Club Penguin Activity Stamps!

Want to learn how to get every activity stamp? Keep reading on for more information!

Stage Crew:

Go to the Stage and play with the Switchbox 3000. Make sure to keep hitting buttons for about 20 seconds. You’ll then earn your medal!


This is another beginner one. Make your way to the Plaza. Then go over to the sewer entrance between the Stage and the Pet Shop.

After you go in, you win!


This one may be hard depending on who’s doing it. This one requires you to have a camera in your inventory. Put on the camera, and go to the Ski Hill. Wave, so it takes a picture.

After you take the snapshot, you get the stamp.

Go Swimming:

This one requires you to have a rubber ducky.

How do you get them?

They give them out almost every year at the water party’s. If you don’t have one, you can buy a blue one from the Penguin Style Catalog at the Gift Shop.The item is on the Mountain Expedition section by clicking on the tree top as indicated. The item will be available only until November/December.

Anyways, put on ONLY the rubber ducky, and go to the Cove. Once at the Cove, click the dance button to start swimming. Make sure you waddle over to the water area of the Cove.

You’ll then get your stamp.

Clock Target:

This one is a little tricky. It’s a piece of cake if you know the secret to it. To chuck snowballs at a rapid rate, click T. This cheat will make it much easier to win the stamp.

After you chuck 10 snowballs in a row at the clock tower target, you’ll win the stamp.

183 Days!

You cannot earn this one unless you play Club Penguin long enough. If you don’t know how old you are, check your information in the question box button on your chat bar. I’m pretty old huh?

You’ll win after you become 183 days old! Make sure to be patient on this one.

Going Places:

Walk through every possible room in Club Penguin available to Members and Non-Members. The Fire Ninja room is the only room available to members only.

Dance Party:

Go to the Night Club and start dancing with 10 other penguins! Make sure to go to the Town and yell out something like:

This will attract people to the Night Club. Once you get 10 penguins dancing and such, you will win the stamp.

Igloo Party:

Open your igloo! To do this go to your igloo and click on . Now, penguins can get into your igloo by going on the map, click on the igloo on the right and a list of igloos shows up! If your igloo is open yours is on the list. Now any penguin can get in your igloo!

If  not many penguins come, you need to invite your buddies! Send a postcard or two to invite them to your igloo party! Or go to somewhere popular and tell everyone there that you’re throwing a party at your igloo!

Coffee Server:

Go to the Coffee Shop, take out your apron and pour 5 cups of coffee. To do this, dance. If you don’t own the coffee apron, you cannot complete this stamp.

Then, click the coffee emotion 5 times. Wait for the emotion to stop before clicking it again.

After you pour 5 cups, and do the coffee cup emotion 5 times, you’ll earn the stamp.

Pizza Server:

This one has a similar concept as the Coffee one. Just use the Pizza Apron dance 5 times and do the Pizza emotion 5 times.

After doing the emotion 5 times and doing the Pizza Apron dance 5 times, you’ll win the stamp.

365 Days!

Just wait until your 365 days. You’ll then earn the stamp. This one is similar to the 183 Days! one.

Puffle Owner:

You need to buy 16 puffles for this one. Just go earn a mountain load of coins and buy 16 puffles.

You’ll earn the stamp after you buy all 16. Note that only members can buy 16 puffles!

Floor Filler:

This one requires you to gather 25 penguins and dance. Very easy if you are on a crowded server.

After you dance with 25 penguins, you’ll earn this stamp.

Full House:

This one is very hard and requires patience. You must get 99 furniture pieces in your igloo. Just keep clicking random furniture. It will build up in a big pile in your igloo. You will know you beat it when this comes up.

After you put 99 items in your igloo, you’ll receive your stamp. Make sure to exit out of “Igloo Edit” mode do claim your stamp.

Play it Loud:

This one is simple. Just form a full band at the Lighthouse. Make sure to have a Drummer, Guitar Player, and just a bunch of other random instruments like a Tuba. :D

After you form a full band, you’ll get the stamp.

Berg Drill:

This one is tricky. You need 30 penguins at the Ice Berg drilling. Make sure you go on a crowded server. Uncrowded servers are just too hard to get 30 penguins at the Ice Berg for the majority.

Fort Battle:

This one is a piece of cake. Just get 5 penguins to turn the same color at the Snow Forts and chuck snowballs. Once you do this, you’ll win the Stamp!

Hockey Team:

Go to the Soccer/Hockey room and get 5 penguins to all put on the same matching uniforms.

After 5 people put on the same uniforms, you’ll get your stamp.

Soccer Team:

Get 5 penguins to dress in the same Soccer jersey. This one is very simple as well.

After you get penguins dressed in the same Soccer jersey, you will get the stamp.

Party Host:

You need 30 penguins in your igloo to get this award. Make sure to advertise yourself at the Town so people will go to your Igloo.

Once you get 30 people in your Igloo, you’ll get the stamp.

Ninja Meeting:

Meet 10 Ninja’s in the Secret Ninja Hideout room. This one is easy if you go onto a crowded server.

After you meet 10 Ninja’s, you’ll claim your stamp!

When new Activity Stamps come out, we will make more guides! 😉

  1. I have all stamps just not drill at the ice berg stamp after that I have all stamps!! Bye 😀

  2. cool man you rock foster

  3. Well I like your stamp guide but there are new stamps. Just to let you know.
    Fosters1537: Yep! Starting in a couple days, we will be making around 50 new stamp guides. Check back next Friday! 😉

  4. The ninja meeting stamp isn’t a piece of cake its hard
    when i go on no one is in the ninja hideout.


    • True but it would be MUCH easier to log in to a pololated server. Try 4 or 5 bars servers and go to the Ninja Hideout, tell everyone how to get stamp and it shouldn’t be that hard! 🙂

  5. What servers do i go on? Because all of the ninjas leave in like a minute to play Card Jitsu/Water/Fire
    It’s so hard

    • True many ninjas go to the Fire or Water dojo straight away but try to gather ninjas by telling everyone at the Courtyard, inside the Dojo or maybe even in popular rooms like the Plaza and say like ‘Go to Ninja Hideout and wear black belt for STAMP!’. After 5 minutes go to the Hideout and try getting everyone there to wear black belt (at least 10 penguins).

      Try to log on to popular servers (servers listed in the first page or like Windchill, Alpine, etc.)

  6. FINALLY!!!!!!! I earned the Ninja Meeting Stamp.
    I went on Alpine and my friends helped me earn it

  7. How to earn the food stamp plz help

    • During the Fair, or any other party with a food stand, waddle on the food stand and click the Emotes button on your toolbar top choose any food emote: the ice cream, pizza, and coffee. Tell me if it works out or not for you 😉

  8. give more stamp heats plz

  9. by the way i am stuck on the find the secret entrance to the under ground i do not know where to get it .


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