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Rookie and Gary EPF Messages

Rookie asked Gary why did he throw the Great Snow Race party but Gary doesn’t reply with any EPF news…

But it still proves Gary is hiding something? Do you think he did something wrong and doesn’t like to tell us about it? It looks like this party is going to be nothing but surprises as eve no one know what it actually is? Sort of Sled Race tournament, but what do EPF agents have to do with it? Ok, enough questions already.

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Happy77 hints about a new Club Penguin video…

You all know that Happy77 has a You Tube channel where last time she uploaded some cool Club Penguin videos before they showed up on the What’s New blog and on TV Channels.

On her latest video of Coins For Change 2010, she posted a comment about a new video the Club Penguin team is working on…

An Earth Day video? Nice! Remember Earth Day party will be here on April 21st so the video will be here quite soon! yayz! 😀

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Screenhog ‘joins forces’ with Rsnail for another new online game!

Screenhog was Club Penguin’s first and main animator and 99% of all the old graphics you see in Club Penguin is his (yes even the Hydrohopper game, rooms and Puffles!). Rnsail on the other hand was Club Penguin’s first and main programmer. As we all know, Screenhog, Rsnail and Billybob joined to become a team to create a game we like to call: Club Penguin.

But as of last year both Screenhog and Rsnail quit the now-much-bigger team of Club Penguin. Now both have been active on twitter replying to Club Penguin fans and have been active on their own blogs too!

See Rsnail’s twitter | See Screenhog’s twitter

See Rsnail’s blog | See Screenhog’s blog

You should also read Rsnail’s interesting post about the founding of Club Penguin!

But, Rsnail last month announced that he has founded a new upcoming game to be in 3D and programmed on Unity3D. On his blog Rsnail reviles that the game is aimed to be almost on every game console:

Is this the game’s concept?

My next game will be created with Unity3D. This will allow us to develop the game for web, iPhone, iPad, Android, Nintendo Wii, XBOX 360, Playstation3 and hopefully the new mobile PSP.

Should we focus on Web and XBOX 360 first?

Also, it looks like Rsnail is planning to make this a “Tactical Strategy game” which looks like it’s involving some animals and RPG game elements.


As a cherry on top, on March 1st Rsnail announced on his blog that Screenhog has joined his team to create this new game he’s planning. That is, the 2 Club Penguin ‘founders’ are planning to make a new online game in 3D!


So what do you think of the game till now? Would you buy it because of Rsnail and Screenhog are involved? Or would it have been better if they stick with Club Penguin again?


Keep checking back for more news about this new game!

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Herbert replies to G’s message

Gary the Gadget Guy sent a message to Herbert to ask him why is he attacking us even after he helped us save the island on Herbert’s Revenge Nintendo DS game! Here’s his reply:

Hahah! He’s considering us to add us to his buddy list 😆 on condition that we heat up the island and stop the parties. Nope, that’s NOT gonna happen, Herbert! 😐

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Gary and Herbert’s message to all EPF Agents!

Gary sent a message to every Spy Phone just to contact Herbert and ask him “why are you attacking us? We thought you had changed your ways.. You helped us save the island once!” referring to the EPF Nintendo DS Game ‘Herbert’s Revenge’.

Herbert replied back with no answer BUT a hint to the next Field Op as he said ‘to get ready to get ‘boxed in’ ‘

So do you think you know WHY Herbert is still attacking Club Penguin?

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New Mascot / Character Coming this Puffle Party?

Next Friday starts the Puffle Party with loads of surprises.

One of the surprise is a new character coming to join the party according to Happy77 when replying to a fan’s comment:

I read someone’s blog that suspected Agent PH from the Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS games to appear during the Puffle Party.


She is the one penguin most popular for training Elite Puffles and his Aussie Hat seems to be the one of Billybob’s Febuary Sneak Peeks:



So what do you think? OR you think it is another mascot/character who will appear during the Puffle Party? Maybe Aunt Arctic?

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Field Op #32 Full Guide!

Step 1) Open up Spy Phone and report to HQ.

Step 2) Read G’s orders.

Step 3) Go to the Night Club and go to this point:

Step 4) Your Spy Phone should be ringing. Answer it, and solve the puzzle.

Step 5) Recieve your medal and here’s a message from G!

Come back next week for another new guide! :)

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I’m Back!

I’m back for the Summer! Here’s some stuff coming to the blog this Summer!

  • New Domain name.
  • Cheat Page Mega Update
  • And much more!

Stay tuned! Update to come next week…..

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