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Card Jitsu Party Construction!

Card Jitsu Party is now only a week away, and ninjas and construction workers are working hard together to put up the decorations in time.

Check out the construction at the Town…

At the Plaza…

And at the Stadium!

You can join in the construction and earn a stamp too! Simply wear the Jack Hammer hat ONLY (which you can get at the Mine Cave for free) and dance by pressing D on your keyboard! Once you’ll be drilling at the room with construction equipment, you’ll earn the Construction stamp!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown


Pufflescape Concstruction at Pet Shop!

Pufflescape, formly knows as Rollerscape on Beta Team testing, will finally be soon on Club Penguin! The new game will be at the Pet Shop on November 3.

It looks like a portal to the underground is being built and then puffles will be able to roll along the underground and adventure there!

Penguins bring your jackhammer and help out at the construction at the Pet Shop and puffles, get ready to ‘roll’ on November 3! Can’t wait! I hope this new game will have new stamps too!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Club Penguin Halloween Stamps!

For this year’s Halloween Party 2011, Club Penguin has a new stamp: Trick or Treat stamp! It’s easy! Simply visit at least 10 igloos of the new Trick or Treat igloo (the new igloo of a street with 3 igloos).


Tip: Try to log in popular servers (with 4 or 5 bars) there you will be more likely to see open igloos on map.

Also, only a few have noticed the once-members-only Halloween stamp released last year’s Halloween Party now seems to be also for non-members! I earned this stamp by wearing pirates items from Rockhopper and the Ghost Sheet! Try it out yourself and try different clothings and tell us what you wore to earn the stamp at the comments below!

Waddle On!
Yellow Crown

New Game Stamps!

With the games’ screen changes came 2 new pages of new stamps!

The new stamps are of Ice Fishing…

and of Pizzatron 3000!

Also don’t forget that last Friday came new stamps of the Treasure Hunt multiplayer game! Be sure to get them all because they’re easy, fun and for limited time until Rockhopper departs!

What’s you favorite stamp of them all?

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

3 New Game Screens!

Club Penguin clearly now is changing some old games here and there because today there are 3 new game screen changes! Check them out!

Ice Fishing:

Cart Surfing:

Pizzatron 3000:

No worries! You can still click on the lever to play Dessert mode of the Pizzatron 3000 cheat.

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

New Stamp for the Puffle Party!

Check your stamp book, and you’ll find a new one! It’s for the puffle party! 😀

Walk your puffle to its party room that is:

Brown : Dance Lounge

White : Mine

Orange : Box Dimension

Blue : Forest

Red : Cove

Purple : Night Club

Pink : Iceberg

Black : Cave Pool

Yellow : Lighthouse

Green : Beacon

Walk your puffle to its party room and that’s it! You’ve got the stamp! 😀

Club Penguin Stamps In 2 Days!

Club Penguin Stamps come out tomorrow night or the next day, so you need to be prepared for this big event! Well don’t hesitate! We’ll offer you the best coverage on all the stamps and give you a guide for everything you need to know about each individual stamp!

Keep checking into for all your latest stamp news and much, much more!

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