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Club Penguin Parents Twitter uploads Club Penguin Short!

Club Penguin seems to be interested in social media for parents lately! Also a few days ago @CPParents uploaded a video of a Club Penguin short showing penguins at the Stage watching a movie and one particular was interrupted quite some times!

That’s funny! šŸ˜† But it also seems not to be the full version though. How do you like it so far?

Unfortunately, it seems CPParents removed the tweet but it said that the short will be on big cinema screens in the U.S. before the movie for Christmas time! Comment below if you’re from the US and have seen this short at the cinema!

Waddle On!

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Club Penguin Parents’ Twitter reveal upcoming Puffle toys!

You remember @CPParents twitter account, the very official Club Penguin Twitter account which was only opened a few weeks ago. Yesterday, the very active twitter account posted a cool picture for all Club Penguin fans!!/CPParents/status/149232399853699072

Sweet!! More puffle plushies with different hats are on their way! I personally like the yellow puffle with the golden helmet! We’ll let you know when they are available. Would you get there for Christmas?

Waddle On!

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Where are the Card Jitsu mats in our igloos?

This week’s updates were nice, new pin, new Christmas clothing catalog, Pay Day, a new Field Op… but what happened to the Martial Art catalog update which should have included Card Jitsu mats in our igloo? Neither Billybob or Happy77 mentioned on the blog what has happened to it! Perhaps they’d hate to announce the Card Jitsu mats idea is scrapped?

So as a cool Club Penguin blogger caring for his readers (ok enough bluffing already!) I felt I should email to the Club Penguin Support team about this small issue. Here’s what I wrote:

I’ll let you know when I get a reply and post it back here, k? So keep on checking back to fidn otu what happened! What? I was looking forward to those mats! šŸ™‚

Waddle On!

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Club Penguin’s Rockhopper on Good Morning America on ABC Channel!

As promised, Club Penguin was on front of ABC Studios in Times Square for the Warm Coats fund raising! Billybob aka Lance was there too! Penguins all over the world submitted art

Here are all the clips of Club Penguin on ABC Channel in HD brought to you by Trainman from Club Penguin Memories! šŸ˜€

Wow, that’s still not much worth the anticipation… where are the thousands of drawings airing on TV? Oh well, I guess the best thing is Rockhopper and the kids had fun and the poor might enjoy the new warm coats, eh? šŸ˜€

Alsooo, if you ever wondered what ex-ClubPenguin-blogger Jman93 looked like, we spotted him on Good Morning America right close to Billybob!!

I think even an ex-blogger sometimes would still keep that little in touch of the Club Penguin community! šŸ™‚ I guess Warm Coats Art challenge was a good opening for the month of December in Club Penguin.

Waddle On!

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Rockhopper in New York City!

Great news form Billybob about the Warm Coats Art challenge!

Hello Penguins!

Earlier this month we announced a virtual coat drive to help support families in need across America. We asked you to send in drawings of penguins wearing coats.
We received thousands and thousands of pictures from all around the world!Ā We’re so inspired by all the time and effort you put into your drawings. You are amazing!
I’m happy to announce that Rockhopper will be appearing in New York City this Friday!! I’ll also be there, and can’t wait to meet some of you. Here’s what you need to know:
  • When: Friday December 2 8:00am EST
  • Where: Good Morning America Studios – Times Square, New York
  • What to bring: a real coat to donate to the Warm Coats Warm Hearts campaign
In other news… The first 300 people to donate a real coat at the event will get a Club Penguin plush toy prize!
Until then… Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team
Woo! That’s GREAT!! Also, Club Penguin has updated its background to advertise about Rockhopper being on Good Morning America!
Haha nice hat Bambadee! I guess we’ll be seeing Bambadee too! Great work Club Penguin team and all the fans who drew coats! Now go donate some coats for thsoe in need! šŸ™‚
Waddle On!
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Club Penguin updates You Tube for Card Jitsu Party with Sneak Peek!

As you might have know, šŸ˜† Card Jitsu Party would be here in less than 24 hours! Club Penguin team is getting penguins ready by updating its You Tube channel with a Card Jitsu theme…

Also Happy77, uploaded an advertisement of Card Jitsu Party sneak peek which has been on Disney Channel for a while but on You TubeĀ  you can watch it anytime and in HD! šŸ˜‰ Check it out below!

This is what I guess is what the CLub Penguin homepage will be like during the ninja-tastic party!

Wow that’s EPIC! I guess we’ll see the rest of the party tomorrow! Non-members, practice your Card Jitsu skills because this is your limited chance to play Card Jitsu Fire and Water! If you’re confused dont forget to check out our guides about Card Jitsu Original, Card Jitsu Fire and Card Jitsu Water!

Waddle On… ninjas!

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Christmas Club Penguin in Brazil Shopping Mall!

Christmas is now less than a month away, and good news for Brazilian Club Penguin fans… Shopping Metro Tataupe in Sao Paulo, Brazil has a Club Penguin Winter Wonderland! With everything Club Penguin, penguin sculptures, puffles, Lighthouse, Town and Plaza, computers to play Club Penguin and a Wii to play Club Penguin Game Day! Check out the website of the shopping center advertising about Club Penguin and see the slideshow of the decorations below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, for every R$200 you spend you get a free Puffle Pillow like below and get the chance to win a trip to Batiloche to see the snow up close! šŸ˜€

Are you a Brazilian Club Penguin fan? If so will you go there, and if you do take some photos and share them with us! And if you’re far away from Brazil, would you go and what do you like from the slideshow best?

Waddle On!

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Soon In September: Club Penguin Fair 2011 in Updated Membership page!

The membership page with What’s New has been updated, but there isn’t really anything new of what’s coming this month šŸ˜› BUT there is news about next month!

  • Get wicked sports clothing items from the Penguin Style catalog.
  • Turn your igloo into an extreme park
  • Agents – Pick up Elite Gear and prepare for a critical operation
  • And coming in September: The Great Puffle Circus returns with The Fair!

Yet again another Fair and another Puffle Circus but hey this year is the Brown Puffle’s first Fair so there must be a new performance at the circus. Also, do you remember when Billybob asked us to decide about an animal costume?

Billybob announces the results: You chose the Cow and the Chicken costumes! The team’s excited to get to work on these! Plus because so many of you liked the Horse costume, they’re planning to work on that one later. Thanks to everyone who voted!

So the team will work on the horse ‘later’ … hmm.. do you think the Farm animals will be at The Fair? And maybe perhaps another ‘Farm party’ in September? Maybe there WILL be new stuff coming in September afterall!

Waddle On!

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Canuck Place Hospice Tour 2011 Video!

A few weeks ago we told you about Club Penguin not only donating for causes but also made aĀ ClubĀ Penguin Headquarters tour for children with life-threatening illness from Canuck Place Hospice for an awesome experience and fun! šŸ™‚

Club Penguin team made a video of this day, watch it.

See the other videos from new websites about this event.Ā I think THESE are the real type of causes of helping other more than just donating money! Cute eh? šŸ™‚ This makes me more want me to work there…

Waddle On!

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Club Penguin joins Think WE! Speaking Tour for Schools

We learnt Club Penguin threw a party for terminally ill children as Club Penguin’s andĀ DisneyĀ tradition of helping children in need, nowĀ ClubĀ Penguin joined a new cause: Think WE! You can make your school join in the tour to help make a better world! ere’s what Billybob said:

Hello Penguins!

Do you want to help motivate others make a difference in the world? How about nominating your school for a tour aboutĀ giving?

We’ve teamed up with international charity group Free The Children to presentĀ “Think WE!”Ā — a speaking tour and leadership program for students ages 8-14.

blog_110805.jpgJust like the team at Club Penguin, the “Think WE!” speakers are passionate about making a difference. They share stories to inspire YOU to take action both where you liveĀ andĀ around the world!

You can learn more about this free program, or nominate a school fromĀ our Global Citizenship page. The program is available anywhere in English, French and Spanish!

You’ll need to nominate your school beforeĀ Monday, August 8Ā for a chance to participate in this year’s tour.

Until then… Waddle On and Make a Difference!

-Club Penguin Team

So if you’d like to join in your school be sure to visit Club Penguin’sĀ GetĀ Involved page and read all that you need to know before you sign up. Good news: this programme is open FOR EVERYONE atleast speaking English, French and Spanish!Ā That’s almost everyone inĀ ClubĀ Penguin! šŸ˜†Ā Your school will need to research and speak in any of the themesĀ Universal access to Education,Ā Child Rights andĀ Learning to Lead.

So are you joining in the cause?

Waddle On!

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