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Club Penguin toys arrive in Mexico!

Attention all Mexican Club Penguin fans! On the Spanish What’s New blog the Club Penguin team announces that Club Penguin toys will be arriving in Mexican stores!
Hello, penguins!You asked, and the team was working hard to make it happen: Club Penguin toys will hit stores in Mexico soon!

As of May 15, the following items will be available in stores Wal-Mart, Soriana, Sanborn, El Palacio de Hierro, Liverpool andSears :

  • Puffle plush 4 “penguin 6.5”, key puffles, packs Mix N ‘ Match 2 “and sets the hockey game.
  • Trading Card Card-Jitsu – Series 1.
  • Bookseller: albums stickers and erasers Card-jitsu.

Juguetes Mexico.jpgAnd you, what excites them most of all this? Tell us in comments!

Until then … Waddle on!
– Club Penguin Team

New Club Penguin Pet Shop now open and Tour Guide!

Finally! The wait is over and the Puffle intersactions and the newly refurbished Pet Shop is now open for buisness!

Check out the all new Pet Shop! Sweet eh? I like this way more than the original one.

Let me tour you and show you around all the new features and catalogs!

Now instead of the puffle catalog there is a new Adopt a Puffle System! N0w to adopt a puffle click on the Puffles under the Adopt a Puffle section OR just click on the Notepad icon at the bottom right of your screen .


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Club Penguin Large Puffle Cushions on Online Store!, the British website that also sells Club Penguin toys are now also selling MORE large Puffle Cushions for 50% off!

Heads up British Club Penguin fans it has free delivery AND only 10 pounds!


Cuddle up and relax on this soft Puffle cushion, which measures 43cm across. With a cute and happy smile on its face, this snuggly cushion is made of 100% polyester.

The Disney Club Penguin Large Pink Puffle Cushion is suitable for kids aged 3 and up.

We’re afraid this fluffy dude does not come with a Club Penguin coin.

Age: 3 years +


  • Weight: 0.36Kg

Let’s check out the puffle cushions:



Yet, the Black Puffle is STILL marked as a ‘Grey’ puffle! 😆



So what do you think? Which one would you buy … or would you buy them ALL?! 😀 I hope the new Brown puffle will soon make it to the Club Penguin merchandise too! 🙂


Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Club Penguin Newsletter + Exclusive Sneak Peek of upcoming game!

The Club Penguin team sent a newsletter to the Parent’s email of your penguin you signed up with! 😀

Check it out:

Did you see that? A brand new game coming up: Puffle Launch! It looks liek the game is to launch the Red Puffles to the sky 😆 AND…

This is one of the several surprises they can expect in March.

What do you think are the ‘other surprises’ coming in March? 😀

Update: Puffle Launch was already mentioned on the Club Penguin team’s 2011 Whiteboard Leaks we told you about! ;D

Waddle On!

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Connection Error when pressing ‘D’

Today many Club Penguin buddies told me about an error when you press the ‘D’ on your keyboard, you get logged out with a Conenction Error.

Yet… when I went to log in and check it out all I got is:

You think it’s another error or just the Club Penguin team tryign to fix the bug?

UPDATE! Sorry! After I refreshed 5 times it’s back to normal

This is weird, nobody reported that Club Penguin was down.

Also, the Connection Error happened to those who pressed ‘D’ rapidly. I tried to do it but I didn’t get the Connection Error so I guess Club Penguin team managed to fix it. Thanks! 😀

Waddle On!

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Crates Found All Over Club Penguin!

If you look around the island, you’ll notice several large crates with balloon tags on them.

The Yellow Puffle crate is at the Lighthouse.

The Purple one is at the Nightclub.

The Green puffle’s at the Forest.

The Green Puffle room will be at the top of the Lighthouse, at the Beacon.

The Pink Puffle one can be found at the Iceberg.

The Black Puffle crate is at the Cave Pool:

The White Puffle room will be the Cave:

The Orange puffle will be at the Box Dimension:

And lastly, the new Brown Puffle at the Dance Lounge:

These crates are all for the Puffle Party! The colored crates now show us which puffles will be in which rooms!

Remember The Puffle Party starts on February 18th. 😀

Waddle on!


Field Op #32 Full Guide!

Step 1) Open up Spy Phone and report to HQ.

Step 2) Read G’s orders.

Step 3) Go to the Night Club and go to this point:

Step 4) Your Spy Phone should be ringing. Answer it, and solve the puzzle.

Step 5) Recieve your medal and here’s a message from G!

Come back next week for another new guide! :)

Waddle On!

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New Club Penguin 2 Inch Mix and Match Figures!

There are new 2 Inch Mix and Match Figures! Looks awesome huh? Here is a picture below of each individual one!

There was also a picture released of them in the box!

This comes with 8 of them. They are not currently out yet, neither are the Series #9 plush toys, so make sure to pick up  a pack of these bad boys in a month of two. 😀

New Club Penguin Series 9 Plush Penguins Just Released!

That’s right! New Club Penguin Plush Penguins! This is the Series #9 and features a wide variety of new penguins! Here’s a picture of them below!

Looks pretty awesome huh? There are a lot to choose from, but which one do you like the most? I’ll go with the Lobster! Take the new poll now!

Make sure to check Toys R Us and all your other local stores for these great new plush dolls or order them online at!

Waddle On!


New Club Penguin Urban Figures Wave 1 Toy Previews!

That’s right folks! There are new toys coming out called “Club Penguin Urban Figures”. This is “Wave 1” of the new toys coming out in a little while. By Wave 1, it means the first set of toys if anyone didn’t understand what Wave 1 meant.

There will be three toys in the first Wave including Candace the DJ, a Ninja, and a Fire Ninja. Here is a picture below.

(This following picture was found on All credit goes to him for that picture.)

Which one did you like the most? Take the poll below now! One vote per day. Now vote, vote, VOTE! 😀


P.S. – I cleaned up the EPF mission page and got rid of all punctuation errors and typo’s. The Hebert’s Revenge guide should be out within a week.

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