How to become a Ninja Training Guide

Becoming a ninja in Club Penguin takes hard work and lots of time. You have to train and you have to train like you mean it!  Once you become a ninja you get to get into the secret Ninja room where you can buy a ninja suit, a Dojo igloo, Dojo furniture, the Amulet and lots more! You also can also play a Card Jitsu game with your friends or get to another ninja journey, as for now only, the Fire journey. This guide can help you get your goals of becoming a Ninja!

The Journey

To become a ninja you need to earn all the color belts and once you earn the black belt you need to face the Sensei twice or so. Once you win against the Sensei you earn the ninja mask and you are officially a ninja!

Here is the list of colored belts you must earn to become a ninja. You can find this list right next to the door in the Dojo:

Let’s sum up all the journey in a few steps:

  1. Talk to the Sensei to earn your Card Jitsu card pack
  2. Play about 2 or more Card Jitsu battles
  3. Start earning belts from white belt to black belt
  4. Once you get the black belt play Card Jitsu against the Sensei for about 4 times until you win against him. When you win against the Sensei you get the ninja mask and become a ninja

Here is the Instructions notice at the Dojo to help you remember too!


Start your journey with a Card Jitsu pack

Click on your Map and then on the Dojo Courtyard right between the mountains

This is the Dojo Courtyard. Get in the Dojo and walk to the Card Jitsu stand and the right. When you put your mouse cursor on the stand, the Sensei appears.

It will say “Would you like to talk to the Sensei?” click Yes. The Sensei will explain to you the basic rules of playing Card Jitsu. Here is a video of the Sensei giving you the Card Jitsu pack and explaining the Card Jitsu instructions:

You can now see your Ninja Progress by clicking on the you can now see your Ninja Progress.

Here you can see your percentage progress  to your next belt and see your card collection. Once you get these cards, you are now ready to begin your journey.

Earning belts TIP

If you want to get your next belt quickly avoid playing with your friends by clicking on the blue mats. You should go to the Sensei and click Earn your Belts.

You will be automatically against another student with a belt as near as yours as possible.

Playing the game

After that, go back to the Sensei, and do “Earn your Belts”. Cards are based off the card type. There are 3 types of cards.

  • Ice
  • Fire
  • Water

Remember this: Ice beats Water, Water beats Fire, Fire beats Ice.

If both pick the same element, the highest number wins

To win, you need to get three of the element cards. Every element card has to be a different color.

So, if you want, you could rather get 3 of the same element’s like Ice instead of getting all 3 different elements.

Some Tips

Do not use your highest card first. Try to use a card you think will hurt your opponent. Also, say you have Fire and Ice. He will think you will be going for Water since it is the last card you need to win the match. He will probably use Ice to freeze the water. Use Fire then the Ice will melt!

Power Card

Power Cards are special cards. If you win with this card, (ex. Fire power card beat water) you will make a special move.

For example the special Gary the Gadget Guy power card:

You can only have 1 power card unless you buy a real life Card Jitsu pack.

Becoming Black Belt

Its takes a while to get Black Belt. Here is a chart that says how many

match’s you will need to advance to the next belt.

To become a Ninja, you have to win over 90 times. It takes about 5 – 7 hours to become a Ninja.

Beating the Sensei

To beat the Sensei you must be belt belt.

Beating the Sensei is one of the hardest parts of Card Jitsu and requires strong skills. To beat the Sensei, you must be a black belt. If you are not, then well, he will whop your butt because he is impossible unless you are a Black belt.

Once you are a black belt, visit the Sensei in the Dojo and click “Challenge Sensei”.

He will cream you 3 – 7 times. He will get weaker every time and you will eventuality win against him. But unless you try again and again eventually you will best the Sensei!

Hooray! You beat the Sensei and showed trust in yourself. You are now a Ninja. And once you become a Ninja you get in the Secret Hideout!

Now that you are a Ninja…

Secret Hideout catalog

When you become a Ninja, you will get access into the secret Ninja hideout. To get to it click on the stone on the left of the Dojo Courtyard.

Heres a picture of the Secret Hideout.

Want to buy some cool furniture and clothes for your penguin that is Ninja related? Well check out the Martial Artworks catalog.

No really, check it out: click on it to see the items!

You can buy these items:

  • Ninja Outfit (1000 Coins)
  • Rice Paper Wall Screen (500 Coins)
  • Dojo Igloo (5000 Coins)
  • Stone Lantern (575 Coins)
  • White Gi (800 Coins)
  • Tea Table (650 Coins)
  • Cloud Wave Bracers (250 Coins)
  • Hand Gong (400 Coins)
  • Goldsmith Apron (100 Coins)
  • Amulet (200 Coins)

These items are only for members. Sorry!

Cool Tip! – You can turn invisible if you buy a ninja suit and wear only the ninja suit. The suit cost’s 1,000 coins.

Remember these:

    • Walk on the blue mats at the Dojo or at the Ninja Hideout to face your friends
    • You can buy Card Jitsu packs to play Card Jitsu in real life

  • With real life Card Jitsu packs you can also unlock cards and power cards online. See our guide of how to Unlock Items Online

  • And now that you are a ninja, a new ninja journey awaits! Card Jitsu Fire! But first you must buy the Amulet … and check out our Fire Ninja guide!

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