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Club Penguin 2011 Wrap-up!

2011 has been quite a year, much like the other years full of ups-and-downs; we lost loved ones, we saw great success, we reached goals… and it’s now time again at the end of the year to reflect the previous year. And I thought it would be nice to do a wrap-up post about Club Penguin’s 2011. So here we go!

2011 was a great year overall, much like others, new games, parties, plays, features, and toher updates. 2011 for Club Penguin was mostly a good leap for hitting social media.

Year of You Tube videos

Whilst we’ve only seen about 3 videos every year since 2009, in the contrary in 2011 we’ve seen Club Penguin becoming a You Tube partner! It started in March when, to everyone’s surprise, Happy77 joined You Tube with her first sneak peek video of the new puffle updates. It might have been short, but when Club Penguin fans asked for more, we did get what we wanted! Few days later Happy77 uploaded MORE puffle videos, and then later a sneak peek to the new Beta team. We’ve seen a lot sneak peek videos; like the new Club Penguin Map, Club Penguin on Disney Channel Get Connected advertisment with Puffle Hats sneak peek, Billybob wearing Medieval party suit and a sneak peek, and Nyan Puffle video ! The happy77s You Tube channel was a success and in July it became a You Tube partner with 20 new videos. But in August, fans of the game saw a new You Tube channel clubpenguin also administrated by Happy77. This didn’t stop the fun at all, in fact in that new channel we’ve seen for the first time ever a 2011 Behind the Scenes video of Club Penguin HQ in Canada! We also met more Club Penguin team members in October 2011 with new vlogs including Lane, Liam, Chris and Gord and Jessica. In the channel we’ve seen even more sneak peeks , Halloween Party sneak peek, Get Connected, and even Night of The Living Sledincluding a never seen before 4th sequel ideas! In November 2011 a special video was uploaded, a first ever Club Penguin Short ‘Never Wake A Sleeping Sensei’ hit the internet which also led to rumors about Club Penguin shorts being on Disney Channel in 2012. Puffles also got 2 games of their own, Puffle Launch in February (also become Club Penguin’s 1st phone app) and Pufflescape in November!

As of 31st December 2011 the channel has 11,715 subscribers and 3,840,436 video views!! It was truly a year of Club Penguin videos.

Here’s a playlist of all Club Penguin 2011 videos below:

Year of Puffle updates

It was an exciting year for the puffles. To start off, in January 2011 the Wilderness Expedition was held and it has a very unexpected surprise! Penguins discovered the Brown Puffle Lab in the wilderness! Also member penguins were able to adopt one, too!

In February 2011, BIG changes were coming for puffles. The Pet Shop got a huge makeover with also a new Puffle Adoption experience. The new Pet Shop, puffle survey, new Puffle Food and Pet Furniture issue were all released in one week. The week also brought updates to the Puffle player card. Not to forget a great Puffle Party was thrown in February to celebrate all the penguin’s favorite pets. Later in October 2011, Puffles got a redesign with more curvy furs and also the launch of Puffle Hats!

Year of new rumors

Many thought Card Jitsu Snow would be in Club Penguin by November 2011 as in July we’ve seen this poster spreading like wildfire in Club Penguin blogs.

The poster also hinted about a Card Jitsu phone app and animated series on Disney Channel soon, which was a no-show in 2011. But we’ve seen a Puffle Launch app and a Club Penguin Short on You Tube later in 2011.

We’ve also seen Card Jitsu Snow items in the game’s SWFs – notice the items on the Snow Ninja on the tin and a grey color. Though Card Jitsu Snow didn’t show up, it was confirmed by Billybob on his blog that the Club Penguin team is working on it but failed to finish it for November 2011. Sensei also confirmed there will be a Card Jitsu Snow soon but the “time has not yet come”.

But later also in July we’ve seen new rumors of Card Jitsu Shadow. Club Penguin fans claimed they saw a Happy77 video of her wearing Card Jitsu Shadow items during the Music Jam which was still to be released. Some say Happy77 deleted it from her channel. See the video below:

Later Happy77 confirmed the video to be fake, it could have been someone impersonating Happy77 on a Club Penguin Private server which was holding the Music Jam. Some think Card Jitsu Shadow might still be released soon as the video pointed that Card Jitsu Shadow items already are in the game’s items SWFs.

Instead in November 2011, Club Penguin had its first Card Jitsu Party and it was EXCITING! For the first time ever, non-members had the chance to play Card Jitsu Fire and Water and become Fire and Water ninjas.

Year of the first phone app

Though from 2009 we’ve saw Club Penguin on Nintendo Wii and Ds consoles games, we haven’t seen console games in 2011 yet we had a Puffle Launch phone app for iOS and Android platforms in September 2011. In November then a free Lite app was launched and also Bonus levels were added to the full version by an update.

Year of BIG Updates

To start off, the Beta Team was hinted by Happy77 in early 2011 and then was opened to the Club Penguin community by clicking on ‘Team’ in a post Billybob posted. The Beta Team consists of ideas and concepts of upcoming features and games including Pufflescape with former name Rollerscape. The big updates though were in October which were the new Friends system and new chat system. Later also in October the German language and German servers were introduced to the game.

Year of bugs

If there’s a downhill of Club Penguin in 2011, it’s the bugs. Bugs have been more common this year and unfortunately they range from small temporarily ones to big ones. The year saw huge updates which on the bad side came along with bugs including disappearance of puffles, infinite loading of Friends and rooms and more. The worst of all though in July Club Penguin forgot to renew their domain and so Club Penguin and its site was down for some hours.

Year of new Games

The first new game for 2011 is Puffle Launch which came along with the new Pet Shop after some weeks and in September as Club Penguin’s first iOS and Android app.

Bits n’ Bots is the new game added to the Dance Lounge also came along with the room’s update. It is also Club Penguin’s first educational Math game.

Then in November, Pufflescape, which had its former name Rollerscape and had few of its levels in Beta Team was released at the Pet Shop. It makes the game’s second Puffle-related of 2011.

Some games were modified too such as Pizzatron 3000, Bean Counters and Cart Surfer and Ice Fishing.

Year of exciting parties

  • Wilderness Expedition
  • Puffle Party 2011
  • April Fools’ Party 2011
  • Earth Day 2011
  • Medieval Party 2011
  • Music Jam 2011
  • Island Adventure Party 2011
  • The Great Snow Race
  • The Fair 2011
  • Halloween Party 2011
  • 6th Anniversary Party
  • Card-Jitsu Party‎
  • Holiday Party 2011‎

G sends EPF Message!

Attention EPF Agents! Check your Spy Phone to receive the maybe last EPF message for 2011. Here’s Gary’s message:

2011 was a good year for the EPF, System Defender was launched earlier this year and Operation Hibernation also took place where we captured Herbert in August. We also learnt the Protobots are in the loose again and so is Klutzy. I guess we’ll see what happens next in EPF quite soon, but whatever happens be ready agents!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Club Penguin New Years Fireworks 2011-2012!

It’s the end of the year 2011 and as usual for every year Club Penguin updated the Mountain and Iceberg with New Years Fireworks for 2012! Go check them out!

Fireworks at Mountain:

Fireworks at Iceberg!

Also be on the lookout for the Puffle firework! 😀 It’s cute! Happy New Year Everyone!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Coins For Change 2011 is OVER, Results January 5th!

As already mentioned, yesterday wad the last day for Coins For Change. And now the holiday Party and Coins For Change have ended until next year.But the best part of Coins For Change is yet to come, the results will be announced on Club Penguin at the Beach on January 5th!

Here is the update made to the poster at the Beach:

And an update to the homepage:

We’ll see how the Club Penguin team split their 2 million dollars donation to the 3 causes Medical Help, Protect the Earth and Build Safe Places on Jan 5th. Thanks for your support penguins! 😀

Waddle On!

yellow Crown

New Club Penguin Candy Swirl Pin!

It’s been 2 weeks since last pin, so it’s time for a new pin. And Club Penguin released its last pin for 2011! The new pin is the Candy Swirl Pin and is at the Coffee Shop located at the Town.

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Coins For Change 2011 Video!

As the last day of the Holiday Party and Coins For Change, Coins For Change successfully reached its goal by filling the Lighthouse with more coins than last year! Check out the celebration at the Beacon.

Yesterday our friend Happy77 uploaded a video about a playground in Haiti that Club Penguin founded. You can notice the wall of the school’s playground with drawings of penguins inspired by Art For Haiti Project from Club Penguin fans from last year if you remember!

That’s nice of Disney Club Penguin! Remember results of Coins For Change 2011 of how Club Penguin team will split its 2$ Million donation to 3 causes depending on the coins on January 5!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Club Penguin Field Op #62 Full Guide!

Step 1) Open up your Spy Phone and report to the HQ.

Step 2) Walk over to the Field Ops screen and read G’s orders.

Step 3) Go to the Ski Hill. And go exactly to this spot:

Step 4) Your Spy Phone should be ringing and blinking green. Answer it, click ENGAGE and…

Solve the puzzle!

Step 5) Claim your medal and receive message from Director!

Remember by completing Field Ops, you get medals that you can redeem for Elite Gears! And maybe earn some stamps too!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Card Jitsu Giveaway JANUARY 1ST!

Card Jitsu contest entries are now closed!

Thanks everyone! Will be announcing winners soon on Twitter and on my blog!

So like a month ago I bought about 10 Card Jitsu Series 1 boxes, though I used 5 of them now I thought I should share some of them too. I didn’t make it to make a contest giveaway before Christmas so I thought I’d throw a giveaway for the New Years.

This is the FIRST from the MANY giveaways from Penguinville in 2012 so it’s suitable to throw a great contest to start off the new year of giveaways BIG TIME! 😆

I’ll be giving away atleast 2 codes on January 1st 2012, and it will be a raffle for each code.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Simple: comment below! Just be sure your e-mail adress is correct as it will be the only way I will send you the Card Jitsu code if you win – so don’t blow your chance! On the comment say anything you want like what you’d like new from Club Penguin in 2012!
  • Want another chance to win the 2nd code? You’d need a Twitter account (you can register here). All you need to do is tweet the following link: OR RETWEET the following tweet:

Good Luck to you all and keep tweeting!

Yellow Crown




3 new FREE Club Penguin unlockable codes!

There are 3 new Club Penguin codes spreading like wildfire on Club Penguin blogs though no ones knows where did theycome from. According to Saraapril who contacted Sara of the Club penguin Support the codes are a welcome to all German players as a celebration of the new Deutsch language servers BUT it is welcome for EVERYONE to use them so here are the codes! 2 are codes for coins and the other one is a body item code.

Enter these codes:


for 500 coins!


for an exclusive Red Rocker T-Shirt!


for 2500 coins!

Well that’s generous of Club Penguin! We’ve never had a reusable code for everyone with THAT amount of money! 2500 and 500, that’s 3000 plus the 2 other 500 coins codes! 😀 Don’t know how to unlock, click here to read our guide!

Tell me if it worked for you, if you like it and what did you buy with these 3000 free coins in the comments below!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Coins For Change 2011 Goal Reached!

Though I don’t know for sure what goal of coins it was I think as Club Penguin team reported, if the amount of coins donated this year will exceed last year’s amount of coin the team will donate double the usual 1$ million! And it seems it was between 25th December (Christmas Day!) and 26th December that the goal was reached.

Check out the Lighthouse FILLED with coins now!

And the Beacon is filled too, and his year there are even more coins with a nice fireworks display as a celebration.

This year’s goal celebration was sure bigger than last year! I guess the biggest celebration is when the money is donated and we see the little change we did to the world by simply taking part of a charity program by one of the best kids virtual world on the web. 🙂

Waddle On and a Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

from Penguinville; me, Yellow Crown and Fosters1537.

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