Sports Party 2006

The Sports Party is what introduced the Blue and Red teams to Club Penguin and the ice sports clothing we now use! Free items were the Red Paint (at Coffee Shop) and Blue paint (at Pizza Parlor) face items which It is quite similar to the Penguin Games 2008 (Club Penguin parody of the Olympic Games). This party was so fun, it was even extended (first party to be extended) which brought one more item, the Ice Skates. The pool was brought to the Cave and by popular demand the pool stayed at the cave and now we know the room as Cave Pool.

Also, after the party the purple puffle arrived at the Pet Shop to be adopted. And a few days after Club Penguin hit its first merchandise by selling toy puffles on

Free Items:

  • Red Paint Face Item
  • Blue Paint Face Item
  • Ice Skates

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