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Soon In September: Club Penguin Fair 2011 in Updated Membership page!

The membership page with What’s New has been updated, but there isn’t really anything new of what’s coming this month 😛 BUT there is news about next month!

  • Get wicked sports clothing items from the Penguin Style catalog.
  • Turn your igloo into an extreme park
  • Agents – Pick up Elite Gear and prepare for a critical operation
  • And coming in September: The Great Puffle Circus returns with The Fair!

Yet again another Fair and another Puffle Circus but hey this year is the Brown Puffle’s first Fair so there must be a new performance at the circus. Also, do you remember when Billybob asked us to decide about an animal costume?

Billybob announces the results: You chose the Cow and the Chicken costumes! The team’s excited to get to work on these! Plus because so many of you liked the Horse costume, they’re planning to work on that one later. Thanks to everyone who voted!

So the team will work on the horse ‘later’ … hmm.. do you think the Farm animals will be at The Fair? And maybe perhaps another ‘Farm party’ in September? Maybe there WILL be new stuff coming in September afterall!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

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