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New Video: What Happens When You Mix Coffee and Card-Jitsu?

Happy77 has uploaded yet another You Tube video, this one is quite short and random. Seems like the team was excited to see Water Ninjas and Fire Ninjas EVERYWHERE in Club Penguin even in perhaps not much suitable places, like the Coffee Shop! So the team made this funny short when Card Jitsu mixes with Coffee…

Haha not a perfect mix, eh? 😆

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Pufflescape Trailer

Pufflescape is Club Penguin’s latest new game at the Pet Shop and Happy77 uploaded a trailer of the cool new puffle game on Club Penguin’s You Tube channel.

So if you haven’t played it yet, go check it out now!!

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Happy77 upload Night Of The Living Sled DVD Menu HD on You Tube!

The Club Penguin popular Halloween Party film series, Night of the Living Sled, is now on You Tube! Happy77 uploaded a DVD Menu of the 3 movies from the series plus never-seen before special features like the new Video Blog, Bloopers and Storyboards for an unreleased Night of the Living Sled 4. Check it out below:

Be sure you have the Annotations feature on, and don’t miss the Special Features of the silly Bloopers and storyboard of Night of the Living Sled 4!

Check out this week’s Club Penguin video blog with twin brothers Chris and Gord who make part of the Club Penguin staff as hosts! The video blog is all about this year’s Halloween Party and what’s not to miss out including Night of the Living Sled!

After seeing the story board of part 4, I wonder if there ever will be a part of of Night of the Living Sled on Club Penguin? Maye next year’s Halloween Party?

Waddle on!

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Jessika Video Blog talks Puffle Hats and new Get Connected!

If you remember Jessika from the last Get Connected about Club Penguin, she now has made a video blog for the Club Penguin blog!

First Jessica introduces herself and talks about her fish. She also mentions the Puffle Hats featured at Get Connected are now here! Here’s what’s new: a new Get Connected will be airing on Disney Channel all October about Cub Penguin. Get Connected was recorded at Disneyland Haunted Mansion and Jessika will be there too! I bet the Get Connected wil be about Club Penguin’s Halloween Party! Lastly she pointed out the new Nyan Puffle Part 2 video and that the White puffle with head phones will be the next winning video!

What do you think? I thought these are all things we already know except for the new Get Connected on Disney Channel! I wonder when will we able to see it this month, I hope there will be a sneak peek about the Halloween Party!

Waddle On!

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Happy77 uploads Nyan Puffle Part 2!

We all remember Nyan Puffle, our favourite parody of the Nyan Cat? Today Happy77 uploaded a sequel of the Nyan Puffle on Club Penguin’s You Tube channel to advertise the new puffle hats.

The video is of the Nyan Puffle clueless and discovering the Frankenstein puffle hat!

The orange puffle looks SOO cute when it wear the hat! :mrgreen:

AT the end of the video, Happy77 asks to vote for the next Puffle Hat video…

… by thumbs up the comments to vote!

It seems the White Puffle wearing headphones is winning big time, I guess the next video we’ll see is of the White Puffle! I really like the idea of making Puffle Hat videos and returning the Nyan Puffle! What do you think?

Waddle On!

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Happy77’s Fair Sneak Peek!

The Fair will be here this Friday and Happy77 uploaded a video on the Club Penguin You Tube account to tease us a little bit! 😛

Cool!! Also there is a hidden secret video! Just click at the Stadium on the map at 0:02 and you can see the Bumping Cars at the Stadium!

You’ve got the love the new sneak peek videos Club Penguin has. It reveals more than just a picture yet it still makes you curious and can’t wait for the party. Check out the moderators at the 2nd video: Happy77, Billybob, Buisnessmoose, Ninja, Tundrafluff, Tour Guide and Polo Field!

Great work Club Penguin team, can’t wait to see the rest of the Fair at September 22!

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Welcome to Club Penguin video!

On their new You Tube channel, Club Penguin has uploaded this nice advert of the game…

It seems nice and has great animations but there is no game play footage, which might confuse the new ones. But I think it’s a great video for the new penguins! Welcome to an awesome chilly virtual world we like to call Club Penguin, guys! 🙂

Waddle On!

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Happy77 now a You Tube partner + Beta Team new games review!

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