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Vikings That Time Forgot Play now at the Stage!

The sequel and spin-off of two plays: Penguins That Time Forgot and The Haunting of the Viking Opera is now here… Vikings That Time Forgot! The penguin with the Time Travel 3000 is still lost in time but luckily he meets some new friends in a new time age and maybe finds the solution to his problem.

Check out also the Director outfit cheat at the Costume Trunk!

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I think that new scripts with recycled set and costumes of 2 plays is a GREAT idea! It’s better than having almost a year with NO new plays liek last year, right?

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Club Penguin Parents Twitter uploads Club Penguin Short!

Club Penguin seems to be interested in social media for parents lately! Also a few days ago @CPParents uploaded a video of a Club Penguin short showing penguins at the Stage watching a movie and one particular was interrupted quite some times!

That’s funny! 😆 But it also seems not to be the full version though. How do you like it so far?

Unfortunately, it seems CPParents removed the tweet but it said that the short will be on big cinema screens in the U.S. before the movie for Christmas time! Comment below if you’re from the US and have seen this short at the cinema!

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Underwater Adventure back on Stage!

The famous mermaid Underwater Adventure play is now back on Stage!

Check out the cool set…

… and the Costume Trunk catalog FULL of mermaid costumes!

And hey! Yet another new pin! Strange, this play has never had a pin before.

How are you enjoying the returned play? Have fun messing around with Switchbox 3000 by the way! 😆

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Squidzoid VS Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal Play Returns to the Stage!

The classic Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal play returns to the stage … yet again!

Here’s the play in the inside:

And the custome trunk of this play is awesome! Try wearing the super heroes outfits and dance and you’ll be having super powers!

Hmm… but don’t you think Club Penguin shoudl be workign on a new play?

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