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Aunt Arctic visiting in 6th Anniversary Party and Puffle Catalog from igloo in Club Penguin Time #311 reveals

With all the early updates even the new newspaper came early instead of coming on Friday! It has some cool news:

All the buzz going on in Club Penguin is mostly about the Puffle Hats! PH the Puffle Handler says that the hats should match the puffle’s personality, that is, the black puffle won’t like the princess hat for example! 😆 The new puffles hats are now at the Puffle Catalog at the Pet Shop so be sure not to miss them out!

The new Penguin Style catalog at the Gift Shop featured a Halloween catalog edition which includes the all-new Ghoul Detector. Club Penguin Times has reported that many monsters has been seen around the island since the catalog came out! Who needs Ghosts Busters when you’ve got the Ghoul Detector suit? Go buy it at the Gift Shop because I’ve got a feeling the ghost catchers will have some work to do (and I heard their own HQ at the Cove) during the Halloween Party!

This week’s Ask Aunt Arctic are interesting! Aunt Arctic reveals she’ll be visiting the Club Penguin 6th Anniversary Party on October 24! Many times the party is held at the Coffee Shop, yet to get her stamp is still not so easy because remember that the anniversary party will be for 1 day only and will have a special party hat!

Also Aunt Arctic reveals that as from October 13 you’ll be able to buy puffle food from your igloo instead of going to the Pet Shop! This will work because you’ll be able to access to the Puffle Catalog at your igloo to buy toys, furniture and more form there! Would this update come with the promised returned Puffle stats and notifications?

And lastly here are the upcoming events:

What are you looking for most? I’m mostly keen for more updates on puffles! 😀

That’s not all of the newspaper! Simply click on the news icon to read the newspaper for more news, jokes, riddles and secrets!

Club Penguin Newspaper Issue 305 and Director Secret Message!

Club Penguin Times Issue 305 is here with some cool news about Great Snow Race which started August 25. Penguins are racing down the Toughest Mountain with their sleds as thsi is the longest sled race ever!

Also Flash News reminds that Great Snow Race also has a limited time stamp! The Mountaineer stamp for all penguins who climbed the Toughest Mountain, Stunt Penguins for those EPF Agents who complete Operation Hibernation and Snowboarder for members who try the Snowboard trick (wear only snowboard and dance by pressing D and you are showing off your snowboard!).

Also Rookie tries to make announcement even though Jet Pack Guy gave him a script, he messed up and revealed Operation: Hibernation name. Oh silly Rookie.

But here’s the secret message: click on the Antenna dot (where my mouse cursor is market above) and you’ll see this message.

The Director is requiring agents to respond to their Field Op announcement on SPy Phones and take part of Operation: Hibernation. Don’t worry if you can’t managed and complete them we have guides how tot complete them here. 😉

Also Aunt Arctic answers a question about a certain polar bear and says clearly that there is a polar bear in Club Penguin.

And the upcoming Events clearly shows The Fair is coming next September. But before that it’s Pay Day in September 1! Yay, coins!

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