Card Jitsu Water revealed on Club Penguin’s Calendar 2011!

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A few months ago Amazon confirmed that Club Penguin will be having its very own first calendar for all its fans! Now it is purchasable on many shopping websites like

But this calendar is also the clearest clue that Card Jitsu Water will be out this November!

Check out the upcoming Water Ninja suit!

WOW! This is amazing! This is the first time that a Water Ninja appeared officially from Club Penguin! AND it is clear that Card Jitsu Water will be out this November!

So, keep an eye out for Card Jitsu Water … you never know how it will show up! 😉 So do you like the Water Ninja suit? Are you looking forward to become one? How do you think the Water Dojo will look like? Comment below and tell us!


Waddle On!

Yellow Crown



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Hi, I'm Yellow Crown and I'm a Club Penguin fan. I've been playing Club Penguin since August 2006 and I even have a Club Penguin blog with Fosters1537 on . I accept any friend request, add me on Club Penguin: Yellow Crown.

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  1. I think this is awesome news! Finally Club Penguin officially hinted about Card Jitsu Water! I think the Water Dojo will be behind Waterfall! That would be cool!
    Also the picture is taken from 🙂

  2. I think there will be waterfall in one corner, a lake in another and a giant cracking water sign in the center. It might even have an ice rink walk feature!

  3. I think it will be kind of like card jitsu fire. You will have to click on blue stone and it will be on frozen lake

  4. When is rockhopper coming and how do you get on his island????

    • Up till now we can’t get to Rockhopper Island – yet. Maybe we will soon just like when ninjas were just a rumor!
      Rockhopper last came this April so I guess we will be back either August or September?

  5. Herbet is on the loose so its up to us to stop him!

    Waddle on

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