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Pufflescape Trailer

Pufflescape is Club Penguin’s latest new game at the Pet Shop and Happy77 uploaded a trailer of the cool new puffle game on Club Penguin’s You Tube channel.

So if you haven’t played it yet, go check it out now!!

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Pufflescape Sneak Peek!

Pufflescape is the upcoming game on the works of construction at the Pet Shop coming on November 5. Yet Club Penguin Help tutorials already released a Pufflescape tutorial days before it is released. Few things about the game is given away though.

It looks like it is basically the same game we tested on the Beta Team with new stuff added, plus you can choose which puffle you’d liek to play with just like in Puffle Launch! 😀

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Pufflescape Concstruction at Pet Shop!

Pufflescape, formly knows as Rollerscape on Beta Team testing, will finally be soon on Club Penguin! The new game will be at the Pet Shop on November 3.

It looks like a portal to the underground is being built and then puffles will be able to roll along the underground and adventure there!

Penguins bring your jackhammer and help out at the construction at the Pet Shop and puffles, get ready to ‘roll’ on November 3! Can’t wait! I hope this new game will have new stamps too!

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Club Penguin 2011 Fall Fair Cheats!

The Fair is back and it’s looking better than ever! We have your full guide right here!

Free Items:

There are 2 new pins. The first one is at the Dojo.

To get the Snow Cone pin, your going to have to a couple things.

Step 1: Go to Coffee Shop

Step 2: Throw snowballs into machine. Collect the pin.

There’s also a Step Right Up Background, simply take a photo of you on the stage and get the background!

Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to the Ski Village

Step 2: Click on the camera

Step 3: Wait for the flash then click Yes to pick up the background!

The Games:

Your tickets are displayed at the top left hand corner of your screen.

Do not log off if you have tickets and you want to spend them. They will be gone.

At the Dock, they have Spin Town, Ring the Bell, and Puffle Shuffle.

The other games are located below:

  • Puffle Paddle- Forest
  • Memory Card Game- Forest
  • Feed A Puffle- Dock
  • Puffle Soaker- Snow Forts at the Bonus Game Room
  • Balloon Pop- Snow Forts at the Bonus Game Room


You can find prize booths at the Forrest and near the Great Puffle Circus.

Here are the first prizes. More are coming soon.

And the member’s prize booth near the Puffle Circus!

There are 2 hidden items! Simply click on the top of the tent for the Baloon and Tutrle prizes! 😀

Rockhopper in Club Penguin!

Rockhopper has arrived just in time for the Fair! He also brought a free item. Head over to the Migrator docked at the Beach and go down the Ship Hold. There’s a Pirate Catalog which includes ANOTHER Free item!!

Inky Squid lid is a purple version of the free item Squid Lid but it looks cool with the Squid Hug prize item… and a Squidzoid costume! 😆

Also during the Fair you might get to meet Rockhopper! Here’s his dashboard with the to-do list.


Puffle Pop at Club Penguin Beta Team

Apart from the test servers to test the new chat system feature, there’s also a new game to test at Club Penguin beta team: Puffle Pop! It’s basically your classic game of throwing balls to balls with same colors to pop them and if you clear them all you win. The difference is: it’s with Puffles!

When you start you get to choose from 3, Tutorial, Story and Survival. Unfortunately all 3 are the same for now as they are only tests but if the testing goes well and the game is approved to appear in Club Penguin I’m sure there will be Tutorial, Story and Survival modes.

What do you think of it? Even though I played lots of games like this I still thsi this kind of game. I wonder what Story mode would/will be like eh?

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Join the Club Penguin Beta Team to play Rollerscape!

Rememebr when Happy77 posted a video of the Beta Team testing a Rollerscape? Well now you too can join the Beta Team!

Here’s how:

Go to the latest Reviewed By You post on the What’s New blog, and click on the word Team.

or simply click here to go to

Log on to register to the Beta Team:

When you log on you see this:

Now type in ‘ls’ to see the list of things you can test.

For now only Rollerscape 1.0 works, you can play the first 6 levels:

I must say I like this game, and it clearly looks like it’s going to be the new game at the Dance Lounge! 😀

Also did you notice Puffle Hat ideas on the list? But when you click on it nothing comes up! 😐 You think Club Penguin still has to finish up things to the Beta Team and announce it to the public? You think they will add more stuff to the Beta team soon? Only time will tell!

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3 New Game Screens!

Club Penguin clearly now is changing some old games here and there because today there are 3 new game screen changes! Check them out!

Ice Fishing:

Cart Surfing:

Pizzatron 3000:

No worries! You can still click on the lever to play Dessert mode of the Pizzatron 3000 cheat.

Waddle On!

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