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Great Snow Race Cheats this Friday!

The Great Snow Race is here and we’ve got your full coverage!

Start off by going to the Ski Village and entering into the party.

Now you can waddle into the first room. Simply click on the icicles to clear a passage.

Next, you’ll waddle into a break room. Either go ahead or hang out here for a while.

In this room, snow will fall on the axe.

Next, click on the leaf to brush off the snow. You have to click it several times.

Click the axe.

Click the axe several times until the log falls on the ice slab.

Throw snowballs at the icicles to shoot the log up.

Progress up to the next room.

You made it! 😀 Now go down the on the Great Snow Race.

There are three new stamps in this party. They include dancing with a snowboard (only the snowboard), beating an obstacle, and reaching the top of the mountain.

My opinion on this party: I’m overall highly disappointed. They basically took the party from last year, copied and pasted it, and changed some stuff around. :/

We’ll post a full guide to the new EPF tomorrow!



AC3000 is Great SNow Race Construction at Ski Villiage!

Everypenguin getting ready for the Great Snow Race should head to the Ski Village and work on the AC3000. It should cool things up on the mountain and put a certain polar bear on hibernation.

Remember AC3000? That machine that kept the snow from the Christmas Party not melting at the Ski Lodge Attic to make snow statues out of them at the Snow Statues contests in 2007 and 2009? Join in the construction as the Great Snow Race is coming next week!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

The Great Snow Race Sneak Peek!

Hello Penguins,
Here’s another quick update on what we’ve been working on behind the scenes here at the Club Penguin office. We’re excited about some new things coming in the next few months. Here’s a few of them:
New System Defender level – We’re just about finished a brand new level for the EPF-only game System Defender. The new level will be released at the end of this week. Remember that you’ll need to be a secret agent to play the game!
The Great Snow Race – Next week we’ll be releasing the first ever “Great Snow Race”, a party for extreme sports fans! We’ll let you know more about this one next week. But for now, here’s a little sneak peek:
Bugs squashed – There are a few silly bugs out there that we’re in the process of squashing. Don’t worry — we’ve heard you and we’re working on them every week. Thanks for letting us know about them. Remember to let us know what web browser you’re using and the server you were on if you’re letting us know about a bug.
Beta Team testing — We’re just about finished setting up something special for Beta Team testers. Testers: get ready to help beta test something a little different than a game…
As always, let us know if you have any questions by sending us a comment. We’re here to help you!
Until then… Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

Club Penguin’s August 2011 party is…

Great Snow Race party coming August 25! It looks like Gary threw the party but his reason seems suspicious. He looks nervous in the photo and look those footprints leading to a crab! Could it be Klutzy? Whatever it is, go to the Gift Shop and buy your snow gear because the party (which sadly looks to be a small one at the skihill) will be here August 25 BUT it looks like there’s something for EPF Agents. Which explains why Gary is nervous and needs help…

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

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