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End of a Journey

Two months ago, it was announced that Club Penguin will be shutting down on March 29. That day has come and just a few hours ago the team pulled the plug supporting our favorite multiplayer virtual world game.

Fosters1537 and I might have had quit updating this blog long before the game shut down but we’ve updated this blog with all the cheats and news since Club Penguin’s early days in Summer 2007. We have since reported when Rockhopper first decked on shore, Jetpack Adventure’s launch, the rise and fall of EPF, a concept art of Aquagrabber before its initial launch, accurately predicting the presence of a polar bear on the island and not to forget all the new pins, puffles, hidden items in catalogues, coin codes, games, rooms, merch, console games, songs, missions, giveaways, parties and many more.

PenguinVille was never widely popular but it had an important presence within the Club Penguin community. It was the first to host Easter Egg hunts, translations to different languages, PowerPoint games, YouTube walkthrough of Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS game, and Club Penguin’s very own search engine as featured by popular blogs like Club Penguin Memories. We also worked hard together through the years to provide guides (or ‘cheats’ as we might have called them 🙂 ) like game tips, free items, console game walkthroughs, stamp guides, coin codes, and a still incomplete archive of Club Penguin’s history.

10 years ago I had started out with my own blog which is now a mess, then moved on to another one which is also a mess until Spencer (Fosters1537) kindly offered me to help out on this blog. We became good friends since then and sent a lot of emails to each other coming up with exciting plans for the blog. Meanwhile we had made new friends also with their own cheat blogs namely PerPear, Mixturey101 and Legoless and others of which I’m still in contact with to this day. I have lot of good memories I will forever cherish on this blog. Like staying up till late waiting for the weekly game updates to come, update this blog and then get kind comments from the community!

Almost a decade later though, our interest died out and after some years so did the game itself. Today PenguinVille with almost 300,00 views and over 1,000 posts bids farewell to Club Penguin. Yet its purpose is not gone. Instead, it has changed. Once a place on the Internet where thousands of fans of Club Penguin meet and help each other take most of the game now becomes a place of nostalgia with memories from the now defunct game that fans can come look back to any time.

With great pleasure I am glad to say that Spencer and I are going well. We are both reading a degree in Computer Science at different universities and still wish that despite our long distance between us we someday get to meet each other in real life. We both owe it to Club Penguin for boosting our interest in games and computers at a young age and eventually chose our career path to be in IT.

I would like to give a huge, huge thanks to the Club Penguin team for their hard work and dedication all these years. I also congratulate them and wish best of luck on their new journey, Club Penguin Island. Take this as one last Club Penguin cheat: go and download the new app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. They have done an incredible job at recapturing the magic of the virtual world we once loved while modernizing it for Club Penguin fans of the next generation.

Last and certainly not least: you. I would like to thank each and every visitor of PenguinVille for giving it a purpose by reading, following, commenting and liking our cheats. It has been a great honor to serve such an incredibly kind and talented community.

Thank you and, as always, waddle on! 😀

Signing off for the last time,
Samuel Borg aka Yellow Crown

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