million from Club Penguin are split to donation.

The 3 causes are Building Safe Places, Protect the Earth and Provide Medical Help. If penguins reach and exceeds last year’s coins Club Penguin will DOUBLE from previous years donation of 1$ Million to 2$ Million!

Also if you donate, you’ll get a CFC 2012 pin! ๐Ÿ˜€


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