Club Penguin Complete Stamp Guide!

Hello everyone! This stamp guide we have here will give you the top information on everything you need to know about stamps. Keep reading on for some very helpful information! 😀 Confused? Ask us by leaving a comment below and we’ll try to reply to you as soon as possible.

How to collect Stamps?

Stamps are easy and fun once you learn all about them. Simply open your stamp book, and put your mouse cursor on a faded stamp (when faded that means you didn’t earn it yet) and a hint shows up. Read the hint which helps you get the stamp and try to follow it! Keep reading below for more information.

Your Stamp Book

Opening up your Stamp Book:

First click on your penguin, the player card shows up like this:

See that little stamp at the bottom of the player card like? Click on that! Your stamp book will then open up!

This is my stamp book! 🙂

Customize your Stampbook:

This is where the fun comes in! Click on the   at the bottom right corner of your screen to bring your stamp book cover into edit mode.

Here, you can customize your stamp book by putting pins and stamps you’ve earned on your cover. You can also change the stamp color, the button that holds it shut, and many other cool features. Mess around with these features for a while so you can find your right look for your stamp book cover.

Customizing with Stamps and Pins:

You can put stamps that you’ve earned and pins on the front cover of your stamp book. To do this, go into edit mode, and look at the top of your screen to see your stamps. You can just drag them on, and drag them off also if you wish.

Don’t Be Greedy!

Yes, there is one backfire to putting on pins and stamps you’ve earned. You can only have 6 on at the most. Bummer.

Photos in your Stampbook!

A lot of people are wondering what the little mini, white stamps that say 5 or something on it mean. Well they are pictures. When it shows a 5, it means it wants you to earn 5 of the certain stamp. If it is under Activity’s, you must earn 5 activity stamps.

Color for your Stampbook!

You can also change the color of your stamp book! Hate that brown color? Then change it up a little and be creative! Go to the color tab on the left corner of your screen to choose your colors. You have 6 choices.

  • Black
  • Pink
  • Light Blue
  • Orange
  • Dark Blue
  • Brown

Change the Highlight for your Stampbook!

You can also change the color of the text. There are 3 different types. Here is a picture of them.

Change the Pattern for your Stampbook!

This is the second to last customizable feature that is offered for your stampbook. There is a picture below of the different patterns.

Change the Icon for your Stampbook!

This is the last feature! You can change the Icon that opens the Stampbook! There are 6 different icons to choose from! Awesome!

  • Anchor
  • Puffle
  • Pizza
  • Video Game Control Stick
  • Fish
  • Music Notes

Rotating your Stamps or Pins

On your key board press the > to rotate clockwise and < to rotate anti-clockwise!

Finishing Up!

When you are done editing your stamp book, click on the little save icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Earning Stamps:

To earn stamps, open your stamp book and scroll through the pages. Move your cursor/mouse over the stamp you look interested in. It will then tell you what you have to do.

Here’s a chart of stamp type’s and such.

You’ll know when you earn one!

When you earn a stamp, a notification like this shows up:

It also plays a sound! So if you are trying to earn a stamp, you’ll see a notification like this when you succeed!

Club Penguin Stamps Mystery Page:

Below is a picture of the last page in the Stamp Book. Many say that the page represents the upcoming new stamps with new pages on the stamp book. This is the last page of the Stamp Book.

Stamp Guides:

Now that you learned how to customize your stamp book and such, you can begin earning your stamps. Below is a guide on how to earn all the stamps.

For Game Stamp Guides, click the picture below:

For Activity Stamp Guides, click the link below:

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  2. well i think that it is hard to complete all stamps but some you cant try if you are not a member so if you are not a membeer you can not complete them all and if you want toget a membership try asking your parents if you ever need help go on club penguin help. and some of thoes stamps you have to meet pepole thoes ones are hard but i know you can do it try your best and you will get thruog it.

  3. How do you get the camera?
    Fosters1537: I bought my camera at the Gift Shop in one of the earlier Penguin Style Catalog’s. I don’t know if they have it in the most recent catalog, so you may not be able to get the camera yet. You’ll have to wait for a newer Penguin Style I guess.

    Make sure to check this month’s Penguin Style to see if they have a Camera in the Catalog.

  4. As many of you are looking for Game stamp guides, we don’t have any at the moment besides the two Astro Barrier ones. Please be patient and wait 5-7 days for a lot more Game guides.

    If you would like to request a guide, say the name of it in the comment box and we will make THAT guide real quick!

  5. heyy dude, i need help on the surfing guide thingy, i dont know how to do flips and its hard cause im not a member n iits retarted

    • No problem! I’ll help you out!

      A flip is when you jump off the wave after gaining a lot of speed, move your mouse like a circle clockwise around your penguin. Your penguin should be flipping around clockwise until you click so that you can also start grinding and avoid falling off the surfboard.
      Remember that to do this you must shoot the tube before (that means avoiding the wave by moving up and down) and when you’re done flipping CLICK so that you can also grind and avoid falling off the surfboard.

      Complicated huh? But I bet taking a Surf Lesson would help! To do this just click on the hunt and when you’re at the Cathin Waves menu click on Surf Lesson.

  6. New guides coming this week! Keep checking back!

  7. puffle rescue is out!

  8. Hermione Granger

    I cant get the Kerching stamp! Its really hard because the only way to get 650 coins is to do the Ace Pilot one because it has a 1000 coin reward!

    • I know that it is really hard. I got the Kerching stamp by completing the Ace Pilot stamp. It took me several hours to learn how to beat the Ace Pilot stamp.

      A way to get 650 coins is to make sure you get as much fuel in your tank as possible when you land at the end of each level. And try to get all the 10 coins. Other than that, I would watch the video tutorial above on how to beat Ace Pilot.


  10. your website is aswome!!!

  11. wow thats cool i cant wait for the links


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