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Music Jam Extended and Characters appearing!

Music Jam Extended till 5 July!

With the Club Penguin Domain renewal issue, some players didn’t access Club Penguin for quite some hours. But the good news is that it seems like Club Penguin is extending the Music Jam to June 5th!

This extension seemed to be a rumor at first but many have sent emails to Club Penguin Support and it’s practically confirmed! Check out the newspaper tomorrow for more info! This is an advantage because there will be more time to find the characters which are …

Penguin Band and Cadence at the Music Jam!

Penguin Band are mostly appearing individually and at Backstage (or Dock) and you get to have their new free background! Cadence is appearing in many different rooms mostly Casa Fiesta and Night Club Rooftop. If you need help finding them I suggest following lost of people on Twitter for news and log in many Xat Club Penguin chats. 🙂 Enjoy the Music Jam!


Club Penguin domain back up again

This seems funny and embarrassing, but it looks like Club Penguin forgot to pay for its own domain!! Wow first all those bugs then this! :O


Happy77 updated the blog about this:

Hello Penguins!

UPDATE: Club Penguin is available for most players again. But we have heard that some of you can’t see it yet. Thanks for letting us know. The team is still working on fixing any issues with the site. Thanks for your continued patience with this.

As some of you heard, Club Penguin’s domain name ( had a technical glitch this weekend. The technical glitch has been fixed, but it will take some time for the site to appear as it should around the world.

Remember — when in doubt, talk to a parent or guardian if something looks suspicious to you.

-Club Penguin Team

Wow Club Penguin has been down for over 8 hours! But now it’s back up for everyone. The issue has been reported in MANY news websites because an online popular money-making kids website simply forgets to pay for its domain.


Anyways, I’m glad Club Penguin DIDN’T shut down as many though so. I’m sure the Club Penguin team will be apologizing soon and everything will be back to normal. And now get back to enjoying and jamming at the Music Jam! Whoo!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Club Penguin 2011 Music Jam Full Guide!

Musicj Jam is back and is better than ever for yet another year!

Free Items:

Waddle on over to the Cove for a free Music Jam Cap.

Put only the cap on and dance. Your penguin will move back and forth.

Merch. Stand:

There are 3 different stands. One at the Snowfort, Ski Village, and Iceberg.

The most important item in the stands is the All-Access pass.


Once you get your All-Access Pass, you can head backstage. The backstage area is at the Dock.

There’s a free green t-shirt at the bottom right corner of the room.

There is one cheat in the catalog. Click on the word music for the Blue Snare Drum or the Drum Sticks.

Stereo Pin:

There’s a Stereo Pin in the Book Room.

Music Jam Constrution!

Music Jam will be here next week and penguins are working for the party’s construction!

Construction for the Pop Music stage at the Beach

Construction for the stage at the Lighthouse

… and at the Cove!

Country music stage will be at the Forest…

… and the main stage will be at the Dock!

Red vs Blue music competition will be at the Snow Forts!

Preparations are at the Coffee Shop too!

Even at Ski Village

Stage of the Penguin Band is getting ready too!

The construction seems the same like last year’s Music Jam. SO it looks like there won’t be new decorations for this year’s Music Jam. It’s a cool party but it is getting repeating and boring – hope something new will be at the party?

So are you ready to rock at the Music Jam? Be sure to help out at the construction though!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

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