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New Stamps Log-In Screen!

Club Penguin released a new log-in screen. Take a look at the picture below.

Keep checking back to our blog. We’re still working on our Water Ninja guide. 🙂



New Card Jitsu Stamps!

click below to read how to…

Become a Water Ninja on Club Penguin!

Not only Card Jitsu Water is out but even the Card Jitsu stamps are now out too! As part of the Games section there are new pages on the Stampbook; Card Jitsu, Card Jitsu Fire and Card Jitsu Water.


Card Jitsu stamps:

Card Jitsu Fire stamps:

Card Jitsu Water stamps:


Remember that the Card Jitsu stamps are ALL FOR ALL PLAYERS but Card Jitsu Fire and Water are ALL FOR MEMBERS ONLY.


Keep earning those stamps and remember to visit out Stamp guide if you need help, or just comment below!


Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Become a Water Ninja on Club Penguin!


Before you can enter the Water Dojo, you’ll need to be the following:

1) Become a regular Ninja first.

2) Become a member.

Ok, if you have the following 2 things above completed, your ready!

Getting to the Water Dojo

Click on the Water Ninja stone in the Secret Ninja Hideout room.

A door will then shoot up. Waddle into it.

You’re now in the Water Dojo. In the Waterfall, the heart of Card jitsu Water and Water Ninjas.

Practising Card Jitsu Water

On the sides of the room are mats that you can use to play with your friends. If you would prefer to train and earn your Water Ninja outfit, DON’T go on the mats.

Now walk up to the Sensi and talk to him.

He’ll give you a pack of cards to use for Water Ninja’s and then you can begin training!

What are the items you need to become a full Water Ninja?

You’ll need to earn the following:

  • Wave Sandals
  • Waterfall Coat
  • Torrent Mask
  • Helmet of Oceans

Now it is time to begin playing!

The Sensei’s Instructions:

Here’s how Club Penguin tells you how to play Water Ninja.

Step 1)

Step 2)

Step 3)

Step 4)

Step 5)

Playing the game of Water Ninja’s:

When you start out this game, you’ll be on a stone with 3 stones in front of you glowing green.

Choose a card from the bottom of the screen that can destroy the element in front of you.

  • Ice beats Water
  • Water beats Fire
  • Fire beats Ice

You may have to hit the element a couple times with different cards for the element to disappear.

You’ll then jump up to the next tile. Be quick! The tiles are going backwards, and they’ll fall off the waterfall if you stay on them too long!

Try to get to the gong.

If somebody else gets to it, your toast. The picture below describes it pretty well. A huge flood of water sucks you down the waterfall. 😆

Coming in certain place:

  • If you are the first one to fall over the waterfall, you get a 4th place. 😦
  • If you are the second one to fall over the waterfall, you get a 3rd place.
  • If you are the third one to fall over the waterfall, you get a 2nd place.
  • If you are the last Ninja standing, you get 1st place!
  • If all the players fall off at the same time, everyone gets a 1st.
  • You get the point now!

Don’t combine elements together:

If you take a water card and chuck it at puddle of water on another stone, this is what it will look like. (Sorry for blurry pictures.)

Basically, don’t add two of the same elements together! Not a good idea! Now the element is even bigger and harder to put out. 😦

Is your screen loading slow?:

If so, hit the =+ button on your keyboard and the screen will go blurry. It will then load faster. Also try to close all your other programs. 😉 If it still slow, shoot Club Penguin an E-Mail about it.

Keeping track of your progress:

Want to know how far you are getting to your next Water Ninja item? No prob! Click on the stack of blue cards at the bottom right corner of the screen.

There, you can view all your progress, and a lot of other cool stuff as well! 😉

Challenging the Sensi: COMING SOON!

Water Ninja Powers: COMING SOON!


Play Card-Jitsu Water Now! New Log-in Screen!

Finally! After all the waiting and preparations Card Jitsu Water is now out!!!

As a kick off Club Penguin now got a new Log-in screen of Card Jitsu Water…

Here is what Billybob said:


Card-Jitsu Water is here! Member Ninjas, grab your Amulet – head to the Water Dojo to play right now.


We can’t wait to hear what you think – let us know in the comments!

Until then… waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


AND did you see the all new Card Jitsu webpage? Click below to check it out!

It has all of the trailers of Card Jitsu paths, brief step-by-step guides, and a couple of awesome effects and graphics! 😀

Favorite Ninja Experience Reviewed By You!


Hello Penguins!

We’ve seen lots of you helping out around the island. Check out these painters putting some finishing touches to the Water Dojo. Thanks for your help everyone!


Last week we asked you about your favorite ninja experience so far – and there were lots of great comments. Here’s what Little Tyke2 said:

I always take my puffles to the hideout to play! they love watching battles, and how the fire warms us up after being in the rain! when we go to the dojo we sit back and watch everyone else, to pick up a few things. we love to watch as fire explodes from the hot sauce bottle! we laugh everytime! When the new Card Jitsu Water comes out, me and my puffle will be some of the first to have a look! we cant wait!
waddle on cp!

Thanks Little Tyke2 – only two days left to wait until Card-Jitsu Water launches!

With the new game coming out, we’d like to know – If you could create a new mini-game, what would it be like and where would you put it?

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment. We’ll post one (50 – 75 words, please) in next week’s Reviewed By You. If your submission is chosen to be the feature comment on next week’s blog, we’ll add 10 000 coins to your penguin account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!

Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Team

Awesome question Billybob! I would make a mini-game at the Stage and the game is to organize the Stage and put on costumes!

What mini-game would YOU make and where would you put it? Comment at What’s New Blog or just comment below!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

Club Penguin Updates the Membership Page!

If you visit the site where you buy membership’s, Club Penguin wrote about some of the upcoming events coming to the island. Take a look below.

(Click on the picture above to enlarge.) That last one sounds mysterious. “Take on new Elite Penguin Force Field-Ops games”. Could there be a possible game coming soon for Elite Penguin Force members? Who knows?


You Decided – A Card-Jitsu Power Card!


Hello Penguins!

Some time ago we asked you to vote on a new Power Card for Card-Jitsu. The Island Lifter 3000 won by a landslide. Here’s a sneak peek of the card in action:

storyboard.jpgThe card you picked will be out soon in the new Card-Jitsu Water trading card set. If you have the set already, you’ll be able to redeem the codes on November 25.

What other Power Cards would you like to see in Card-Jitsu? Let us know in the comments!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

New play at the Stage: Planet ‘Y’

The sequel of the very first ever play is here again only for the second time! The play is Space Adventure: Planet Y

The set is quite cool and ‘out-of-this world’! Check it out!

And if you like Outer Space you’ll love the Robots, Alien and Astronauts costumes! Buuut there are no hidden items! :/


Luckily see that penguin at the left? That’s the new costume that got out today! I bet the girls love it 😉


Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

New Water Ninja Pin!

At the Iceberg, there is a new Water Ninja pin. Makes sense why they’d put it at the Iceberg because it is surrounded with water.


Club Penguin Field Op #23 Guide!

This weeks Field Op came a little late. Let’s get started!

Step 1) Open your spy phone and report to the EPF HQ.

Step 2) Get G’s orders.

Step 3) Go to the Everyday Phoning Facility and walk up to where the telephone is. Your spy phone will turn green and beep. Answer it.

Step 4) Solve the puzzle. Use the arrow keys to move the data piece back and forth to match one of the 5 data pieces coming down toward you. Very easy.

Step 5) You get another medal. Yeah! 😀

Stay with us next week for another Field Op guide. And follow us on Twitter. You can find our Twitter names on the sidebar of our blog. 😉


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