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Card Jitsu Giveaway JANUARY 1ST!

Card Jitsu contest entries are now closed!

Thanks everyone! Will be announcing winners soon on Twitter and on my blog!

So like a month ago I bought about 10 Card Jitsu Series 1 boxes, though I used 5 of them now I thought I should share some of them too. I didn’t make it to make a contest giveaway before Christmas so I thought I’d throw a giveaway for the New Years.

This is the FIRST from the MANY giveaways from Penguinville in 2012 so it’s suitable to throw a great contest to start off the new year of giveaways BIG TIME! 😆

I’ll be giving away atleast 2 codes on January 1st 2012, and it will be a raffle for each code.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Simple: comment below! Just be sure your e-mail adress is correct as it will be the only way I will send you the Card Jitsu code if you win – so don’t blow your chance! On the comment say anything you want like what you’d like new from Club Penguin in 2012!
  • Want another chance to win the 2nd code? You’d need a Twitter account (you can register here). All you need to do is tweet the following link: OR RETWEET the following tweet:

Good Luck to you all and keep tweeting!

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Card Jitsu Mats FINALLY out now!

Card Jitsu party may be over, but Club Penguin has one last updated touch to leave us enthusiast to play more Card Jitsu! Card Jitsu mats though promised for last week, are now out both on the Furniture Catalog AND the Martial Arts catalog at the Ninja Hideout.

Now you can play Card Jitsu in your igloo with your friends or perhaps make your Dojo igloo a training igloo for fellow student ninjas! Sweet! Though, remember you may only have 4 or less Card Jitsu mats.

Waddle On!

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